The fate of Remy Ma is now in the hands of the jury after the prosecution and defense wrapped up their cases on Monday and presented their closing arguments. The rapper’s attorney, Ivan Fisher, argued that while his client did shoot Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the abdomen on last July, it was not intentional. According to the Associated Press, Fisher explained that the gun Remy was holding as she and her former friend argued went off accidentally while the two tussled over missing money. “There is no other explanation for why Remy Smith would have chosen that unique moment in time to shoot her," he reasoned. He also noted that Remy had reason to believe that Barnes-Joseph stole the $3000 in cash from her purse, because the victim herself admitted to reaching into the bag to retrieve the rapper’s cell phone without her permission. Assistant District Attorney Michael McIntosh disagreed with the defenses assertion that the whole incident was nothing more than an unfortunate accident. "Ms. Smith took an illegal .45-caliber automatic and loaded it with hollow-point bullets and got into Ms. Joseph's car." McIntosh also pointed out that, after the shooting, Remy did not call an ambulance, but rather jumped in her SUV and fled the scene. Jury deliberations are expected to begin tomorrow (March 25). Remy faces up to 25 years in prison if she is found guilty.