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Best of XXL

  • Karim

    easily on of the best songs on THe Cool.

  • big dave

    Man this my favorite track of his new album. this dude got talent. IT’S STEP YO GAME UP TIME!

  • Ramz

    So lol? Nothing special… oh wow hes sittin on a porch and then a car, wow!

    • Young Son

      Have you even heard the song? C’mon now. You understand how significant the video, no matter how simple it is, will be once you’ve heard the song.

  • miguel aka yung miggz

    yo thass wussup…..this iz wat hip-hop izz all about….exactly wat he’z sayin in the song….cant wait 2 c it

  • R2J

    Ok Ramz, I don’t know what you’re talking about but this song really connects with unsigned artists that’s trying to get in the music game and music is all we have left. Some of us were not lucky to go to school or graduate from college or High School. This song really has a strong connection with people using music as their only weapon they have. I got The Cool and its a BADASS album, For real.

    I’m a unsigned artist myself and its extremely difficult to get in
    the music industry. I’m from Chicago and there’s a lot of artists out here doing The Master P way, Which is hustle CD’s by yourself. Most of these acts can barely get their songs to played on radio. I hope I
    get in to make music for the people like my other Chi-town counterparts (Kanye, Common and LUPE!!!) This song to me is like an anthem for unsigned artists and myself to keep hope alive cause you never know who can get ya in the door just by meeting them out in the street. The Video itself may not be strong like song is but it should be an interesting one to watch.

    • Neven

      co sign……. this should be a new anthem the beat, the hook, his message is what rappers are going through respect the real not the gimmicks

      • BrownWonda


        this really is the anthem for unsigned guys

        im a producer, but i really feel this song and is my favorite track off the cd

        a bunch of big producers should come together and make a remix of the song with their own stories
        producers that can rap tho… pleas no swizz

    • Ramz

      I WAS commenting on the video, NOT the song itself…

      • http://blah blah

        so you were commenting on a video you havent seen??

        much smarter

  • Rockcity

    This song is the shitttt!!! Can’t wait 4 the video, love the whole album as well.

  • Lando513

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I copped The Cool like a week after it dropped and sooon as i heard dis song i thought it a be a perfect single…Good lookin out Lu and keep droppin knowledge 4 da ears….

  • Kels

    I’m glad Lupe made a video for this song next he should do let me put you on game. I’m glad he got bun b in it too. that track they got together is crazy.


    Funny that all the unsigned artists are getting behind this song as their anthem. I took the title of the song as being sarcastic… it’s called “Hip-Hop Saved My Life,” but in the story, the dude gives his all for hip-hop, but the grind only demeans him at all points along the way before finally leaving him assed out. Thoughts?

    • the one

      Lupe goin over heads again? Or it inspires peeps 2 not get raped by the game?

      • BrownWonda

        thats the reality of the game
        most people fail, but the spirit of hip hop is to keep trying

  • john

    stack that cheese

  • Demigod DaShinin

    The Cool iz a dope record, probably the best of O7….Hip hop saved my life is one of my favorite cutz of dat shit

  • Valdez

    yo, this is one of my favs on the cool as well. man, when i listin to this joint in the car, shit be bumpin. & the story & the wordplay, i love. this song is just str8 up real.

    my man said: “2 days from goin back to sellin crack”

    i’ma artist myself & this shit is just real.
    for a real nigga that is also an artist, this song can literally bring a tear to ya eye. i can identify wit this here.
    Baltimore in the buildin…

  • Valdez

    “a bass-heavy medley wit a sample from the 70′s, wit a screwed up hook that went ‘stack that cheese’,
    somethin somethin somethin, ‘stack dat cheese, motha sista cousin, ‘stack dat cheese’,
    he couldn’t think of nothin, ‘stack dat cheese’, he turns down the beat, writer’s block impedes…

    DAMN, i love that shit! real hip hop niggas know!!

    • Chris S

      i love that line too. but i really like the part where he’s like:
      open mic champ 2 weeks in a row
      ex-d-boy with a b-boy flow
      glow like leroy you should see boy go
      got a daddy servin life and a brother on the row..

      so many different words thyme with eachother it’s crazy

  • patkilpat

    I GET the song I just don’t feel it, and I am an unsigned artist. I guess because I don’t have a kid mooch off a baby mama or something. But thats just me. ::shrugs::

    • jamaal

      patkilpat u are a waste of skin if it was super man r some simple coon shit u would get it it kills me when I hear good rappers like lupe,joe buddens, and real hip hop not get there due the greatest rapper alive is wearing suits and ties so u got alot wack niggas thinking there him use to be if u try for some u can achive it now just say shit niggas will belive it.

      • the one

        Can u speak english? I mean theres usin abbreviations and all that shit but dumb it down much? If someone don’t like it don’t get all assy about it. Not EVERYONE likes everything which alot of “hip hop heads” like. I don’t like a few things off F&L and The Cool. . Srsly thought wtf did you say after “there due”?

  • ayetown247

    stack that cheese!!

  • Jak

    OMG the video must of cost heaps???

  • Stu

    Best song on The Cool. Can’t wait to see the video.

  • Rodjilius

    hah i see bun gets him some video time the mane is finally gettin what he deserves but back to the topic this track is hot and i kno the video is gonna be hot even tho i dont kno how good it’ll be as a single

  • RealTalk

    I been said “The Cool” is Best Hip Hop Album of 2008!..he can release anything of that album and its way ahead of the club banger bull that’s out there now!….featuring T-pain wack ass of course..Finally,a brutha that got lyrical skillz..Go Lupe!

  • Ali

    i like how XXL calls 2 pictures a “preview” lol…..anyway The Cool was tha best of 2007 (technically) & i predict will be better than any 2008 release either

  • stoneyisland

    beautiful beat, beautiful lyrics, beautiful hook. I mean what more do you muthafuckas want? the best rap song in a long , long time….

  • Terry

    Damn that girl id sexy as shit.