Master P & Romeo to Star in The Pig People

Father and son team Master P and Romeo have signed on to star in an upcoming horror movie set in their home state of Louisiana. In The Pig People, Romeo will play one of five teenagers who venture into a haunted forest to film a documentary about the mythical half-human, half-pig Pig People. “I’ve never done a horror movie before,” said Romeo of the project. “It’s a different kind of acting and the challenge is really allowing me to take my game to the next level. We’re gonna make the audience jump out of their sears with this.” Although little has been revealed about Master P’s role, he will reportedly portray one of the film’s villains. The Pig People is being directed by David Gueringer for Vault Film productions and is due in theaters in 2009.

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  • John B. Root

    I already know this movie sucks !

    • Vincent

      It does suck.

      How do I know?

      I was a production assistant on it.


      Here check it out, I’ll even ruin the ending, Jodi gets impregnated by the pig person Master P plays, and there’s already gonna be a sequel.

      Now don’t see it.

  • B

    Too bad this movie couldn’t come out during black history month… I salute you Master P and Romeo… I’m still waitin on “I Got the Hook Up pt. 2″ to come out tho… classic

  • Jax

    Seriously who cares about these tools?
    Romeo is friggin joke, trying to rap like a thug when ur born with a silverspoon. Master P represents everything that is wrong about southern hiphop, str8 garbage!!

  • Mezzy

    for real i respect Master P but romeo does need to stop acting like hes from the projects. I read an interview and he said “we from the projets”

    Between Bow Wow and Romeo i dont know which one i rather beat up


    @ JAX

    Please don’t hate on the Man that thought the game how to get money, own their own masters, not be pimped by the major’s and be independent. And YES he has faded away but Ice Cream Man and Ghetto D are two downsouth hood Classic’s!

    By the way go back and count the number of Albums he put out on NO Limit from 96′ to 2000′ over 20 million sold owning all the master’s and getting 85%! Not the ROC 50/50 not bad boy 40/60 and Ruff Ryder, Murder Inc, DTP, nobody had the run that P had before yall knew how to download. Please respect his gansta! LOL!

    • dark kent


  • Jax is Gay

    Jax ur an idiot! Master P doesnt rep nothing but a black man who came from nothing to something u fuckin fool. Only ignorant people like you say dumb things like he is whats wrong with southern hip hop, actually nothing is wrong with southern hip hop, if ur insinuating that he is corny well he is old and worth a couple hundred million so of course he is out of touch but aint shit wrong with him , he reps what black people should be doin, GETTING MONEY! But u sound white so of course ur cracka ass wouldnt know shit about struggling or any trials and tribulations. Kill Yourself lame!

  • Jack

    lil romeo yes always will be lil romeo especially since he can never get away from his dad to do his own thing. and his own thing should not be rapping or acting maybe basketball or something far away from what people would expect.

  • noz

    “Although little has been revealed about Master P’s role, he will reportedly portray one of the film’s villains.”

    I hope this entails assuming the role of a pig person.

  • rawrface

    manbearpig would of been a scarier movie.

  • Jax

    Ey, u corny mofos, only people down south can dig master p, are u telling me that he has classics under his belt, LMAO!! het the fuck outta here, the guy is retarded, he just put out a cd with no violent content, lol, everything for publicity. I redpect his hustle, but as an mc, what reject, no limit started “the ringtone-no skillz-no content-BS rap” that dominates today.
    Then he lied about making songs with 2pac, when it later was revealed that he bought those songs after pac died…Hes a fucking joke, if u cant see that ur either gay or tranny!!!


      You right he may never has recorder directly with PAC but he did know him personally they were on tour together in 94′ when No Limit started in the Bay (Richmond, CA) Master P, and TRU (Silk and C-Murder) open up for PAC on his Thug Life Tour on the West Coast. Back then all the artist rode on one tour bus. At least he knew the dude alot of dude claiming to know Pac had never met him.

  • http://xxlam toole

    dont forget bout da ice cream man and he sold more records then anybody up north and dont be mad,because your dad not in your life.

  • slayrdcire

    IT amazing how people get on this website and just hate,if you dont have nothing good to say don’t say nothing at all.IM happy this father is there for his son,half of the people on this site father dont want nothing to do with them.ON that note congrats.master p.on making money legally and showing me that theres a black men thats care about there community and his seeds.also good luck with the movie

  • Stu

    This sounds so fucking shit its unbelievable.

  • bad boyz

    fuuuck all ya haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clarence Murphy

    The hate is just relentless, how are you going to hate on a man (Master P) who can pay for your tuition 10 years. And for romeo, i don’t understand why people hate on a guy who makes his money legally and is attending college soon. That’s a plus for black men

    Point, don’t hate someone just because they making moves while you sit behind your computer screen ridiculing them….

  • Young Hoe Slapper



  • niggafrommemphis

    @Mr.Murphy I couldn’t have said it better.I’m sure it’s gonna be a kid movie and that’s great.He already made some thuggin movies and now he takin it to another level,it’s time these little kids see grown black men be (or even act)civilsed,so if any one gonna hate on P,you might as well be hatin on yourself,with yo broke ass.


    1st of all Lil Romeo can’t help that his dad is worth over half a billion. That lil nigga is doing his own thing and doing it well. The nigga signed a letter of content to play for USC next season. Trust me, a big name college like that will not sign you if you have no skills. I’m from VA and I was rockin Master P back in the day!! You need more black people out there like that…..And all yall ignorant ass niggas do is sit up here and hate.


    Master p should just stay out the music scene stay his old as in the back and shouldnt let his son rap because hes crap. But if they want to keep making music let them as long as some dumb fucks buy it and they make profit they will continue too. As for the movies theyre both pretty lame at acting lil romeo suffers from being a boring motherfucker that I cant stand to watch or hear. At least his dad entertains a little more but hes played out and old and his acting skills are not the best but hes decent. If the movies crap dont watch it if the music is crap dont listen to it and soon enough they will fade. If it wasnt sites like this spreading the news no one would even noticed if they made a movie or dropped an album.