LINK: Was The L.A. Times Article on Tupac’s Shooting Based on Forged Documents?

The website this morning (March 26) published an extensive investigative report on the origin of the documents that L.A. Times reporter Chuck Philips used to source his recent report on the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur at a Manhattan recording studio. In his article, Philips claimed that Biggie, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond all knew that Tupac would be ambushed when he arrived at the Quad recording studios on the night of November 30, 1994. He also implicated James Sabatino, a one time associate of Diddy’s who is alleged to have mafia ties. Philips himself stated that many of the claims made in the report were based on FBI documents and the testimony of an unidentified source.

Now, The Smoking Gun claims that Sabatino himself forged many of the documents that Philips used for his report while incarcerated at the Allenwood federal penitentiary in White Deer, Pennsylvania on unrelated charges.

The following is an excerpt:

The suspect documents contain information supposedly provided to agents in the FBI’s New York office by an unnamed “confidential source.” The records, which Sabatino himself has distributed, conveniently contain black redaction marks covering up the name of the agent (or agents) who prepared the “302s” as well as the corresponding FBI case number. However, since the documents are filled with the names of individuals and corporations, they can be tracked within the FBI system by working backwards (by subjects as opposed to case number or agent name).

And while Sabatino claims to have been provided the FBI reports during the discovery phase of a 2002 criminal case, a federal law enforcement official involved in that successful prosecution told TSG that the probe was headed by Secret Service representatives and that the FBI had no role whatsoever in the case. The official added that, at the time, investigators “had no inkling” of Sabatino’s supposed role in the rap music world and never saw investigative reports detailing his purported involvement with hip-hop’s leading figures or its assorted bloody disputes.
When contacted by the Smoking Gun for comment, L.A. Times managing editor Marc Duvoisin stated that the paper would be launching its own investigation into the allegedly forged documents.

Click here to read The Smoking Gun’s full report.

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  • jonathan

    who cares yall is all dirty anyway! goodluck and take care! im not concerned with none of that! i trust NO ONE! TRUST ME! I DONT CARE! GOODLUCK!

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    They still on that shit, none of that shit will bring the man back!!!

    LIG – Let It Go

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    This article and subject matter may be too tough for 90% of your audience. Concentrate on more Soulja Boy and Rappers getting arrested w/o cause to continue captivating your target market.

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  • niggafrommemphis

    If pac and biggie were white,we would know everything about this shit.I’m almost scared to talk down on the feds,but I’m willing to bet that muthafuckas know.Just like on belly,when they came to dmx,the feds work in mysterious ways,know what i’m sayin?Watch the wild niggas yall hang with.If they get locked up for a while and the feds or whoever come to them for questioning and smoke a newport in front of them or eat some chicken or some shit,those niggas will talk.Niggas ain’t shit.

  • The_Truth

    What’s sad is they could actually cause harm to Puff with lies. . .devils.

  • Westside

    man Puffy daddy is guilty as hell. Listen to Against ALL ODDs. 2pac knew what was up and so did Suge. Thats why them niggaz took out Biggie. It was Payback. Them niggaz killed Khadafi out in New Jersey. Puuffy know whats going on.

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    Round and around we go. We’ll never see the end of this.

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    this is some political shit right here

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    they need to stop printing this bullshit about who killed makaveli and all tihs is going to lead up to more people getting killed over a stupid story from people who are desperate to get money, and if youwant to know who killed big and makaveli, blame it on the media for blowing their small feud out of proportion.

  • Nathan

    This is absolutely criminal. I can not believe this guy still works for the L.A. Times. How is this paper still operating? The system is completely fucked. Phillips should be charged with purposely putting Combs directly in harms way. How many people worship Shakur and would probably want to hurt anybody responsible for bringing harm to him? And this guy is reporting on FBI documents provided to him by a known scam artist. This is unbelievable.

  • reese

    2pac was the future black america.

  • reese

    2pac was the future of black america.

  • Tanya shakvr

    To set the straight the 2 off duty cops suge combs motelboys was all gun man and the others did the paper work to hide those people they try killing every that knew their plot to kill those mens and the attorney that write up the paper work before all that killing took places v can believe that