Dr. Dre’s Mother to Publish Memoirs

Dr. Dre’s mother, Verna Griffin, is set to publish her memoirs in a new book titled Long Road Outta Compton: Dr. Dre’s Mom on Family, Fame and Terrible Tragedy. Scheduled for release this June, the book will offer readers insight into Griffin’s personal struggles as a single mother in South Central Los Angeles. Griffin, who lost two of her five children in their infancy, and another to gang violence, often worried that she would also lose Dre to the streets. When the young producer teamed up with fellow N.W.A founder Eazy-E, she was less than thrilled with the often violent and explicit lyrical content that the group came to be known for pioneering. But she eventually came to accept the raunchy music for what it was. “I could remember my boys standing outside having a friendly conversation when, all of a sudden, I’d…see the police with all of them spread-eagle up against the police car,” she writes in an excerpt provided to Rush & Molloy of the New York Daily News. “This harassment was for no obvious reason except they saw black boys grouped together, and presumed to be up to no good. It was then I realized that the lyrics were just stories about things that were actually happening.” Long Road Outta Compton will be Griffin’s second published work. In 2005 she released Privileged to Live: A Mother’s Story of Survival.

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  • Angelo

    1st. soulja boy,flo rida(whatever it is),plies,”weezy” is pop.

  • boi-dan

    Chapter 2:

    “And when I heard The Chronic for the first time I was shocked, this couldn’t be the same boy who would cry himself to sleep every night in high school. Who was this “Dr. Dre”?”

  • gorilla unit

    i hope thats she wil put in her book when detox is coming or otherweis i dont give a shit!!!

  • David

    I’m very excited about more rappers getting literature out there about themselves. I’ve been looking for a good music book since I finished “Shakey: The Neil Young Story.” Shit was wild.

  • truthfromdaboot

    I hope she explain why her son is so anal retentive! Scraping LP’s because they are not perfect! So many artist sign to Aftermath only two projects besides 50 and EM to see daylight! One thing being a perfectionist other thing being afraid to flop! Like a woman not wanting to leave the house until her hair is perfect!

  • Jack

    Dr.Dre must have stopped sending her checks now she’s gotta make money buy having someone else write a book about her famous son.

  • Bomb

    How come rap books always sound like they are by and for 10 year olds.

  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    Everyone gotta make their money. If it werent Dre’s mom no one would care.

  • http://www.positiveloving.com hgirl

    I think he is great

  • http://www.picturemedia.co.za I RUN THIS..

    This is childish.Must we all care cuz its Dre’s mom, come on. Whats next, is she gonna call up 50′s gran and organise a Rapper’s Mothers Conference hosted by Oprah discusin how sweet, fifi and all their kids are..and how “difrent” their kids are from the image they potray in their music..

  • Pierzy

    Did you think Warren G will even get his own chapter…or just a paragraph?

  • monique hayward

    My name is Monique Hayward I’m originally from Pomona California but raised in san bernadino I’m the mother
    of eight children eight of my own and nine that I have adopted from the streets the children of crack mother’s.
    I know what it’s like too have a mother as a crackhead as a young girl i was constantly in the streets
    trying too make a living with my mother which led me too drop out of jr.high school so basically I had to
    learn from the streets day by day I ended up getting pregnant so by now I had too really hustle I was fifteen
    years old out on my own paying bills with a son on the way at the same time supporting my mothers habbit
    now that I’m older and wiser I don’t want my children to struggle or see the life that I have seen.
    I want better for my children and other children that’s why I invest all of my time into my children and other
    children that’s lacking the love and support from their parents that’s where I come in at.
    Now I’m Thirty two years old still hustling trying too get my kids into the music industry and my mother is now
    two years clean as I type this letter.
    Thank God for my little sister for typing this letter

    March 11,2008

  • slyjackson

    ch.10 my son is wearing sequin jumpsuits and spandex now.i love my lil future dr.gay