Boy Arrested for Tossing Rock at Soulja Boy’s Tour Bus

A 12 year-old boy was arrested in Bloomington, Illinois last Thursday night (March 20) after he threw a rock at the windshield of rapper Soulja Boy’s tour bus. According to the Bloomington Pantagraph, the unidentified youth attacked the bus at around 7:40 p.m. near the Hampton Inn West on 906 Maple Rd. Soulja Boy had performed at the nearby U.S. Cellular Coliseum the previous night. Bloomington Police Lt. Pete Avery said that when officers asked the boy why he did it, he replied simply, “I hate Soulja Boy.” None of the passengers on the bus were injured during the incident.

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  • fficers asked the boy why he did it, he replied simply, “I hate Soulja Boy.”

    i hate soulja boy………..

    • bmac

      While I despise Soulja Boy’s music also, I wouldn’t condone throwing a rock at his windshield… good thing it was a kid and not a grown man

    • http://YAHOO JALONA


      • SouljaBoy’s Gay

        Fuck Shut The Hell up jalona you dumb bitch, talk right you fat whore before i smack the shit out of you k love you lol jk but seriously shut ur fucken mouth i would of fucken taken a bat to the bus if i ever seen it

  • LabWork


  • diggsy

    “he replied simply, “I hate Soulja Boy”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! that shit is funny as hell

  • z

    ahahahahahahhhhahaha that lil homie knows whats up ahahahhaha. FUCK SOULJA BOY . If i ever seen soulja boy id go superman on his ass and snap that little fuck in half

  • MG

    Soulja Boy a Bitch if he presses chargers. He wack as fuck. Fuckin Ringtone rapper

  • the one


  • Kojo

    I wish Soulja boy got a concussion

    I wish he threw the rock at soulja boy not the bus

  • Caine

    Lil homie can ride in da Chevy wit me anytime…lol

  • major

    LMAO. dat lil nigga is wildn!!!!

  • HU

    I hope he hates Soulja Boy for the right reasons. If so, the generation coming up after this current one has promise. Maybe that 12 year old is a future Nas level rapper or great revolutionary.


      Cosign. I hope he is the next Nas or something. It seems that Generation Y aka 90′s babies have become dumber and dumber ever since Lil Gayne claimed best rapper alive and Solja Bitch blew up the game.

  • Money

    Its about time people take action at this wack ass rapper, what a coincedence its a 12yr old..the only age group that listens too Soulja Boy..if he presses charges his image will be even more shit then what it is lol

  • G

    I hve been waitin long time to say this……..FIRST!!!!

  • moresickaMC

    Is that the same kid that dropped Omar? lol


    It’s Da ROC!!!

    The kid was only throwing up the Roc.

  • Chest Rockwell

    Is the start of young kids starting to get tired of this primitive hip pop shit?… Probably not, but o well…

    • stacy

      Primitive hip hop??! the kid needs to throw a rock at your bitchass!! Go catch a bullet motherfucker!


    yo i cant believe dat nigga pressed charges on da lil homie…guess he aint a real soulja!!!

  • styleemusic

    lmao classic, you know you are wack if you have a 12 year old kid throwing rocks at you, souljah boy is a bitch if he presses charges on this. Hip hop has become so watered down and basic its unbelievable thanks to wack a&r, record labels and niggaz like this.

  • Rednose pit bull

    hahahahahhaha thats too funny

    • Tre Trilla

      A yo Rednose what really hood wit it. I thought u was pose to meet me man. U say u aint hard to find, u say u off Western, well meet me at the 79th St bus terminal, by shark fish or the gas station accross the street. Im real wit mine, u read my record. U thought I forgot umm umm NOPE. I do this here….

      Like I say u know what it is 504til the meat sho, get it, till yo meat sho….

  • Chris S

    dear young soulja boy-hatin’ houligan,

    i’m only about 6 years older than you but give me your name and all that info and i will personally pay your way out of any fines, jail time, or any other trouble that you might get into. it’s too bad you didn’t hit him though.

    i’m very proud of you youngster!

  • Samie

    I’m surprised the cops didn’t let the boy go, he did have a valid reason for throwing the stone.

  • Terps Baby

    Haha, funny that he throw a rock at Soulja Boy but sad situation. It’s never that serious!

  • Albert

    lol soulja boy is a fag. i wood a thrown eggs or sum shit. luck kid. except 4 the gettin busted part.

  • Hazel

    Chris S–you a fool for that…lmao

  • Ashley

    Ummmm r u aware that it was a 12 year old boy i mean whta harm is he gona do. Amd + Soulja boy deserved he frigin sux man

  • D-Block

    BAHAHAHA thats some funny ass shit, if i ever saw that kid i wud smoke a blunt wit him for doin that shit. its good 2 see that a 12 year old can realize wut is real hip hop and wut is fake ass faggots makin gay fuckin dancin around songs. i hate soulja boy

    • Flymasta



  • Soil Boy definition of Garbage

    Big up to the Youngin, this is evidence only the 12 yo girls like your shit the boys ain’t hearin it.

  • E

    yea finaly somebody tried to fuck him up

  • Trickdd

    He must be one of you Haters Son.

  • Lotto
  • niggafrommemphis

    All yall some straight up bitch ass dick jerking niggas thinking what the boy did was cool,if anything,it shows your too weak to do what a 12 year old who don’t know his ass from a hole in the ground,will do,before thinking of the consequence.No,I ain’t bumpin his shit either,but i ain’t mad at the dude,atleast he ain’t “actin” like he hard and shit.Fuck you niggas,bitch ass boys,drink your jungle juice.


      suck my dick u crybaby nigga…i wish he threw the rock in ur bitch ass face u fuckin faggot…figures a bitch ass nigga from memphis would stand up for a worthless bullshit bubblegum southern rapper….mannnnn eat dick..fuck outta here!!!!

  • moh.p

    KId “I hate soulja Boy” lmaoooo..that kids as real as you gonna get, i respect dat kid he must know real music


    lmfao!!!!…thats whats good…fuck soulja boy i would love to meet this kid and congratulate him!!..i wish he threw it at that corny niggas head instead!!!!!

  • datboombapshit

    “cuz i hate soulja boy”

    i guess the homie
    listens to that real hip hop
    you go BOOOOOOOYYY
    without the flavor flav chorus lol

  • Krime

    Soulja boy:1
    Real hip hop fans:1

    Now were even nigga!!! LMAO

  • souljaboy is the very best5000

    souljaboy is the best rapper alive next to lil boosie and shawty lo if they had a babie they would control the rap game forever and i hope they do have a baby

    • Impulse

      Thaaat’s fuckin nasty. all 3 of them are boys and having a baby together. PLUS…………Soulja Boy sucks.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    Too bad the rock didn’t connect with soulja boy’s head!

  • grapes

    WORRRD Nice response by de yute: I hate Soulja Boy. Man, the kid who threw the rock is more fuckin’ soulja than Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy is a punk who need to get the rocks out his head or get one thrown at him.

  • babyd0ll

    BWAHAHAHAHA. No shit. I don’t blame the kid.

  • steel

    For all of you that hate any celebrity. Remember that people as a collective make people famous. So in the case of soulja boy go ahead and hate all the parents of your little cousins brothers and sisters that do the dance and sing the song. But if you must hate someone if you must blame somebody else for our collective irresponsibility then throw a rock at the windshield of the head of BET programming directors, or the CEO of the record company that gave soulja boy his deal. I would never understand why you we always try to hurt rob and steel from niggas in our own neighborhood. None of you so called “Real Niggas” would never take the gunwork, knifework, stick-up kid work to where it needs to be took. And as a side note: if you a poor nigga in a poor neighborhood why would you rob the nigga down the street from you. How much money do you think you can get. THE NIGGA LIVES DOWN THE STREET FROM YOU!!!!!! in the same poor hood. Go rob mutherfukas in the rich neighborhood that’s where the money is. But hey im just crazy nigga at my 9-5 looking at the internet while I should be working. What the fuck do I know?
    Peace. Keep the Bullshit going niggas.

  • Stu

    Props to the kid!

  • Siege

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! finally he getting whas coming to him yahhhhhhhhh bitch yahhhhhhhh

  • Maddolies

    Haha dis Jus made my day.. Free The 12 year old!

  • Rodjilius

    surprised the 12 year old didnt like soulja boy o well i cant really say much tho he probably shouldnt have done anything dat stupid but o well

  • 92FS

    I think that might’ve been ma lil brother! LOL! Or probably Kenard! A fuckin’ run by slingin’!

  • 92FS

    I think that might’ve been ma lil brother! LOL! Or probably Kenard! A fuckin’ run by slingin’!

    • Impulse 187

      LMFAO @ “A fuckin’ run by slingin’!”

  • win

    i fucking lol’d

  • mje

    That ignorant soulja boi coo’n got what he needs, shame it didnt kill him…

  • Impulse 187

    so NOT ONLY has this kid made HORRIBLE songs, Killed Hip Hop, and is a big bitch (Theres a video on youtube that he cries like a girl and screams like a girl when he poppin a pimple)
    but he’s also a SNITCH.
    Besides, the Kid only threw a fuckin rock at a fuckin bus. It’s not like he pulled a gun on him. If it was me i would have done a fuckin drive by on that little faggot. I HATE Soulja Boy. I wish that kid would have atleast threw a big ass rock at soulja boy’s head, knocked him the fuck out or some shit. Too bad Soulja Boy hasn’t been Wapped for doin that shit.
    If Soulja Boy actually presses charges on that kid he’s a HUGE faggot.

  • WarsawDaIcon

    “I hate soulja boy.”
    LOL. This shit made my day. Big ups to the 12 year old.

    ROC 4 LIFE

  • Screwmatic

    Damn, dat lil’ nigga awwready knows whut it is.
    Dat pussy-ass Soulja Boy might aswell gettin’ money, but he ain’t shit if niggas don’t give a about him. Even a 12 year old lil’ nigga don’t give a fuck about Sucker Boy, then who was supermanin’ on, then. NOT ME.


    <~~~my son was the kid who threw the rock,lol cause i told him too,lol!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • http://google gwen bell

    tat aint shit check this out a 15 year old girl threw a rock at my son which is 13 and blinded him 4 life already had 2 susgerys cant see anything out of his right eye how u think i feel


    yall hit me back

  • http://google gwenbell

    like i said a 15 year old girl threw a rock at my boy and blinded him for life has had to cornea eye surgerys already its pitiful what do u do besides press charges yall hit me up help me out this kid thinks that his life is over i told him its not but i would feel the same way if i had one eye to or maybe worst jail