Beanie Sigel Sentenced to 3 Months in Jail

After failing a number of drug tests over the past month, Beanie Sigel has been sentenced to three months in jail for violating the terms of his supervised release. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the Broad Street Bully gave a fake urine sample to authorities on February 29 and tested positive for a number of drugs, including Xanax and Percocet. U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick on Friday (March 29) ordered that the rapper be taken into custody immediately. In January, Surrick sent Sigel to jail for one day and extended his probation by 18 months, with the first six months to be served in a halfway house, after he took an unapproved trip to Atlantic City. Beans told Surrick that he is an addict and that he “had a relapse” while at the halfway house. The troubled MC cited his dire financial situation as a contributing factor. He explained to Surrick that, because of the strict terms of his probation, he was unable to properly promote his last album, The Solution. “I’m losing everything because of this situation,” he told the judge. When asked about income from sales of the CD, the rapper explained that he “gets 14 cents on the dollar for every CD that is sold, and that is only after the record companies get their money off the top.”

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  • d-town

    Dang man, thats sad for beans…i wonder did he ever get any money when he first signed to rocafella

    • Justice

      Man, that money been gone. 14 cents per cd??? Man, I sell my albums in the street and clear $6.00 per CD after all the over head. Sad for dude, but not really.

      • Rednose pit bull

        Naw,read it more closely homie..14 cents per dollar not per cd,that more like 2 bucks per cd if the dcs are 15 bucks each….still not great,but its not 14 cents per cd…..

  • 100gloc

    dats shitty for Beans ………1st ya bastards

  • bmac

    Wasn’t this the plot, of that movie he was in Paper Soldiers?

    Beans seems really troubled, hope everything works out for him, he’s still hungry those verses on Ignorant Shit and Barrell Brothers were tight…

  • og bobby j

    you gutted fatso….cry me a river with your bullshit. If you was spending money on investments and savings instead of chains and rims….you’d be aight. Do your time and make music…

  • va-dude

    He needs more talkin to from Jay to help him get back on the grind.

  • MiRKED

    o well you play you pay..good luck homie

  • Blackgyver

    So duke has sold 100,000 units – maybe. And he gets .14 off the dilly…? Whoa! That’s 14K before taxes at 40 basis points… Leaves duke wit $8400 before the promotion and label recoupment and management fees. Koch would be a better fit for Beans at this point or defect to Florida and get on wit Ricky Ross and Fat Joe.

    • Artprimo

      For graffiti supplies,

  • Caine

    Funny shit. Beans get ya shit 2getha…

  • niggafrommemphis

    Beanie remind me of a nigga i grew up with.No matter how many times this nigga gets a second chance,temptation get his ass reight back in the slammer.Niggas with somethin need to embrace it,the only way you can keep shit.Yo beans,stay out of jail for atleast one year,then these record company folks will take you more seriously,your wastin your talent.

  • r

    I hope young people see his issue you get money and invest it, not buy rims and bling .you could retire good. What happen to state prop money. He trying to hook the whole hood up you see what happen to Hammer, I guess people are going to blame Jay for this stupid Nigga fuck up’s. Addictedti drugs but talk about selling drugs ass backward ass Nigga. He can spit no doubt but he stupid for this move. How many chances niggaz need. You fools can’t leave the street alone like you going to loose your hood ticket them niggaz like you to fail way you think they say sold out when get sucess. They like u when trying to famous because you broke like them but when you get money and move now you sold out. You can ‘t please the hood because if try to stay they want kill you and rob you. Look at Max B can’ t keep it real with money even if you are being real. Money breeds hate and envy. Beans get your shit together you should have money you been in the game too long.

  • Rednose pit bull

    hurting….well fuck it thats whatll happen to all of us if we did that…sucks though..ill tell u what,he got lucky though,out here,giveing a fake urine test is a class 4 felony

  • the one

    Why’s everyone going jail all of a sudden?

  • G.E

    i support beans never bought an album so i aint gonna front….real is real right>?..

    i listen to your shit all the fucking time from the crib to the college to the lab on the skateboard…its wack that this is happeneing to you get ya shit straight cause to dudes like me who aint shit and tryna be something…take it to the next level you are an inspiration so fuck the negative and get your ass in check fooo..

    you a grown ass man ….

  • Khayan10455

    Don’t let beans fool yall. $2 per cd is great on a major label. Plus he is in a good finacial space. He is just an example of another ass hole rapper who can’t stay out of trouble

  • Trickdd

    O shit let the haters no Lil Wayne aint the only one that does drugs lol you fucking haters are funny didn’t this grown man just get out of rehab

  • jesus killa

    Didn’t lil wayne just bust in yo ass tricky faggot?

  • Dammmn

    Damn that nigga beans gutted, yo ima cop the solution to help beans out
    That nigga beans…..damn

  • Kita

    I think it’s downright pathetic to see how the public regards all this. Beanie was stupid for doing drugs & getting himself all messed up; and the public is JUST AS STUPID for demanding stupid topics to rap on, like DRUGS!!!! It’s your life idiots…don’t mess it up! Jail ain’t sweet! To make a better life for yourself is NOT “selling out!” If Jay really hustled drugs before he got big, then he’s DAMN lucky for not getting jacked! Everyone don’t have that luck! Be smart, hustle smart and you won’t get screwed! Too many good lyricists fall by the wayside because they don’t know the meaning of control! The cliche still stands…”What goes up MUST come down!” The law of physics, people! You have to utilise it poperly in order to get by! Do what you love, love what you do! BE smart, play smarter and live intelligently! Life is SOOOO much better that way…

    I’m out.

  • mrddp3

    The more things change the more they stay the same…..

  • http://noneya Quincy

    Man that’s mest up what yall did to him im his number 1 fan home boy wat up

  • B Real

    Some of us just spend it as fast as we get it. Nothing to do with color. Don’t feel bad for beanie, he’ll be alright in jail, he made a movie about it. Feel bad for his kids, because they have no daddy, or a positive role model. Pissing hot is no good for the kids.