50 Cent to Perform at Australian MTV Awards

50 Cent has been tapped as a performer and special presenter at the upcoming Australian MTV Awards on April 26. According to The Age, the network announced that they had booked the superstar MC on Thursday (March 13). “50 Cent is an incredibly popular artist with MTV viewers,” said Dave Sibley, MTV Australia’s managing director. “We’re committed to delivering high calibre artists to fans in Australia and will continue to work very hard to make 50 Cent’s trip a roaring success.” 50’s appearance will coincide with a three-date G-Unit tour planned for the end of the month. Shows are currently scheduled for Sydney on April 23, Auckland on April 25 and Melbourne on April 27.

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  • trill

    death to 50

    • 50willkillyou

      ur a bitch

    • Tadhg

      Yuck! That Capostatus cunt is a fucking disgrace to all other other Aussies… fully loaded clip… pfft shut your fucking mouth… see we here in Oz have got a bad underworld history yeah, but that’s what makes our rap better than most of the Yanks’ artists because we don’t fucking go around saying it… REAL CROOKS DON’T BRAG THEY JUST DO IT AND YOUR A FUCKING JOKE!!! That’s some disgusting Corey Worthington shit right there man… Aussie Hip Hop/Alternative Hip Hop 4 Life!!!

  • http://wtf S on my Chest

    They like rap down under? Well fuck me!!

    1st niccuas!

    Now let the 50 haters begin…On yours marks…..Get set…..Hate!

    Ha ha ha

    • Aus

      Hell yeah we like rap down under man.

    • Zottapottamottakiz

      “They like rap down under?”

      no shit. name me one country that doesnt like rap. do you know of any other countrys?

  • k-rob

    damn i thought the haters said g-unit aint poppin, you nigga are so irrelevant in this rap game.now you see why buck aint going no where.just to be associated is a plus for any artist financially.dude keep gettin that money and thet haters are mad.what is your favorite artist up to?
    these niggas still touring the world and this time buck better clear his schedule to get that Guap lol

  • drox

    Haterz?? where r u? c’mon hate on 50!!! hate on the dude that’s gettin ca$h more than ur local dushbag rapper!! hahaa… 50 doin shows all ova the world & gettin money!! Everybody that went against him envy where he @ right now!!! Go on Haterz…call game’s name…drop Fatzo name… hahaaa….I luvs this!! & go on & say I’m on 50′s dikc…hahaa…

  • sophiasweeter

    I like his music! Have u guys heard that he ever appeared on the hot millionaire&celebs dating club SEEKRICH.COM ? I heard of it around that site when hooking up with the guys there recently. That sounds amazing, I know.

  • ggG Unit

    fuck u haters
    heh thats great man
    50 is really on top!!!

  • real niggas

    as said before the unit is back,stop hating

  • real niggas

    [trill] how can u hate some one so much to wish real death on them. before what u say.

  • http://null cheryl

    50 please come back to london

  • real niggas

    [trill]how can u hate some one so much to wish death on them?. becareful what u say

  • http://null sean


  • fireforreal

    Who cares other then 50 ?

  • calimovement

    This site is turning into a R&B site…get of 50 dick XXL…..

    • Ouch

      Eh bowelmovement tell your Cali brethren to step their rap game up. Then XXL wouldn’t have to be on Boo Boo’s nuts. Nigguh.

  • Lil Dan

    i wonder how much he gettin paid…

  • beatz23

    i thought rappers weren’t allowed in Australia?
    dont be surprised if one of em gets arrested

    • Zottapottamottakiz

      we have rappers here all the time dumbass. you dont have any idea how many Australian rappers there are not to mention how many non Australian rappers come down here every week. snoop got banned for whatever reason and now all you americans are thinking crazy shit. one of my friends wasnt allowed in you country but that doesnt mean you have a ban on Australians does it? 50 been down here a couple times before anyway.

  • Capostatus

    Yeah that’s it. We down with the g-unit down here in australia. We keep it real gangsta too so any of you american boys talking shit bout my country suck a dick. We got fully loaded clips down here so watch ur fucken mouths.

    I’ll post my address if any of ya niggaz wanna come see what’s up down under. I’m feeling to bust a trunk on some of u punk ass niggaz. And i’m black so don’t be posting none of that white boy shit. Ya dig. Smell me?

    • Cuz

      Capostastus, why you gotta say i’m black? It shows your real status.

  • BigDan!

    Great that 50 will be in Aus, but been waiting on that Nas tour since December. Drop that new album and get out here man.

  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    Poor Australia. I feel sorry for you all.

  • serge laurent

    bj fifty je suis un etudiant ivoirien et j;aime tres bien le hip hop surtout toi fifty
    je meurs quant je t;ecoute; mais je ne sais pas comment faire pour te voir si ce n;est par ecrit .
    je suis en cote d;ivoire pays de l;international DIDIER DROGBA ;je t;adore et que dieu accorde a toi et a ta famille sa divine grace .

  • BLahHaha (australian psycho)

    50 comin 2 aus is awesome

    Capostatus.. ur goin 2 post ur address 2 ppl in another country 2 make it look like ur tuff i dont think u realise how funny that is lol btw we dont have fully loaded clips cuz of strict gun laws which is a good thing