50 Cent Helps Pontiac Introduce New Models

50 Cent made a surprise appearance at the New York International Auto Show on Wednesday to help Pontiac introduce three of their brand new models to the press. According to the Associated Press, the G-Unit boss joined General Motors vice-chairman Bob Lutz on stage to debut two new cars and a two-seater sports truck with a six foot bed. Winding Road Magazine reported that Curtis was especially impressed by the new Solstice Coupe, a sleek roadster that the rapper says goes faster than a Porsche Boxster. The company also unveiled their new G8 GXP and a G8 sports truck that Pontiac will hold a contest to name. 50 told the crowd that he already owns one of the trucks and suggested that Pontiac call it “the Curtis.”

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  • Get money

    I’m leaving on the next plane….I dont when I be back again. Now this black brother gets money. Anytime a man with that much money go to court for child support and get it reduced by 18,000 a month to 6,000 and some change a month… I got to respect him. The man makes shit happen. I am still trying to understand the beef between him and Fat Joe. How you going to beat a man with that much cheese? I wouldnt even respond to a nigga like Fat Joe…at all. Even if gunit sells was down, so what he still gets money doing other shit. That man Floyd made 20 million for Wrestlemania appearance. That had to be the easiest 20 million he ever made. Forget all the beefing man get your money right.

  • Dat Nig

    Why is this important. 50 went to an auto show….

  • king 50

    im the only nigger that wins more then obama.lol

    • EReal


  • jarett

    A boxter is slow. Its the cheapest car they make

    • Rich

      You dumb ass. The relevance of Pontiac having a vehicle that goes faster than a Boxter is that is shouldn’t. Porsche having a vehicle that can take a Boxter is big for Pontiac. Some people comment on shit without looking at what they saying.

  • cp

    50 cent is clearly one of the best businessmen in rap.

  • jay

    50 u want to be in everything c sucker

  • WOW

    Yo this nigga 50 be kickin it with all the real ballerz and bizniz men, no wonder why everyone hates. GET DOE FUCK HOES “AND FAT JOES” LOL

  • scratch

    50 cent is going to wrestlemania 3/30/2008. i bet he’ll get chokeslammed by the big show.

  • Mista WANG

    i still dont like em but ill admit dats big bussiness

    get money

  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    Dude gets money but he is shit.

  • krazie-al

    check out curtis kryptonite


  • BigDan

    Man, 50 is driving Commodores and utes now, haha.

  • Anonymous

    While you people are here steadily bickering over 50 cent there are people dying in third world countries

    ***THINK ABOUT IT***

    • dark kent

      no wonder ur anonymous

    • Didnt You Know?

      We’re americans, we dont give a fuck about any country except ours and the one we’re conquering at the moment. WAMP WAMP!

      • why

        you so stupid its not even funny if that what u think being an American is about

  • drox

    plz haterz c’mon drop sm hate lines & ish!! hahaaa dude’s gettin money… & where’s ur fav rapper again? hahaa
    ps -RIP 2 Fat Hoe

  • g-unit

    haha how can u not like tha dude? cant anyone tell real from fake anymore? just cause fif got the game in a choke hold people wanna hate. wait til that unit CD drop, yall are gonna drop ya jawls. oh yeah R.I.P. Fat Joe, its official 46,000 compared to 700,000. oh and fifs just playin around on this mixtape shit, im tellin u just wait til “shoot to kill” and “before i self destruct”. its like this: firt u love them, then u hate them, then u love them again. lol one…

  • Trickdd

    Like its Fiftys Fault he likes cars and can go do these things stop Haten ya broke niggas

  • why

    why so much pain in the world already and yall mind stuck on the lesser things and the rich and famous who dont give ah shit bout nobody but themselves

  • heidi

    Like its Fiftys Fault he likes cars and can go do these things stop Haten ya broke niggas WElcome to chat with about this at blackwhitekiss.. com where you can view my photos online…

  • Chest Rockwell

    Will “The Curtis” come with real bullet holes or sticker bullet holes?… I perfer real bullet holes because it makes it look more GANGSTA!….