RZA Lands Role in New Forest Whitaker Film, Repossession Mambo

Wu-Tang front man the RZA has reportedly been tapped for a role in the upcoming film Repossession Mambo starring Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker, Jude Law and Live Schrieber. According to MTV, Whitaker and Law play repossession agents working for a company that manufactures human organs. Set in the not-so-distant future, the two hunt down customers who have failed to make their payments on the body parts. RZA will play a junkie music producer who has failed to pay for his artificial heart. Repossession Mambo is due in theaters in 2009.

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  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    >RZA will play a junkie music producer


    I wonder why Forest Whitaker thought of the RZA for that role. He must have heard 8 Diagrams.

    • Matt Herbz

      Name one reason why it sucks, nigga.

      And you mention Soundscan and I’m a punch yo teeth right down the back of your throat.

      Again, 1 reason.

      –Matt Herbz–

    • EReal

      Dezzamn, lol.

      8 Diagrams was trash tho, it wasnt worth the cd it was burned on. lmao.

  • LeftNut

    Stay off the screen, RZA!!! and get Method Man to do the same.

    We need more actors like extra holes in our heads.

    Vanity has killed the Wu. What’s next;GZA doing a Best Buy Commercial????!!! WTF!?!!??!!

  • Juzzy

    The more i listen to 8 diagrams the better its gets

  • KFC



    stop hating lil nicca… that big screen shit aint got nothin 2 do with the music.. i’m not a fan of rza but i can appreciate a nicca makin moves…..

  • Larry Brite

    It sounds like a good movie – It sounds like the role he has, is going to be kinda brief (maybe a couple of shots)

  • jack bronson

    stop the hate , rza has come correct in all his movies , even though he is usually type-casted he is a good actor. rza , mos def , and 2pac are the rappers i can think of off the top of my head that can actaully act

    do your thing rza!

    ps: i want another bobby digital album!

  • http://BRONXRAP.COM str8gutta1

    Tell RZA come to BRONXRAP.COM!!!!!

  • Obskure Starr

    RZA the abbot is really the best out there doing his thing. any1 who wanna knock on God’s hustle is a damn fool.

    and any hater talking about how bad 8 Diagrams was when it doesnt even have to do anything with this upcoming movie, is just plain stupid! besides 8 Diagrams is the a breath of fresh air and one of the most incredible joints coming from the clan.

    RZA good looking on all these moves u making, God!

  • YUNG A

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  • DJ Lucky Luke

    While I can appreciate the irony of RZA’s role in the film, 8 Diagrams doesn’t suck–niggaz bumpin Soulja Boy suck.

  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com triplesixninja

    much respect due to the god Rza

  • mf doom

    i think 8 diagrams is a awesome album gets better with over listen.
    but i got a QUISTION how come masta killa isnt in that much of it!!!???
    if u listen to his album hes the only 1 with that raw wu tang flow still thot he wuda b in more of the album this time around!!!

    And i love the producing the 18th letter,zorro sign,a not for apple but im packin apples(listen to the album ur no wat i mean)did on that.it just sounds amazing there nufin like that in hip hop at this moment.
    Apart from i dont understand y he changes the beat when hes rappin then changes the beat back wen eva he stops!

  • jacko

    so rza is playin a junkie music producer that hasnt paid people for his new heart.

    and the rza is a junkie music producer that hasnt paid people close to his heart(ghost,rae,Ugod,the man child)

    i think he well be good in this film not alot of acting to do