Russell Simmons & the HSAN Encourage Youth to Vote on Super Tuesday

Russell Simmons and his Hip-Hop Summit Action Network are calling on young people to show up in force at the polls tomorrow (February 5) for the Super Tuesday primary election. Each presidential election season, a primary election is held in each state in order to determine the number of delegates that will attend the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, at which a presidential nominee is chosen by each party. Super Tuesday is so named because it is the day on which the majority of states hold their primaries. This year, 22 states, including New York, New Jersey and California will hold primaries on Super Tuesday.

With so much at stake, Russell and the HSAN believe that young voters will play a critical role in this year’s election process. “The 2008 Presidential Election is the most important of our lifetime,” Russell said in a statement. “I am so proud that young voters are already weighing in, in record numbers. But tomorrow, on Super Tuesday, it is now clear that young voters will make the critical difference. That is why today we are using every single resource at our disposal via radio, television, Global Grind and the internet to mobilize the consciousness and the actions of young people to ensure their voice is heard tomorrow.” The 2008 election is particularly noteworthy because, with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as clear front runners, the Democratic party is guaranteed to nominate a candidate who is not a white male for the first time in history.

In related news, Senators Clinton and Obama have responded to a list of six questions posed to them by Russell, HSAN President Dr. Benjamin Chavis and author Deepak Chopra last month. The questions asked for the candidates stances on issues such as diversity, poverty, global warming and the war in Iraq. Their answers can be read in their entirety on the HSAN website at

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    RUSSELL SIMMONS IS A TRUE HUSTLER. Do yah thing rus.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<First

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Thanks for the advise Russ

    Now I’d like to give you a little advise Russ. The next time you get married get a prenup, so that you don’t end up looking a sucka again.

  • real talk

    yeah he thought she was in love with him. I think the whole world knew she wanted his money. I guess he thought money could buy here. shhhhiiiiiitttt just a lease homie. I would vote if it would make a difference in my hood. But it aint gonna change shit, and that real. My opinion on this site is gonna be heard way furter then me going to vote. and thats the sad part.

    • beezy

      OBAMA FOR President Obama 08

    • beezy

      OBAMA FOR President Obama 08


    look russ still be with ms baby phat ,so they still best of friends

  • N

    russell is the man, but whats the point of your youth voting at the polls if they don’t know who or what they are voting for. Just because russ said to vote they should or because a half black man and a female have a chance to win. GO to the polls with the knowledge of the issues at state and vote for the person who supports your topics and who you think the best american for the job.. not because MR. HIp-hOP said so

  • J.A.D.N.

    A little late don’t you think Russ? You have no creditability with this generation of youth by how you made your money (Like Bob ‘BET’ Johnson – Rap Blood Money)!

  • Nigerian Dude

    Rusell the Hustle…the next thing is to ask ppl to go to his new site so that he gets paid! to hell with that nigga….all he does is for money….. Everyone that chooses to vote should pay him and Bob Johnson no mind. Russell went to Africa and came back with the notion that blood diamond doesnt exist. why?. He got paid by the beers diamond company and he opened his jewelry line

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and if you like what you hear add me thanks

    • ATL = All Trannies Live

      I hate you ^^^^^

  • truth 101

    yall are the dumb. russel made money off his wife …mad money. russel is a billionare on the low. when it comes to rap music he is the business. point blank period since the early 80s . he owns the name Def Jam . every rap gorup that came out early in the game he had his hands on .check your history . she didnt touch non of that money . he took some young chic. made her in to something and cashed in . like trump and every other white man did when they married a younger chic and made em a business partner

    • ATL = All Trannies Live

      Are you stupid? She took like 100 mill in the divorce, child support, alimony, and she owns Baby Phat.

      Oh and he sold most of stake in Def Jam years ago idiot.

  • Cass’

    I ain’t voting for satan, nor satan…

  • Stu

    Gotta respect Russell Simmons. He has done so much for Hip-Hop and the youth..

  • micguevara

    I dont know where you found she got $100 mill in the divorce,but how is paying child support or alimony a loss? As far as owning baby phat,russ sold both phat farm and baby phat to the kellwood company in 2004,only when Russ stepped down as CEO did Kimora become CEO of Phat fashions

  • NiggaPlease

    Why is it that every time I come to this site or any other site that black people frequent, I always see black people to be the first ones to bring “race” into whatever is being talked about, every single time?

    And this article is a perfect example…

    From the article to the comments, blacks insist on always being the first ones to make everything a “race” issue (and generally when race has nothing to do with any of it, other than it’s just a lame attempt at an excuse for ignorant behavior)…then when white people tell blacks to stop always playing the “race card”, whats the first thing black people do?

    They get all upset and pissed off about it.

    Wait, wait, wait…

    I almost forgot, black people as a general rule are hypocrites, and are all about that whole “do as I say, not as I do” thing.

    As usual, black people “keep’n it reals”, even with voting, because it’s not like every dumbocrat politician doesn’t know that black people never vote on the issues, they vote based on skin-color or party (unless their is a black republican involved, and blacks can’t vote for a black republican, that might show some semblance of intelligence.)…and they can be counted on to do it every election without fail…like a bunch of predictable retards.


    “I think I would like black people, but I have yet to meet one.”



  • http://BRONXRAP.COM str8gutta1

    Russell is the GODFATHER of the GAME!! For more Hip-Hop news, and new music as it hits the STREETS, log in to BRONXRAP.COM!!!