Prodigy was given another week of freedom on Wednesday due to health complications related to his sickle cell anemia. According to the New York Post, P, who was due to begin serving his 3 ½ sentence on a weapons conviction this week, was hospitalized with severe lung pain. The rapper may also require a hip replacement, which would be his second since last year. "Everybody wants to get this done," his lawyer Irving Cohen said of the sentence. "But this is a crisis situation." P was initially scheduled to begin his sentence on January 8, but was granted a month to allow doctors to collect his medical records. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin wants an update on the rapper’s condition next week. "It could be he will have to have the operation in the state prison system," McLaughlin said. In related news, the release of Prodigy’s new album, H.N.I.C. 2 has been pushed back to April 8.