Prince Paul and Group of 5 MC’s to Release Baby Loves Hip-Hop

Acclaimed producer Prince Paul is teaming up with a talented group of MC’s to for the second installment in the popular children’s series Baby Loves Music. The series was created in 2005 by Ropeadope Records founder Andy Blackman Hurwitz as a way to help parents introduce children to a wide range of musical genres. The first release in the series, Baby Loves Jazz, received the American Library Association’s award for “Notable children’s recording of the year.” Described as a “book on tape,” the new CD—called called Baby Loves Hip-Hop—will follow a group of five dinosaur friends, The Dino-5, on a musical adventure. The five rappers playing the parts are Chali Tuna of Jurassic 5 (MC T-Rex); Lady Bug Mecca of Digable Plants (Tracy Triceratops); Scratch from The Roots (TEO Pterodactyl); and Wordsworth (Billy Brontosaurus). Prince Paul will take on the role of DJ Stegosaurus. Grammy Award winning poet Ursula Rucker will narrate the CD and Chris Rock has reportedly optioned the story for a Broadway production. Baby Loves Hip-Hop is due in stores April 1.

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  • Stu

    Seems cool if your into that kind of stuff….personally I’m more into the harder and realer Hip-Hop.

    • Wise Guy

      why the hell is your comment even needed? It ain’t for you A##hole! As much as Disney, and the marketing media indoctrinate our children, the babies need as many paths to real music , art, and culture as they can get. Keep your bullsh*t comments to yourself

  • Chest Rockwell

    Cool, something for the kids or babies… Im sure he gots a good concept for the kids to enjoy…

  • King David

    I’m probably gonna pick this up. But then again, I am a white dude.

  • goo goo ga ga

    what is prince paul doin? how corny can u get?

    • gggg is corny

      nigga you corny. Your thought process is corny.

    • freddy lawrence

      fuck you, man. prince paul is for the children. somebody has to be.

  • RIchard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and if you like what you hear add me thanks

  • iamblunted

    i aint gon say shit until it comes out.
    but that line up he got looks ill.
    chali 2na and wordsworth?
    you know its gon be sick.

  • Dat N.I.G.G.E.R.

    Now that is what I’m talking about. Nuff respect.

  • thoreauly77

    excellent. my daughters favorite style of music is rap, so this is fantastic. she is three, her favorite show is hey gabba gabba and she doesnt need the cussing. i think this is a great idea. hiphop heads grow up and have babies, you know?

  • dark kent

    bout time

  • GH31

    It’s not meant to be for the older kids to listen to. Sesame street rappers like hurricane chris, soulja boy and kia shine will have some good competition without the cussing. These are respectable rappers coming together doing something positive.