Nas Responds to Maxim Review Controversy

Nas recently spoke to the New York Post’s Page Six about a premature review of his upcoming LP, Nigger, that was published by men’s magazine Maxim. The magazine has come under fire recently after rock band The Black Crowes expressed outrage at a starred review of their new album, which Maxim did not hear. According to the Post, a Maxim writer also gave Nas’ album a less than stellar 2 ½ star rating after hearing an unfinished version. The magazine has since apologized for jumping the gun, but Nas expressed his disdain for the low rating. “I’d prefer [a review from] Playboy,” he told Page Six. “That kind of stuff doesn’t reach my radar or effect anybody around me. I don’t know what a music rating from Maxim is…I don’t know what it even means really.” According to the QB MC, he is still working on the project and it will be in stores April 22.

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  • thugeniuz

    this sucks…those bi…. need to be more careful…i mean Nas is the KING OF NY

  • thugeniuz

    this sucks…those b/…. need to be more careful!!! i mean Nas is the KING OF NY

  • Strick

    first lolz

  • POLO Diz

    SO! Im pretty sure its gon end up on complex, blender, or might even end up on O (oprah winphrey`s magazine) let the media talk…………………its gon suck anyway, the album that is

  • The_Truth

    Nas is right.

    A review from Maxim is irrelavant. . .those cracka’s are stuck on the album title rather than the album. That’s why they’re tryna lynch him on paper.

    Louisville’s son. . .

  • Caine

    Fuck Maxim!

  • E-man

    Dat’s silly of Maxim to review an album without listening to the finished version. Besides I highly doubt that they know what good hip hop is anyway even if the album was finished. They the type of magazine to give Illmatic or Reasonable Doubt a 2 star.

    Nas is da illest.

    South London all day.


    Nas better get used to shitty ratings from white magazines. He thinks it might be irrelevant….but, those crackers buy music.

  • GMAN

    fuck maxim nas is tight his cd gonna be top 5 out this year. itll sell more then 50

  • Bahama_blood

    Wat tha F*&# how can you give revues to a unfinished album. Also what the hell a bitch ass magazine like maxim doing givin bad reviews to a rap ablum . Especially one that has been considered to be gettin alot of media attention. I hope this shit boost albums sales and when the album release the magazine really bite their words for mislabeling a soon to be classic nas album.

    242 Bahamas Baby

    XXl mag. keep the news comin. Island boyz cant live without hip-hop

  • 1blkman

    Hey “The_Truth”, its funny how you imply the folks at Maxim are racist by envoking the “lynching” adage to your statement when your the one being racists by calling them “crackers”. If you want anybody outside of your ignorant circle to hear you, using racist comments aint gonna cut it. This is why white folks dont pay attention to the things we say and why they call us Niggers.

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest So Cocky Vol 1 singles up check em out add me if you like thanks.

  • Pierzy

    Nas is right on point with this. Who reads Maxim for the album reviews? And any writer, blogger, publication or whatever that reviews anything (books, albums, movies) without paying close attention to the finished product is a disgrace.

  • Stu

    Maxim know nothing about Hip-Hop, or music! You gotta wait until the project is complete.

    NaS just owned them though lol, props to him.

  • Jack

    nas is a legend but damn nas all i hear about is the album title nothing about the actual quality of the music i bet it is 2 and half stars. It’s good marketing i guess to try and be a gimmick to sell but its making people overlook everything else so he’s shooting himself in the foot.

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  • Valdez

    @ POLO Diz…

    Another soulja boy fan, eh??
    Or maybe Wayne…

    Like dude up there said, Nas is the king.

  • niledon


  • gamma

    Maxim? that magazine with the bony ass white girls on it you better halla at king or hush magazine they aint hiphop fuck em.
    Lets Go ESCO!!!!!!!!!!

  • adrian smith

    nas nigger lp is goin to be sick take it back to the schoolly d ice-0t n.w.a days real hiphop jay-z should make a video to hello brooklyn with lil wayne sick eric eazy e wright pass away march26th 1995 do a piece on o.g.

  • latino heat

    the funny shit is wwe magazine reviewed his shit like 2 or 3 months ago and gave him 3 stars. he needs to have somebody stop these premature reviews from coming out if its not the real album i don’t know what there reviewing or where there all getting it from. yeah i read wwe magazine, and WHAT?

  • keith

    that’s what nas is going to have to expect when his cd comes out! People going give it bad review because they don’t as t to see us buy it! But I’m gettin my nigga nas nigger cd

  • Ace11

    If Ur A Hater AnD You Know It Fuck You…
    No Homo*
    Nas Is The Realest Mc To EveR Bless Da Game With Creative Lines And Unique Imagery… HaNds DowN

    Le Da Ace Fuck Wit Me*

  • Zpope

    god damnit i want this album to come out

  • princerudynasim

    even maxim says this nigga shit is wack retire dude already and take jay z, ll cool j, the rest of the roc(except jada), method man, and the rest of these old fucks in the game

  • The Known Unknown

    Maxim?? Who cares what do they know about HIPHOP, and how can you rate an album before the tracks come out, i garauntee his stuff is atleast 4 out 5 stars or whatever regardless the title, time it was dropped, who dropping around him, etc NAS is the illest still, mabye not in the spotlight like before but who can see him on the mic, Look what he did to the so called “greatest of all time” JIGGA, Maxim should get their shit together and stay outa HIP HOP POLITICS, and vote Barack Obama