In a new interview with Rhapsody, Timbaland protégé Danja speaks on everything from working with Britney Spears and Madonna to his top 5 producers in the game. But in terms of hip-hop, he talks about his upcoming work on Clipse's Columbia debut, as well as T.I.'s Paper Trail, the record he's recording while on house arrest. Check out an excerpt below:

Have you been working on T.I.’s upcoming album, Paper Trail?
I did. I sent him a few tracks. He wrote to one. From what I hear, it’s incredible. I’m not allowed to go in his crib. But I’ll be in the studio completely focused on T.I., sending him tracks and we’ll be communicating. I hate emailing beats. It’s the worst thing you could do, because it’s a magic that has to happen in the studio. I can see and feel when you don’t like something. When I worked with Tip on the last album, I ended up with three [songs]. But it’s another six records that he started, where he at least got a verse and a hook on, that we were just doing so fast -- just from being in the studio [together]. So I’m gonna try to recreate that magic even though there’s going to be a distance. The difference is he’s writing everything now. The last [album] he just went in the booth. So now he’s thinking about what he’s saying. It’s gonna take a little bit longer. But the quality of the work is gonna be phenomenal.

What’s going on with the Clipse?
We haven’t got in. I really want to get in them just for the sake of Virginia. Pusha, pound-for-pound, a lot of people ain’t touching him with the spitting. I wanna do at least six or seven joints and make that album a classic like a Dre with a Snoop, or Primo with Big and Nas. There hasn’t been any more conversations [recently], but we gonna make that happen for sure.

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