KRS-One Recruits The Game, Chamillionaire, Nelly & David Banner for New Stop The Violence Track

Last week in Los Angeles, KRS-One continued to lay the groundwork for the relaunch of his Stop the Violence Movement. Over a three day period from February 7-9, The Game, Chamillionaire, Nelly, David Banner and 55 other artists joined Kris at the Los Angeles Recording School to record new audio and video for the initiative. A number of artists from the LA underground also turned out to show support, including Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, and Planet Asia. The legendary MC has also confirmed future contributions from artists such as 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Cassidy, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lil Mama, Talib Kweli and MC Lyte. Duane Darock Ramos is producing the project, which will be distributed to promote peace and non-violent means of conflict resolution. An official teaser version will be released on Monday February 18. KRS and his Boogie Down Productions crew organized the first incarnation of the Movement back in 1989, bringing together artists such as Chuck D, MC Lyte, Kool Moe Dee and D-Nice for the song and video “Self Destruction,” in response to the rise in black on black violence. Since announcing the re-launch of the movement last year, KRS has met with a number of music industry players, including BET Executive VP Steven Hill, and Koch Records General Manager Alan Grunblatt, to discuss the negative images often promoted in connection with Hip-Hop culture.

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    • McLovin

      This coming from a nigga who has taken pictures of himself holding a burner on his album cover!! WOW thats a drastic change consiering he was beefin with nelly a couple of years ago and tryed to build a hate colt telling every one not to buy his cd.

  • bashin

    Thats kool

  • Lucky

    whats is the wanna be west side king doin on the track he always talks about killin and all that

    • bosshogg

      Because Bitch He’s Top Five Mc’s Right Now And HE’s The King OF The West Right Now
      And What Kind Of Gay Ass Name IS Lucky

  • flipbeats07

    thats real hiphop, the t’cha is in class so hiphop schoolin is now in session

    • ill G

      there are words u HAVE to shorten cus they are too long…but teacher?? cmon dawg u sound as stupid as u look

  • chucktown

    dats whuts up..

  • niggafrommemphis

    I applaude anyone doin positive shit.I remember Boogie downs’ first two albums and I was a fan immediatley.However,as the years went by,Krs let some shit out of his mouth about hip hop not being in the south.I’m still offended by that,so hurt in fact,I’m not goin to get delusional thinkin I’m gonna diss that man who in a way is the embodiement of rap in many ways.I’m just not gonna support the dude,I’ll be wastin my time dissin him for sayin that.

  • http://xXLMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    lol. true. But at least they coming together for a common cause. The original featured East coast artist. This time I like how they got rappers from across the globe. Minority’s need to stick together more often. Fuck all that fighting about where u from shit.

  • Trickdd

    them niggas are pussy!! that aint gangsta fool!!!

  • Trey Stone

    watch as Weezy’s verse has nothing to do with the subject

  • WTF

    Half those people are the ones running around with guns promoting the violence…. *SMH*

    fucking hypocrits !!!

  • bones

    its cool that nelly is on it

    • Cassius

      Remember when him & KRS bumped heads? It’s crazy, but in a good way

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me if you like what you hear thanks

  • ept native

    why does he have rappers that always talk about killing

    • Flymasta


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  • Fire

    This is definitely good news, and KRS One is my pick (along with Nas) for the G.O.A.T., but why does the guest list XXL shows have so many wannabe thugs and drug dealers who probably masturbate to Scarface every day on it? Just a question. Hope some better rappers are on it as well.

  • jburg

    I think it is amazing that all these niggas are on this but 99 percent of them talk about guns and killin’ muthafuckas on their albums. Not saying that I don’t like the niggas, its just a little questionable. And “Trey Stone” you are right, Lil Wayne will talk about everything but, stopping violence!!

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  • Styles

    people always criticize these rappers for talking about guns and violence and say that they never balance out their music with positive stuff…

    Well… here are they are trying to do so.

  • TrueTalk83

    Hip-Hop should be thankful for this man! He’s bringing something positive back to music! But there will be some contradiction with some of these features!!!!!

  • Trickdd

    AW SHIT this gunna be the truth

    • McLuvin

      Trikdd says:

      wayne would eat lupe fiasco up. Wayne is way better then him. Lupe has bubble gum raps no one wants to hear. He need to step his game up and start rapping about cars and ice. Or even selling crack fuck a skateboard fake ass pharrell. wayne is the best not this fag!

      your the same dude who said this! Yiour a fuckin morron man! I bet Lil wayne wont even make it half ass on subject! Take your fuckin dumb ass to school bitch!!

  • REEF

    is it just me or does it seem like krs keeps reachin?





    I think this is great i resently heard him say he was going to continue with the stop the violence movement.I ADVISE EVERY 1 2 LISTEN 2 KRS HE IS ONE A THE MOST KNOWLEDGABLE PEOPLE I HAVE EVER HERD SPEAK.
    But I think that its good these new age rapperz are comin 2gether 2 make good history to be rememberd for some thing other then shootin and dyin.WATCH KRS 1 ON FLOW ON DEMAND NOW HE TALKS ABOUT ALL THESE THINGS AND I BET WILL MAKE YOU THINK

  • Rodjilius

    sounds like its gonna be hot

  • Tito Santana

    Da Backwudz(U gonna luv me)and (I dont like the look of it) are now Labratz. They’ve departed Dallas Austin’s label Rowdy Records to start there own(Royal Family Music) along with producer Sol Messiah(chamillionaire sound of revenge),(David Banner),(Goodie Mobb),(Dead Prez),(Nappy Roots).. Check da new video called (Creation) on YOUTUBE or they just released an album Independenly Via the internet called (Atlantis Rising) available on,,, ect..
    To all up and coming artist much success and dont be afraid to put that extra grind in and go Independent!! It’s a new era… Everything resides on the Internet even Hiphop! Dont sleep on The Move ment!!Wake up…\thelabratzmusic

  • TheRefriedMexican


  • thuglombian23

    das wassup bou time errbody make summ peace cuz one of da reasonz real hipp hop aint da same is cuz we lost summ good as MCs wih all dizz beef shyt goin on..and niggas now daiz dunno how 2 act..

    • ill g

      that is the worse name ive ever seen u tryin to do too much with that name

  • stoneyisland

    stop the violence? fuck that big nose fake ass KRS. How ironic that he would lead a charge against the very act he gave life too. KRS-1 was the first rapper to physically attach another rapper on stage, some of you young cats might be too old to remember but ole blastmaster pulled a bobby brown on the fat kid from PM Dawn back in the day over a lyric from one of their songs. SO to KRS, you big horse shoe crab nose bitch. Instead of stop the violence how about apologize to PM Dawn first, THEN get back with me when you ready to move forward.

  • moresickaMC

    They need to get Nasir & Lupe on that track

  • Daz

    reason he has rappers like wayne, 50 and them on it cos he knows kids r gonna listen when they see them names, aslong as he balances it out with your talibs, nas, mos def, then its all good..

  • doubtful

    krs picked the worst-people for this project, wtf? i recall when the “westcoast all-stars” did a peace-rap in 89?, which was very-good, but “dre, mc ren, & eazy-e” were wrong for that video/song(since they celebrated violence).

  • http://fucku KompTown

    How is Game a “wannabe westcoast king” u dumb ass nigga?! U even think before u type fool?

    Anyways this wazup, i dont give a fuck if they talk about bustin their guns or not this is good for hiphop. Its only weak niggas that really get influenced by entertainers.

  • black wall street

    Yo, Nice to see Game there, but, If KRS dont reach out to Krayzie bone or any Bone niggaz i will loose all the respect, Game didnt reach out to them in One Blood, I am so hood and now this….They murder the tracks, specially Krayzine bone and if its the peace record, Krayzie will make the best point…

  • G

    sounds cool but come on half those guys is rappin violence now Its stop it…come the fuck on

  • EReal

    Damn KRS managed to pull some of the most irrelevent artists in the game! Good for him!

  • Trickdd

    niggas try to tell someone over the internet to got to school cause they fuck up when there typen bitch nigga be a teacher then and get the fuck off this website Ho ass nigga who cares how another man types thats pussy shit for real though nigga dont worry bout how i type. I dont sit hear and take and hour to comment and i dont re-read my shit after im done and alot of times the comments with missespelld words is the wannabe Trickdd it aint even me

    • real talk

      shut the fuck up and go to school. theirs a difference between a typo, and pure stupidity. I think we all know which one of those you are. NOW TAKE YOUR SOULJA BOY ASS AND SUPERMAN YOUR WAY TO SCHOOL HOE. LOL

  • Trickdd

    Ah O!!!!!!!!Not another internet thug butch nigga you aint gotta worry bout me

  • Anti-Mainsteam

    Big ups to the greatest emcee of all time for staying relevent, and giving us Real Hip Hop heads out there something to look forward too, in an age where fake-ass rap, and corny-ass dances to go with it have tarnished television and radio the last few years…Big Ups Kris!

  • Maddolies

    Haha funny how the game hu is bout 2 go 2 prison 4 60 dayz 4 pulling out a gun 2 sum sorry ass fool during a bball game is on dis track.

  • Jonah Weitz

    This is actually one of the better posts connected with people who I’ve read more this particular subject matter as of late. Great do the job.