Judge Doesn’t Want Ja-Rule Posting Bail for Friends

A New York State Supreme Court judge expressed concerns on Wednesday (February 27) about Ja-Rule putting up thousands of dollars in bail money for two co-defendants in his gun possession case. According to the Associated Press, Justice Micki Scherer feels that the rapper has “put himself in the position of perhaps controlling the outcome of the case. I think the potential for it is a big problem.” The case stems from a July 22 arrest following a Lil Wayne concert at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan. The NYPD stopped Ja’s Maybach on West End Avenue and 78th Street and searched the car after smelling marijuana. The rapper and his two companions, Mohamed Gamal and Dennis Cherry, were taken into custody after the officers uncovered a .40 caliber handgun. Weezy was also arrested on similar charges about an hour later. Ja later put up his Saddle River, NJ mansion as collateral for their combined bail of $320,000. The rapper’s attorney, Stacey Richman, told the court that the defense will now come up with separate bail packages for the other two men. Scherer is expected to rule next month on the prosecutor’s request for DNA samples from the defendants. Although nobody in the car claimed the handgun, police reportedly found DNA evidence on the weapon.

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  • OJ

    Heh, all dem wan put at least one of dem behind bars


    Ja’s just looking out for his boys. Fuck the DA & the judge. If I got caught….I’d expect for my homies to post bail….and put their mama house.

  • Kiss

    Propz to RULE for looking out for his hommies.

  • ryda

    true if ja wants to oay them they should let him pay so they can move on , i guess the da and the judge wants to tke down atleast one person which is fucked up

  • http://xxlmagazine.com BILLI COBLEY

    who is ja rule. he’s poo shank. he’s on soulja boys level. pants

  • Prevster

    That’s thorough puttin up your house for your fam.. crazy shit

    Ja ain’t my favorite artists but he dropped some gems.. + when it comes to pop I prefer the Inc-hightimes over any ridiculous posterchild-thugs or total ignoramusses. Ja can spit hard, he just choose not to whn his life got comfortable..

  • Krime

    This cat is puttin up houses for bail money 7 shit.. lol

  • richmoncali

    Nigga must be broke he putting up houses where the cash at Ja lol them niggas been in the game years and is broke


      you must be stupid…that’s what people do, they’re coming back to court, so it doesn’t matter! In this situation, you’d prefer to put up non-liquid assets as opposed to liquid (cash). By posting a cash bond, you loose money due to opportunity costs. His house is still appreciating while they hold the lein.

      Be 4 real people, if you have never done a crime, or posted a bond, you have no opinion on this subject!

  • kk twins

    if we were talking about someone like Donald Trump the judge would never make a comment about where the bail money is coming from. Is that legal anyway?

  • Daphine

    How do you tell somebody they can’t post bail for someone?

    • 100 percent

      exactly. Same ole bullshit….im sure jah and his friends are furious. that judge is getting away with abuse of power. The judge should know people’s LIVES are way to important, to fcuk over with his prejudices, but he doesn’t.

  • Richard

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  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    Ja is just holding his men down man. This is just political crap, trying to jack on more rappers.

  • GayNigga loves Asses

    They need to leave ja sexy ass alone

  • Mac Sleepy

    And ya’ll Thought Ja Rule Was A Wanksta, Cuz 50 Said It…. That Ni66a Gangsta 4 Dat Shyt…


  • Rednose pit bull

    Ja is a weak bitch,but I do think its bullshit to say he cant post bond for his boys…I dont feel bad for any of these rappers who get caught with guns.they are rich,they can afford armed security,its not like being on the streets were u need to be strapped and watch out for urself,and its not like hes out on the streets anyway,he up in rich spots,so there is no excuse,I see why niggas like us need to carry them on the streets,but thats not his life anymore(and hes a bitch)

  • http: fuego

    Hip Hop police have nothing better to do than be cowards and follow these rappers. I mean they pulled him over in his “Maybach”! How the f do you pull over a “Mayback” when you don’t even drive the sh#$. You have a damn driver. I’m pretty sure the air filtering in that car is adequate enough that the weed smeill is not coming out the car. I mean common! Get a life NYPD! How about catching a murderer or a thief! We know ya make no loot but hot damn stop the hate!

  • dthag

    How the hell can a guy like ja rule who has sold millons of records have to put up his mansion up to put up 320,000 dollars to get out of jail. These rappers aint gettin that money.

  • http://www.theclassiks.blogspot.com H. IMPERIAL


  • The Unit

    Fuck this pussy ass faggot. ja rule a real faggot 4real. if i saw this bitch on the street id call this motherfucker out. 50 murdered this piece of shit. i jus posted a comment here to make fun of his homo ass fans ridin this pussys dick. amatter a fact u fuck boys wuld have alot of fun considering ja had sex wit a man. i think hed actually enjoy prison bein sum1s bitch! fuck murder inc. fuck terror squad


  • the truth

    I didn’t think he even had friends. Chances are these “friends” are probably using him.

  • Fatz

    I must say 2 u dumb fucks there is no fucking way that Ja is broke,he used his brain & said fuck that house if worse comes 2 worse he got his MONEY…FUCK NIGGAZ.

  • http://hotmail.com opa-locka305

    dis shit with ja and 50 is dead you fuck ass nobodys, get a fuckin “LIFE”…

  • http://XXXMAG.COM opa-locka 305


  • niggafrommemphis

    Yall wrong fuckin with ja like that.you niggas talkin that shit can’t be grown and if you are,my kids got more since than you.If you get a thrill watchin the government fuck with one of us like that,your a traitor and a ho.

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