Eminem to Release New Book, The Way I Am

Eminem and publishing house Orion Books are set to release a new book featuring never before seen photos, journal notes, hand drawn illustrations and lyrics from the rapper. Em will also be penning the book’s introduction and contributing his own narrative throughout. According to NME.com, the book will be called The Way I Am and is set for a October 16 release. “Because of where he is from, people think they know where he is at, what kind of person he really is,” said Orion’s Ian Pierce. “This book cuts through all that and gets to the source. It has an edge. It’ll be one of the books of the year.” Several unauthorized books have already been published about the controversial MC, but this project will be the first to have Em’s blessing.

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  • ill G

    sure… put a book out fuck it. I dont kno what he gonna talk about that they havent already talked about on E! entertainment network true hollywood story lol

  • shady

    this is another public service announcement……eminem is the best rapper alive

  • M

    Book has been out for years now. Or atleast a book with the exact same name, and it was official too ..

  • that nigga

    Who really cares? Just kick a rhyme and shut the fuck up. Rappers kill me with this “Im writin’a book” shit and most ain’t stay In school long enough to pass the 8th fuckin grade. Even though they aren’t the one’s writin’It, still It sounds ridiculous.

  • jay stone

    i cant wait to read this book, em is the G.O.A.T u can’t front, plus i would love to fuck kim sexy white chocolate!!

  • http://myspace.com/sbwanddonp Chris Newberry

    I guess Superhed writing a book is better, huh?
    “I sucked a million dicks and am still feenin for more!”
    Karen Stephans

  • jg420

    What he couldnt come up with any new material? Who would want to read a book about some washed up rapper who passed his prime 5 years ago. He may have sold some back when anyone gave a shit about Eminem, but now nobody is checking for him. How can this dude say that it will be one of the years bestsellers? Eminem has fallen off faster than anyone

  • Lil Dan




    If Eminem dropped today…he’d go platinum without a doubt.

    Rappers who fall off don’t ever go platinum again. Mike Jones is a perfect example of a rapper who fell off.

  • Neven

    shake that still plays in the club. EM change with the game and stilled stayed on top the re up went platinum and obie’s album was on top just nobody listen. Even Russle sells books

  • 517guy

    As a fan of Em (pre-CurtainCall) I’ll say that I welcome any new shit by MNM sans 50 cent. In my eyes they both fell off after GRODT. Grittiness went commercial pop. So Em make another real record, please. If not I dont want to know nothing about it.

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me if you like what you hear thanks




    i’ll read it.

  • jg420

    Its not hating if it is true. When was the last time you heard shit about him that wasnt related to his health (steroids)? That Re-up garbage was not a full fledged Eminem album either, it was a compilation. By Eminem standards if that went platinum, then he fell off considering he would go 5 times platinum. After his gimmick of clowning people wore off then everyone moved on

    • jburg

      What the fuck are you smoking? Nobody is selling records in this day. And a compilation going plat with him being on only half the songs is pretty fucking good. Especially considering there was little to no promotion. And what you mean nobody is checking for him? Everyone is anticipating his next joint. And I beat if it dropped tomorrow it would go plat in a week. Stop listening to you Soulja Boy cd homo!!!

  • soy-yo

    totally co-sign jburg

  • jg420

    And I beat if it dropped tomorrow it would go plat in a week.
    Obviously we have a Eminem stan here. How the fuck would Eminem go platinum if he dropped. If what you say about nobody selling albums nowdaysis true, then he wouldnt go platinum in a week. His last piece of garbage, Encore, which came out in 2004 when people were buying albums it only did 711,000 the first week and the re-up only sold 309,00 the first week. Shit his protoge 50 cent didnt even go platinum in the first week, and he had a big ass promo campaign with Kanye. Not to mention that people still look for 50, I dont know why but they do. Also what the fuck is Soulja Boy cd homo?

  • What’s up

    The new book sounds interesting considering The other books wasn’t cosighned by him and he can address some of the rumors. still he aint washed up yet but he is very close. he’s stil in a industry of hardcore full of hard core gansters and hes white. people might raise a eyebr if he droped a album but its been 4 years since his last album and hes already made his money.

  • Mr.Wang

    i heard this nigga goin into da WWE

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  • ODDO


  • ODDO



    Ok, fuck all you eminem haters, hes the shit and always will be. I would love for you faggots to say hes washed up to his face. Who are you to even say that? What have you done thats better then what hes done with rap? Hey jg420, fuck you, fallen off? wtf?? Eminem will never fall off, ever. You need to get a fuckin life with all your numbers bout albums sold and shit, ever even listened to one of his songs? prolly not you fuckin stat junky. Get a life and stop hatin on those who got one.

  • marshall mathers

    fuck you motherfucking hatersssssssss! eminems the best & is more successful than you will ever be so stop being so jealous. k thanks