Tony Yayo’s attorney, Scott Leemon, announced today (February 14) that all criminal charges against the rapper had been dropped by prosecutors in New York. The charges were brought against Yayo after the 14 year-old son of G-Unit rival Jimmy Henchmen claimed that the rapper slapped him on a Manhattan street. According to Leemon, his client plead guilty to a non-criminal violation, which the attorney likened to a “glorified traffic ticket,” after the DA’s office declined to pursue actual criminal charges. The case turned in Yayo’s favor after it was revealed last month that his co-defendant Lowell Fletcher had admitted to striking the boy several months ago, but authorities failed to inform prosecutors of the statement. “As I told you from the beginning, Tony Yayo did not hit anyone and would never do anything to harm a child” Leemon said in a statement announcing the outcome. “This fact was confirmed by Mr. Fletcher when he told members of the notorious Hip-Hop police in August that he did this on his own. The Hip-Hop police buried this helpful information and the charges against Tony Yayo proceeded until today. Without a doubt, today’s proceedings have validated Mr. Bernard’s claim that he was falsely accused.”