Criminal Charges Against Tony Yayo Dropped, Rapper Hit With Violation

Tony Yayo’s attorney, Scott Leemon, announced today (February 14) that all criminal charges against the rapper had been dropped by prosecutors in New York. The charges were brought against Yayo after the 14 year-old son of G-Unit rival Jimmy Henchmen claimed that the rapper slapped him on a Manhattan street. According to Leemon, his client plead guilty to a non-criminal violation, which the attorney likened to a “glorified traffic ticket,” after the DA’s office declined to pursue actual criminal charges. The case turned in Yayo’s favor after it was revealed last month that his co-defendant Lowell Fletcher had admitted to striking the boy several months ago, but authorities failed to inform prosecutors of the statement. “As I told you from the beginning, Tony Yayo did not hit anyone and would never do anything to harm a child” Leemon said in a statement announcing the outcome. “This fact was confirmed by Mr. Fletcher when he told members of the notorious Hip-Hop police in August that he did this on his own. The Hip-Hop police buried this helpful information and the charges against Tony Yayo proceeded until today. Without a doubt, today’s proceedings have validated Mr. Bernard’s claim that he was falsely accused.”

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  • pimp p

    thats a good look ya

  • Brasco

    1st. Yayo…didn’t matter if you did hi the fool, (allthough you didnt) his big mouth would have deserved to get smacked the fuck up. He is 14 I hear y’all cry!! And? I got bitch slapped at that age when I was on some crazy shit. Passage of rights niggaz!!!

  • Brasco

    OK second. And it was hit. Niggaz!!

  • b-ease

    50 wins again!!!!

  • bizzle

    What non criminal violation did he pled guilty to if he didnt do anything period?

  • Yerp

    G-Unit be having some great ass lawyers and ppl running wit them. Another nigga took a charge for Yay. Thats some shit right there. FREE LODI MACK!!!

  • cjohnson

    now where all the haters saying how he such a bitch and fuck gunit… well fuck yall get a life and stop watching everyone else live life.. peace love and death to george bush.. one

  • K-rod

    Go Tony, it’s ya birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s ya birthday!

    • McLovin


  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me if you like what you hear thanks

  • REEF

    i wonder who got paid and how much….




  • Tameka

    Haters they are everywhere

  • og bobby j

    some of these young cats out here need to take notes….fall guy people…fall guy.

    • McLovin

      step yo hate game up.. smh

  • Tito Santana

    Da Backwudz(U gonna luv me)and (I dont like the look of it) are now Labratz. They’ve departed Dallas Austin’s label Rowdy Records to start there own(Royal Family Music) along with producer Sol Messiah(chamillionaire sound of revenge),(David Banner),(Goodie Mobb),(Dead Prez),(Nappy Roots).. Check da new video called (Creation) on YOUTUBE or they just released an album Independenly Via the internet called (Atlantis Rising) available on,,, ect..
    To all up and coming artist much success and dont be afraid to put that extra grind in and go Independent!! It’s a new era… Everything resides on the Internet even Hiphop! Dont sleep on The Move ment!!Wake up…\thelabratzmusic

  • Fireforreal

    Wow it’s funny what money can do for you.You can assualt children and if you have the money to fight the case you can walk.50 cent must be that nigga’s dad or something because Yayo talks soooooooooo much shit and continues to get away with it.But for how long ?

  • whats really good?

    isnt jimmy henchman an o.g?step you game up jimmy cause those t-shirts and fliers were gay as fuck-BAN 50 CENT AND TONY YAYO AND SAVE OUR KIDS-what part of the game is that?

  • niggafrommemphis

    I ain’t mad he got the paper to get off.Old ass dude still a ho tho,need to act his age before he get pimp slapped actin like one of these stupid young ass niggas.

  • niggafrommemphis

    I ain’t mad he got the paper to get off.Old ass dude still a ho tho,need to act his age before he get pimp slapped actin like one of these stupid young ass niggas.

    • Trickdd

      Are you retarded bitch?? 50 cent is older then yayo hoe! Fuck outta here fake southside nigga!

  • EReal

    You haters kill me.

    “He had the paper to get off”
    “fall guy”

    The fuckin kid I.D.d the dude that actually smacked him in a line up, and Yayo was the one that after the dude smacked the kid Yayo grabbed the dude like WTF are you doin. Its on SOHH and AHH in more detail.

    So fuck all you haters, how about “he didnt do it” period.


    Quick to hate, slow to congradulate.

    • Trickdd

      @ EFake
      Cause you where their huh? fuckin morron. get a life and quit making shit up homo! Yayo would slap you like you where 14 just to get you to quit making shit up. He slaped that kid and paid over 250,000 in lawyer fees. He did it and got away, now quit saying shit you know is a lie! He didnt pay you why the fuck are you trying to testify for him. Get a life Loser!

      • EReal

        @Does Tricks For Dick
        Im saying, in the court of law it was proved this dude didnt slap anyone. It was actually proved in the court of law Yayo stopped the dude, and the KID HIMSELF PICKED THE OTHER GUY OUT OF A LINEUP. You fucking simpleton.

        Were you there? did you see the shit? NOPE. Yet, you’re gonna say “he did it” “he got away with it” when you dont know shit for sure. Which means you’re just a fuckin hater, which is why you took offense in the first place, you homotinal bitch.

        Next time you start an argument, you may wanna think about not contridicting yourself throughout it. But then again, you stay gettin sonned on xxl so whatev.

        Either Way, fuck you and have a nice day.

        • Trickdd

          go home with that homo ass shit. You know like i know what happened.

  • dont matter

    haha, so what? He sucks anyway and this bitch ass wont ever sell plat.

  • niggafrommemphis

    Ain’t nobody on g-unit but 50 when you look at it.G unit might as well be distibuted on Koch records,atleast they would get more money.

  • http://dell E! False Englewood Story

    Damn…I hate this nigga with passion..He’s a super tough guy for no reason..He’ll slip again…