Alleged Diddy Assault Victim Says Mogul is “Engulfed in Fantasy”

An attorney representing a man who claims to have been punched by Sean “Diddy” Combs at a post-Oscars party last year has responded to a declaration outlining the mogul’s version of the events. On February 15, Diddy’s legal team submitted a statement from Combs claiming that the alleged victim, Gerard Rechnitzer, lunged at the Bad Boy founder and that “any contact between Mr. Rechnitzer and myself was caused by his forward motion against my stationary open hand.” According to the Los Angeles Independent, the man’s attorney filed a response to the declaration on February 20. “People do not bounce off hands with their face/body, they get punched,’’ Rechnitzer’s attorney Michael Marzban countered in his response. “The defense is engulfed in fantasy and not reality.’’ Marzban also wants statements made by Diddy concerning Mr. Rechnitzer’s medical condition to be disregarded and has asked that the mogul’s financial records be made available. Diddy has reportedly filed a cross-complaint denying any responsibility for the plaintiff’s injuries and placing the blame on a number of as-yet unnamed defendants.

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  • True Hiphop

    Puff’s always knockin somebody out. First it’s champayne bottles, now it’s slap boxing at the Oscars. What’s next WWE, the saga continues……….

  • pimp p

    dud got knocked the fuck out what rat that dude is

  • droopey

    diddy pay the damn money and let me be over.


  • EReal

    Puffy will smack fire out ya ass!!!

    Word to Steve Stoute!

  • Stu

    Diddy has got away with far worse. Respect to Shyne.

    Money answers a lot of problems.

  • MiRKED

    yo diddy is a fool for saying that shit thin niggas should sue & then beat diddy ass!!!

    • 4real

      Not only beat his ass.
      Break his foot off in his ass.
      Then sue him, for breaking his foot by backing into with his ass, lol.
      Punk ass “BITCH”.

  • Teflon Mike

    Tellin you….he will break bread…then we won’t hear about it again…

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check out So Cocky Vol.1 tracks and add me if you like what you hear thanks.

  • maniac

    puff ‘s a coward ……ask shyne ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Jack

    that guys face just ran into diddy fist hahahh i hate when that happens.




    Lets keep it real I have a luv hate relationship with this nigga the luv is that he does make good music think i am lying biggie,craigmack,faith,112,mase,lox,blackrob,gdep,he even made loon a fuckin star he encouraged the youth to vote ran a marathon for charity among other for his image-now the hate eveybody knows he is caked up but why is he caked up sure sean john is a lot of it but its also the fact that every artist i just named diddy has screwed in one way or another except biggie and he probaly got his ass to is it me or does everytime anything happens or the heat is on his ass he has this look on his face like ‘WHO ME’ POINT BLANK PUFFY GETS AWAY WITH A LOT OF SHIT CUZ HE IS CAKED UP so more power to him but diddy can literally go any where he wants and get a woman and not just normal women but when you go as far as to hoola at a normal guy girl and then smack him cuz he is wondering whats up thaen that aint nuthin but a bully and what do bullys do they look and search for the weak at least most do cuz everybody knows diddy walks with much security cuz i seriously doubt he left a club BY HIMSELF and some shit just popped off you know its real easy to slap people around when you are 6to8deep but would he have done it by himself i doubt it cuz he wil probaly get dat ass beat(and he knows this) point blank you reap what you sow and karma is a bitch i notice in this season of making the band you have a word you you refer to as bitchassness and its a disease thats spreading if thats the case you got that disease worse than outbreak monkey PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH.


  • Bigg Damage

    What is there to say about Diddy. I mean we all know he’s responsible for Biggie’s death(don’t hate yet, just my opinion, no fact). Just look, Both opponents in Pac v.s Biggie beef end up dead, and out of it all, Diddy’s the only one who comes out rich as hell. Just suspicious.