During a recent interview with DJ Kay Slay on his Streetsweeper Radio show on Shade45, 50 Cent shot down recent rumors of a rift between himself and rapper Young Buck. When the new G-Unit mixtape—Return of the Bodysnatchers—hit the internet earlier this week, Buck’s absence on all but one track fueled speculation that the Nashville MC was leaving the label. But according to 50, that is not the case. While discussing the mixtape, Curtis explained that himself, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks threw the mixtape together over the course of one weekend in New York while Buck was in Nashville. He said that the one track featuring Buck, “Make Me Feel Good,” was actually recorded some time ago, separate from the rest of the material that made the final track listing. The G-Unit boss also explained that Buck’s noticeable absence from the recent G-Unit tour was due to nothing more than a scheduling conflict. “During the actual international tour, Buck was scheduled to go on the Young Rich tour,” 50 explained. “That was the tour that Sha Money [former G-Unit president] was putting together for him and Rich Boy. And then, you know, I didn’t know that [the tour] didn’t actually materialize while I was overseas, but that’s why they didn’t see Buck overseas with us.” He went on to note, that while he understands how people might view the situation a certain way, things were not always how they appeared.