Virgin/EMI to Release The Best of Guru’s Jazzmatazz

On February 12, Virgin/EMI will release The Best of Guru’s Jazzmatazz, an 18-track compilation of the best songs from the first three volumes of the rapper’s acclaimed series of Jazz infused hip-hop. Guru, one half of the duo Gangstarr along with legendary producer DJ Premier, launched the Jazzmatazz series in 1993 as a separate solo project. Building on the jazz influenced sound that Preemo was already becoming famous for, the monotone voiced MC teamed up with various Jazz and R&B artists for the groundbreaking endeavor. The Best of Guru’s Jazzmatazz will feature 15 original tracks from volumes 1-3, plus three rare bonus tracks. Featured artists include Donald Byrd, Branford Marsalis, N’Dea Davenport and Chaka Khan among others.

Tracklist for The Best of Guru’s Jazzmatazz

1. “No Time To Play” (with D.C. Lee and Ronnie Jordan)
2. “Trust Me” (with N’Dea Davenport)
3. “Slicker Than Most” (with Gary Barnacle)
4. “Down The Backstreets” (with Lonnie Liston Smith)
5. “Sights In The City” (with Courtney Pine and Carleen Anderson)
6. “Loungin’” (with Donald Byrd)
7. “Respect The Architect” (with Ramsey Lewis and Bahamadia)
8. “Watch What You Say” (with Chaka Khan and Branford Marsalis)
9. “Lost Souls” (with Jamiroquai)
10. “Choice Of Weapons” (with D.C. Lee, Gus da Vigilante and Courtney Pine)
11. “Looking Through The Darkness” (with Mica Paris)
12. “Keep Your Worries” (with Angie Stone)
13. “Supa Love” (with Kelis)
14. “Lift Your Fist” (with The Roots)
15. “Plenty” (with Erykah Badu)
16. “Choices” (with N’dea Davenport & Bobbi Humphrey) — from the Once In
The Life
17. “Loungin’” (Jazz Not Jazz Mix) — remix by Smash
18. “Respect The Architect” (Buckwild Remix) — remix by Buckwild

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  • unomysteeze

    jazzmatazz 1 is classic
    2′s cool
    3 is ?
    4 is ??
    no need for that
    i got em all any way brah
    Gang Starr 4 Life

  • RZ

    Im a big fan of gang starr so im going to have to check out this cd, never really paid any attention to Guru after gangstarr broke up.

  • GJ

    Thats a good look. Check out this interview with Guru:

  • GJ

    That’s a good look for Guru. Check out an interview with the god:

  • GJ

    That’s a good look. Check out this Guru interview.

  • j

    guru is very underrated, but his voice is very boring at times

  • beatz23

    these albums are sick
    Guru = underrated legend

  • Neven

    the guru jazz albums are like biggie albums why make a greatist hits when each cd is a classic they should be wasting their time on another gangstarr album

  • GJ

    This is a good look for Guru.

  • I RUN THIS..

    2b honest wit u, i reali don giv a flyin shit bout GURU..I spent 2hrs wit him in 2006 in Johannesburg en al dis idiot waz sayin waz ” FUCK PREEMO, BITCH AZZ GAV AWAY MY NAME..IV NEVA HEARD OF YOUNG RAKIM OR YOUNG DMC, SO Y IZDEH YOUNG GURU..”…lmao..imagine a fucken 50yr old bitchin..dat shit waz funy..den he went on bout how dead en borin Preemo’s production iz en how hez produca, 4got hiz name..izda waz a strait up camera moment..

    • PowerMoves

      To the guy named I run this…..I just gotta ask, does it not take more effort to write and spells words incorrectly like that?


    Yo “I Run This”, If ur story iz true I feel the same way too!How the f*&k can Guru say
    PREEMO’s production is boring when Solaar’s
    beats sound like washed downed replicas of
    my man Preemo.Im still down with Gangstarr though,but damn Guru!

  • jg420

    Man I didnt even know about jazzmatazz. I love jazz music, especially when it is fused with other styles. Im sure that its the shit, so I will be going to Barnes&Nobles to get all of the cd’s in the series. Thanks for puting me on notice

  • latino heat

    u didn’t know about jazzmatazz? how old are u?i don’t think barnes & nobles has cd’s that old in stock by the way. you’d have better luck at a used record store.

  • latino heat

    also, i hope that dude is lying about that guru story. i was hoping for a reunion one day. that last album they did was horibbly slept on. as was most of there shit by the main stream. please get it together ya’ll.

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