Detroit native Trick Trick is preparing for the release of his upcoming sophomore solo LP, The Villain, which features a special guest appearance by his friend and Eminem. Trick recently sat down with MTV News to discuss the project and dispel rumors that Em’s weight had ballooned to over 250 pounds. The rapper assures readers that, while Marshall has put on a few pounds, he’s still in good shape both physically and lyrically. Em contributed a verse to a song called “Who Want It,” on which the two MC’s encourage other rappers to step up if they’re looking for trouble. “He’s still the coldest that ever did it,” Trick said of Em. “The game needs his album. He's rapping on “Who Want It.” He's like, ‘Who want it?’ [In the song] he’s hanging out and these fucking idiots are always at it. If you want it, come get it. He ain’t trying to do nothing but be Em. I’m being me. If you want it, I got ya. He’s Em on there. He’s going for it. Whoever wants some can come get it. Em produced and rapped on it.” Trick also managed to snag legendary producer Dr. Dre for a track called “Hold On” which also appears on The Villain. “You can't just rap on a Dr. Dre track, you have to come with it,” he explained to MTV News about the song. “It has a message, but it's a street message.” Another notable song is “Together Forever,” which includes what Trick claims is the final verse recorded by slain D12 member Proof. The Villain is the follow up to Trick's 2005 debut The People Vs.