Swizz Beatz Working on Ruff Ryders Reunion Album

Swizz Beatz recently confirmed that he is in fact working on a Ruff Ryders reunion album that has been rumored to be in the works for the past couple of months. Speaking to MTV News, Swizzy explained his vision for the project. “I’m in my zone,” he explained to MTV. “I’m bringing the Ruff Ryders back real major in ‘08. It’s gonna be a lot of Ruff Ryders shit in ‘08. Not taking away from D-Block, not taking away from Bloodline. It’s stamping the brand that started all this shit.” The super-producer says he wants the album will have 10 tracks and he revealed that he has already reached out to DJ Premier, Dr. Dre and Dame Grease for beats. Most of the original Ruff Ryders crew are expected to appear, including The Lox, Drag-On and DMX, who Swizz says has already contributed five verses. The Full Surface CEO is also working with X on his upcoming Gospel themed double LP, Walk With Me Now, Fly With Me Later. The first disc, Walk With Me, will be comprised of typical X fare, while the second, Fly With Me Later, will feature the Yonkers MC’s unique brand of spiritual rap. “I’m helping him out with it,” Swizz told MTV. “ just hooked him up with Pharrell for the gospel joint.”

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  • G

    Should be da shit….DMX soundin big but I dont know about X

  • yeah b

    thats wuts up hope x rejuvenated

  • GMAN

    if its old school shit like lox eve drag on and not just dmx ill cop

    • Tiffany

      you shut the fuck up bitch

  • ILL D.C.

    Rather see ruff ryders than g-unit this year!

  • ILL D.C.

    Rather see ruff ryders than g-unit this year!

  • Casey

    RUFF RYDERS IS BAC!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/larrybrite Larry Brite

    10 Tracks???

    That’s one of the reasons people don’t buy cd’s!!!! Why am i gonna drive to a store to by a cd for like $15 bucks – When i don’t even know i’ll like even half of it?

    Even The Swiss Album was too damn short, AND HE IS A PRODUCER!

    If Wu can’t crack 100K first week with all the publicity it got, I don’t think RR will fair any better with a 10 track album

    10 Tracks is an Ep with skits: Not the come back album for a big ass click! (not ment 2 ryme)

    • Kev Lomax

      It’s cause all record labels only cover recording costs for 10-12 tracks. Any tracks over that has to be covered by the artist.

  • fireforreal

    It sounds goo,but alot of things sound good.I want them to take it back to that 98,99,2000 shit.The lox have always held it down since they entered the game but Eve and Dmx ? not so much and is Eve just not joining the project because she’s pissed aftermath wouldn’t release that wack ass album.I know she’s trying to expand but come on,all those joints are way too pop sounding like fergie or gwen steffani.But I pray for X because he is good but he needs to be great again.

    • Mase

      I think Sony just totally messed up his last album. half the songs on it were great, the other half was not that good. But honestly…that makes it about the same as everyone else’s stuff. So X’s absolutely worst album is like other people’s average.

      Can’t wait till he drop the new album, and of course for the new RR stuff too.

  • http://kellsfetish.com Lo-Doe

    Swizz is a horrible producer now. Im glad there will be other producers working on the album bc he don’t have it like he used to. The best production I think Swizz has ever done Is “Dog Match” by Eve (her first album Ruff Ryders First Lady) & DMX. He started fallin off around 2002. Damn it’s been 6 years??? If he “could” go back to them old chinese beats he’ll be official again.

  • niggafrommemphis

    Good luck when it comes to DMX,Swiss.Put a leash around that crazy nigga.Don’t let him smoke his pipe till he lay his tracks down first.

  • King B

    Word this is what the fuck I’m talkin about now my niggas are back I can’t wait for the album

  • RIchard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me if you like what you hear thanks



  • TRUest

    Great news, that’s all I got to say. Double R!!!

  • infamous styles

    Lo-Doe I agree with you for the most part. Swiss’s Beats have fell off. But you cant deny that Blow My Mind Joint. That shit is crazy…..

  • cassidy

    he should have replaced me with dmx, ya dig. my new album is in stores now go cop that shit!!! Its better than Jay-Z’s Album

  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    If all of RR get on the album and spit the raw lyrics, it will be dope.
    Doubt it will be though.

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  • http://xxlmag.com THE NOTORIOUS C.O.R.E.Y




  • yourFATazzMAMA

    And i heard Camp-Lo is havin an reunion too.

  • Mr.Wang

    thats great cause ruff ryders da shit

  • blakoes

    thats cool right there keep it gangsta swizzy

  • Ali

    chea thats cool….any new Jada material i’m all for it

  • Ali

    chea thats cool….any new Jada material i’m all for it

  • Rodjilius

    yea this sounds hot ive like every ruff ryders album but i think the 4th one wasnt all dat good so i hope since its a comeback album it’ll be alot hotter than the others

  • 11Kap

    That should be nice. Swizz always made good songs, so I don’t see why he should stop now. He is one of the few real artists left.

  • latino heat

    how many albums do u know that even have 10 good songs? i’m glad artists have finally cut back on the length of albums. they are called “filler cuts” for a reason. they are there to “fill” the album so it looks like your getting a lot for your money. but theres only maybe 5 to 7 good songs per album. so it’s good to save the labels money and the listeners time. and when was the last time u paid $15 for a album? go to target or best buy the day it drops. only $9.99, u cheap muthafuckas. as for RR, lox haven’t dropped in years, X is caracked out, drag-on has always sucked. good luck swizz.


    i hope it’s like the good old days when they was running things.
    1998-2002 ruff ryders was killing it.
    i don’t know what happened but this is a good look because i was missing that.

    latino heat to answer your question,
    dmx’s first and second album was fiya.

  • yonkers

    ruff ryders is and always will be a beast time bring yonkers back on the map