Soul Veteran Syl Johnson Sues Tupac, N.W.A, KRS-One Over Sample

Veteran Soul and Blues artist Syl Johnson has filed suit against a number of rap and popular music artists for infringement of copyright for the unauthorized use of samples from his song “Different Strokes.” Johnson’s suit, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the the Northern Ditrict of Illinois, names as defendants the estate of Tupac Shakur, KRS-One, N.W.A and various record labels and artists. Johnson owns the copyright to the 1967 track and renewed it back in 1996. According to the suit, the artists named have illegally infringed on Johnson’s copyright since 1991 by using unauthorized portions of “Different Strokes.” ‘Pac’s 1993 track “Peep Game” and KRS’s classic “Criminal Minded” are amongst the tracks listed as sampling Johnson’s song in the suit. The veteran musician is seeking an injunction against further unauthorized use of the recording, and has also requested a full accounting of all “gains, profits, and advantages derived by the defendants” as a result of the infringed work. Also named in the suit are Rocafella Records artists Peedi Crakk and Young Chris, Will Smith and pop legend Michael Jackson. Johnson is the father of R&B singer Syleena Johnson who collaborated with Kanye West on his 2004 hit song “All Falls Down.”

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  • Tragic is coming



    Damn that cracker is crazy

    • Phantom

      He is black dumbass.

  • Tragic is coming

    Who? Yeah, now that they made ur shit popular u gonna sue them? Guess that SSI check aint cutting it and the bitch daughter sucks just as bad so she gotta get paid somehow. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree….

  • adrian smith

    life a bitch who getting sue next look at he list if he wins millions paid out

  • Nick

    It’s just music! WTH is it doing to hurt him! It’s only putting him out more with them using his sample. STOP CRYING and make your own money instead of taking it from others.

    I have no clue who this guy is but this is just ridiculous, I hope he doesn’t get anything from it.

    • wood grain grippa

      dude you words stink. making music back in the 60′s wasnt a walk in the park like it is today.

      i support johnson all the way.

  • RZ

    Sad to see that even in death Tupac cant escape all the law suits.

  • Good day


  • cleveland

    i no dr.dre sampled dat song alot durin tha N.W.A dayz

  • Tha Ace

    my only question is…….why the fuck he wait so long?

  • fireforreal

    Somebody’s broke,because why the fuck would this nigga be trying to take action now.pac and N.W.A how old are those records ? and peedi will never drop an album so it’s not like he’s gettin paid off anything.All these old cats should stop with these all of a sudden law suit’s in an attempt to get some paper.ff

  • The Sick One

    I think its the worst thing to do when u sue sum1 that aint here no more…and a whole while after its happened too…they been livin fine but now they wanna take time 2 dumb I guess

  • beatz23

    How the fuck are you going to sue a dead guy?

  • Mr.Wang

    Well if this blows up his daughter can kiss her career goodbye cause then everyone will think her father’s a dick.

    ….okay maybe not but the this law suit is retarted.



    I don’t understand Syl Johnson & people like him.You made the original recording decades ago and got raped by your record company.Year’s pass & geniuses like KRS-ONE with Scott LaRock created something new sampling from your work.If these washed up ex-junkie’s had sense they would capitalze off of all the exposure they get by a Tupac or Will Smith sampling their stuff.They could do show’s like that Isreali chick Miri Ben Ari & perform the original piece along with the rap song’s connected with it.
    STETSASONIC and Pete Rock & CL Smooth said it best back in the day.”Talking all that jazz” & they need to “Straighten it out”!!
    I respect copyright’s & all but you only get the credit where the credit is due!!!!!

  • DirtDogggy

    This is just the start G’s, I bet 2008 is the year of old washed out fucks suing everyone who sampled anything. Most of these dudes didn’t know when it was happening because they didn’t listen to rap 5, 10, 15 years ago or understand how beats were made, now rap is popular and old cats are searching for needles in a hay stack to get payed and it will continue to be the fad this year….watch.

    Fuck the law, fuck lawyers and fuck the system. you can’t even take a shit without a permit, I bet most people break laws every day and don’t even know they are because there so Manny to keep track of. That’s what the US likes to call freedom I guess.

  • JR

    how’s he sueing pac?

  • Lucky

    Soul Veteran Syl Johnson. he should be honnored that great rappers decided to simple this shitty music. this dude is down thats why he came out with this he needs money. why didnt he say nothing when tupac was alive. one word. he was scared and now that tupac has passed away he wants money. what a fucker
    fuck that lil fag

    thug for life

    • Ron

      Man you Thug 4 Life r.i.p 2Pac fuck’s sound stupid ok so if it’s wrong takin pac’s shit and makin money off his shit not knowin what he would want then it’s not wrong to do it to sly stone.smh at that cunt lucky sayin it’s simple.

      • Lucky

        fuck off dude. u dont know shit. just leave it alone. tupac is the best and if u dont like that u can suck a dick.

        just leave it alone dont reply any thing son cuz when u do u just make ur self look like an

        Ron the

  • CapoStatuzz

    Im sorry but damn let Tupac rest in peice the mans dead and u cant let his sole rest u gotta sue the man. WTF. Poor ass bitch gotta take all this time to say or do something money grubbin bitch. Sly Johnson will be hated on the rest of his life. Tryna sue all the forefathers of gangsta rap espicialy Pac what a dumbass.

  • Mr. Fly

    Hey all you motherfuckers talking negative are stupid as fuck. I guess if yall were in his position and somebody sampled your music without your permission you would just let it slide and let the motherfuckers just make money off your record you created( DUMB FUCKS EAT SHIT AND DIE) 2ND the man is like 75 or something i don’t think he was just a rap fan like that but anyway he has found out somebody sampled his shit and damn right he bout to sue the shit outta everybody dat sampled his shit. Maybe these weak ass producers will start creating original material instead of relying on sampling these soul veterans records and not getting them cleared.

  • Sly should get paid

    Man you Thug 4 Life r.i.p 2Pac fuck’s sound stupid ok so if it’s wrong takin pac’s shit and makin money off his shit not knowin what he would want then it’s not wrong to do it to sly stone.smh at that cunt lucky sayin it’s simple

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  • Anonymous

    jeah sue the asses hope suge will lose about 5 million this fat piece of shit!