RUMOR: Cam & Jim Reunite For Diplomatic Immunity 3?

Last night (January 9) on Kay Slay’s Shade 45 show Streetsweepers Radio, Diplomats Records President Freekey Zekey claimed that the original Dipset lineup, including Cam’ron, is currently working on a third installment of their Diplomatic Immunity series called The Forefathers. “Diplomat Records is poppin’ right now,” he told Kay Slay. “We gonna have Diplomat Immunity 3 a.k.a. The Forefathers coming out…Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana. Freeky. The forefathers.”

This news comes on the heels of well-publicized rumors about the rift between Cam’ron and Jim Jones. After months out of the spotlight, Cam returned to rap in November 2007 with the release of his Public Enemy #1 mixtape, but he has yet to announce an official album.

to listen to the full interview.

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  • b-ease

    Yeah fucking right.

    If it does drop (and I dont see that happening), it’ll just be outtakes from 2006 and before.

  • kem

    okay lets c how tis works out, but its go 4 NYC duo.

  • Ramz


    Juelz should get the fuck outta dipset and do his own thing.

    Jimmy n Cam suck.

  • moresickaMC

    Dipset is dead….and so is hip hop

  • B Mo Careful

    Can’t wait for this album

  • Lotto

    I’m lookin forward to this album, I think it’ll be good.

  • 513jubaby

    yes!!!!! My Dips!! The biggest fuckin fan ya digg!!! They Back!!! Will i be the first at the store? hell yeah….whew..i was startin to wonder there….i dont wnna just hear cam and jim on the album they need to be on the same songs acknowleding each other…but no matter wat happens diplomats for ever…

  • niggafrommemphis

    Don’t hate on me when I ask this,but how often do they records ever get released,especially Cam or Dipset?If it comes out thats cool,but you get tired of folks hyping up shit that don’t get released,it ain’t just up there,that shit use to happen down here and still does.

  • A

    How you gonna call yourself a forefather? Forefather of what? Definitely not hip hop!! Not one of these dudes have a classic. These dudes are corn. Opportunist, they need to get what they can why they still have access b/c these dudes have no longevity.

    • f-easy

      Cam came into the game with Big L and all that and he’s still being talked about thats longevity homie.

    • N.O. in my viens

      uhh…Diplomatic Immunity 1 the double disc is a classic…and its been bout ten years for these dudes which = longevity….

      i dont know what you talkin bout

      • http://xxlmag j.b. da b.stuy reppa

        Classic my ass. lol

  • Danny

    Wow this will shut the game down…

    Probably the last Hip-Hop album I’ll ever buy…

    • INF

      then your not hip hop.

      • Lotto

        I wish yall niggaz will stop talkin bout some fuckin hip hop, this shit is simply fuckin rap. Not the same, big difference.

        • http://xxlmag randy

          they all suck cam has not went platinum since he had hov’s chain around his neck. Jimmy had one hit single. As far as juelz goes he has shown some progress. The rest are background players so this album dropping ain’t no event.

  • Caine

    No mention of 40, JR, Hell Rell? They slippin if my nigga Rell ain’t gone be on dat joint…

  • Sozzay

    Yo! When haven’t the Dips released an album? Those brothers drop albums all of the time. Sometimes with VERY LIMITED promotion. If they say it is going to drop. That ish is going to drop!

    301 Dips!

    Dipset/Byrdgang All Day every day!

  • whats CraCCin

    Dipshits gonna put out an album FuCC dipshits lol they all washed up. thats whats CraCCin Cuz.

  • Fireforreal

    Dipset has never been and never will be hot. Who cares if they bring out 3,4,5,6 to 100 diplomat group albums ? it’s one thing to be in the game and people still feel you after many years but if no one really feels these clowns any more who the fuck cares ? And we all know Cam ain’t been the same since 50 retired his bitch ass.

  • beatz23

    that public enemy mixtape was legit

  • Zeek ain’t nobody!

    Fuck DIPSET ! If my niggaz 40,JR,or Hell Rell aint on it! We dont wanna hear baaaallliiinn!! Or Aay! Or Killa minilla goo goo ga ga! N definetly not floppin wack as album that nigga eziekel “snitch” jiles is a clown!

  • Mpho

    Oh yes, the movement getting back on track, they shouldn’t have this MaxB nigga on there thou

  • GMAN

    if this is true. this would be hugh for new york dips r the biggest click n new york

  • QuEen k0n9

    Dip-dip-dip-DIPSET! First of all you niggaz is straight hatting. Dipset is HOT. Especially Rell and Juelz. The ones who deny are a bunch of swaggar jacking ass clowns. Ya digg!

  • Tha Ace

    who cares……..camron has fallen off and none of the others are worth listenin to anyway

    they better have alot of 40 cal, jr writer, and hell rell on it if they know what’s good for em!

  • Flymasta


  • dark vanilla

    who gives a shit, Jim and Cam r da worst artist on Dipset. As Tha Ace said, better have a lotta 40 Cal, JR, and Hell Rell.

  • efdee

    Killa Cam is a legend he been in the game for 10 years now and altogether Dipset has sold 10 million records (including official mixtapes) and fuck haters the free mixtape ‘Public Enemy #1′ was a billion times better than ‘Curtis’ the Pop album. Dipset cater street music so i understand if u internet gangstas aint feelin them fo’real for how long y’all been sayin Dips ova? lol

  • johnny

    public enemy #1 mixtape > curtis

  • stoneyisland

    If you REALLY wanna know why hip hop is dead and why N.Y has fell the fuck off, I have 4 major reasons….Cam/Jimmy/Freeky/Jewelz. If this is the best that NY can offer, it’s now wonder them down south nigga’s are eating you niggas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dip-set? more like Dip-shits.

  • fireforreal

    The only thing the diplomats have is popularity.Not talent.They started all these gay trends and call themselves gangstas ? I’m tired of there bullshit.Rappers like them who make you wanna just download for free becuase the fans are tired of buying garbage.

  • Phillyboi215

    Niggas iz funny lol if u dont like the dips or are not intrested why the fuck u come here to hate. The dips is the best group overall in the game right now the only group to compare them to at this time iz D-Block. Public enemy #1 Cam changed his flow def moved away from the nercery ryme bull shit. Juelz is hot has shit lyrics and flow and out rapped Wayne on The I cant feel my face shit and hes the best out at this point time. Jones has swag with his shit and delivers his shit differntly. Freeky wack. Hell Rell & 40 both talented hot as shit just need some better direction and if they just d commercial shit like most industry niggas have to the’ll be ight. J.R. nigga is fire but just needs to do his own thing and stop sounding like cam thats all. DIPSET ALL DAY lets see What this album does.

  • Mase

    Dip Set?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! That shipped has sailed homies, no one wants to hear the music from some inconsistent no talent having losers.