POLL: Who Should Def Jam’s New President Be?

Since Jay-Z stepped down from his role as president of Def Jam at the end of 2007, rumors have swirled as the media speculates on who will replace him in the top position. We decided to ask you about all of the high-profile possibilities to see which executive you felt would be best for the job. Surprisingly, 27% of you felt that Damon Dash, Jay-Z’s former partner at Roc-A-Fella, should now be given a shot over at Def Jam. Check out the full results below, and don’t forget to vote in all our polls on the homepage. DDMG, you bastards!

Who should Def Jam hire to replace Jay-Z as president?

1. Dame Dash 27%
2. 50 Cent 23%
3. Jermaine Dupri 16%
4. Diddy 13%
5. Irv Gotti 9%
6. Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond 7%
7. Chaka Zulu 6%

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  • will

    dame dash. would be nice

    • tha thinker

      if dame dash takes over could this mean the return of killa cam to def jam?????

  • murk

    dame only won because none of the candidates were good

    • BK Cyph


      i beg to differ. Ya’ll sleepin on Irv- he single-handedly ressurected def jam in the late 90′s by bringing them X, Jay and Ja.
      Irv is a great executive.

      • Murk

        Yeah but that was 10 years ago. I’ll agree with that statement once I see irv ressurect his own shit

        • Worley

          Co-sign. Let’s see what Gotti does with Murder Inc. Lloyd and Ja Rule ain’t getting it right now.

          It would be ill if Dame took over and blew up at Def Jam. I vote Dame.

  • blkpwr79

    Well dam, look at the other choices provided… no wonder Dame won. Dude hasn’t really been able to reboud since the Rocafella break up, what makes you think he can run Def Jam if he cant even run his own life. Wish i could provide another suggestion, but Dame replacing Jay-Z at Def Jam would NOT be a good look for Def Jam!!!

  • Fox


  • Swizzie

    I just voted Dash for the irony

    • Mike Patch Fortworth,TX

      Voted for Dame also. Made the most sense out of the choices given. Oh yeah, fuck first, 24th bitchez!

  • food4thought

    what about lil wayne?



  • http://myspace.com/loonyt706 Loony T

    Why not Soulja Boy. He’s outselling 90% of Def Jam’s artist.


    • Fred

      Man they should let Bow Wow and Omarion run that label.

      Dame???? 4real?

      50 #2? 4real? What happened to that one chick he signed to g unit? Huh huh huh….Exactly.

      Jermaine shouldn’t be able to get the job until he can get Janet back on track.

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  • http://myspace.com/blaksocietymusicgroup theblakone

    Why Not Let Queen Latifah run it and call it a day.

  • paychexx

    i would say damr cuz when the roc was on top, everybody ate. i mean even memphis bleek use to come out with records. also dame dont rap.

  • doughcaynoe

    dame good choice but method man deserve to be prez vote meth 4 prez

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  • illa

    Dame definatley…he’s already established a proven track record….Lyhor only got rid of him(Willie Lynched)because he knew he was competition…pretty much the same way jay did most of the def jam artist….

  • pepa

    i think dame would be good if he’s willing to give up pro-keds. he’s still eating without music but i think to have a person like dame who is just focused on the business aspect of it would be good. we wouldnt have to worry about him dropping albums dude just wants to make whatever he is involved with huge and the best. so i vote for dame

  • DirtDogggy

    I say fuck that whole bitch ass list. Higher some hungry kid off the street that still has love for the music, these dudes are worn out and continue to do the same wack shit with these two good tracks out of 20 bullshit, I want to see whole albums start to Finnish without the standard club and 12 yo girl songs and half ass rnb joints just to reach a bigger audience, fuck that that’s bring it back to making music for ourselves not pussy ass faggot shit that you just slap together to sell records to 12yo girls.


    How bout my list???
    -Rev RUN
    -LL COOL J
    Afterall they would give love to the only sweet artists on def jam….The old ones!
    If i had to choose HANDS DOWN it would have to be DAME DASH!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/deandresurrellthegreat deandre surrell

    i truly hope dame get the job…because he gets the job done.

    im jus rootn for him because he went to a private school as a adelesson like me…
    tell em daym…we aint gotta rap….money grow on trees nigaa….i put that on spanish harlem

  • http://www.myspace.com/deandresurrellthegreat deandre surrell

    i truly hope dame get the job…because he gets the job done.

    im jus rootn for him because he went to a private school as a adelesson like me…
    tell em daym…we aint gotta rap….money grow on trees nigaa….i put that on spanish harlem

  • Vicious Seiger

    The Idea to hire a new person to helm the a premier label should be done carefully. You need a person who can separate his personal feelings from what’s good for business. Some of these picks are well…dubious. Dame and Irv Lorenzo (I can’t call this paper gangsta Gotti) don’t seem like viable choices who will do what’s best for Def Jam. Neither seems like they would genuinely separate business issues from their personal issues. Diddy has let Bad Boy fall apart. 50′s G-Unit Imprint has had only limited success despite signing Mobb and M.O.P. The only one I would go with is Jermaine Dupri. JD knows how to turn out hits but as for street appeal that’s whole nother thing. JD hasn’t really been able to find the next big thing in hip hop and nearly every artist he has discovered rarely makes it past or to their third album before they are washed up. I know this is just for fun but for the 7 choices given we really weren’t given much to work with.

  • http://www.myspace.com/starrscream vega Diamond

    whats wrong with dropping albums while being president????

  • http://hotmail.com the truth

    “niggas cant talk about crime no more, till i’m no more” real talk!!!!niggas in the game been tryin to holla lik jigga since ‘black album’ check out, its all about money now & dont get me wrong u should get payed, word-up, but come on, thats why i kept bumpin Nas, he kept it to the street but money dudes still feel it.thats where he’s ahead of the competition.Nas was jay-z only competition & now they squash that beef becuse they both realize that no 1 can touch they level! i mean no to be on nas dick, but check the career,from ’94 till ’08 & still rappin for the streets.Jay-z came in ’96 with gettin ur money up from they niggas started to really bling, big & pac use to bling also but never talk about as much & cats do now.Each time u hear a rap song, dudes been stay “i got money” & “i got a maybac & bentley”…..shit i happy as fuck if u got it, but be real spit some shit that fan can love & donate some fuckin money is u a balla!!!!!! P.S GUESS IT TIME FOR MY 1ST ALBUM TO HIT THE STREET SOON, LOOK OUT FOR ME JHEART “WAT THE WORLDS BEEN WAITIN FOR” 1 LOVE Y’ALL

  • balls in mouth

    my list:
    -soulja boy
    -hurricane chris
    -bow wow

    my reason for this is that i think all the greatest rappers ever in the game should run def jam.

  • chester le pumpkinhead

    i’ll agree with the dame decision only because of what he did with the rock. he made that label, brought out artists, regardless of how successful they were, they are now houshold names. and when Jay took over the roc and def jam, a whole bunch of artists got mad or jumped cuz jay was only focusin on a few artists, namely himself and rihanna. the thing with dame is, being that he’s not a rapper, he has time to take care of the strictly business aspect thats required

  • hench 2 president

    Hench is the man ready to slap all the bitches in line n give them that street appeal and hunger needed. haitian 2pac on def jam whoa that would be dope. some english rappers n couple germans yo bring in hench

  • Jigga

    yeah it dont matter this is a joke.kuz i like 50 and there is no way he should be def jam president,thats just retarded,he’s got the unit,diddy has bad boy to worry about and gettin sued all the time now. and dupri got other shit. and IRV,come on!! murder inc can barely breathe out here, ain’t no way he can handle def jam if hova cant.basically tho dame is the best one kuz i think if he does do good jay would man up and admit it but if dame bombs then i dunno

  • King Joffy Joe

    Why not Young Jeezy? You niggas named all of them wack candidates as potential presidents? Wow. Put it like this, if Dame was to actually be named as the new Def Jam pres., he wouldn’t do shit but make his budget the highest, shit all of the other artist out of their money and eventually go belly fuckin’ up. HE SOLD ROCAWEAR FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD! I’d much rather see Soulja Boy the new president!

  • flyboy403

    dame dash is the best bussiness man hands down he made hov and rocafella what it is today
    real talk
    dude is a hustler

  • http://xxlmag Cheek$

    I thank dame should be president after all as a Ex-CEO of rocafella records he did a hell of a job. to be on some real shit besides the fact that dame a big homie ain’t cool i thank dame is responsible for most of the roc success because of his promo skills and the way he go about takin care of business so why not give him a shot at ( PRESIDENCIE FOR DEFJEM )

  • ckate

    dame is one of the best business dudes around

  • Trill

    O.G Juan shoulda been an option

  • jmoney

    dame dash!!

  • Gorilla O


  • IndyKid

    i dont even care who souljah boy is outselling. the kid is useless. maybe, and thats a serious maybe, he can make catchy beats. everything else is just b.s.

    HE IS A ONE HIT WONDER quote me

  • les

    I vote Dame coz this is a dude who is bloody good promoter.People think he talks to much but he gets the job done,and people go out and buy artist he promotes.
    Remember when the roc split people were on jay’s side and most of roc “artists” but look at em now complaining bout not gettin enough exposure coz they thought they would get dat jus from being associated with jay and not stickin with the guy who talks a lot but would be talking bout them the artist.

  • huggy

    The obvious replacement should be Chris Lighty the CEO of Violator and if he’s not available his partner Mona Scott would not be a bad choice.

  • Jay Boogie

    Chris Lighty is not a bad choice. I always thought LL Cool J would be president since he was the first artist ever signed to the label. He look like he not leaving the acting thing alone any time soon though. We need somebody that will promote Redman and Method man and The Roots shit like it’s the mid 90′s. These artists fell by the wayside liek they were never hot.