Method Man Heads to Sundance, Preps New Album

Method Man will be heading to the Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, UT later this month for a screening of The Wackness, his latest film venture. According to MTV News, the film also stars Ben Kingsley and Mary-Kate Olsen and was directed by Jonathan Levine. The Wackness tells the story of a marijuana addicted high-school student, played by Josh Peck, who falls in love with the drug addicted daughter (Olsen) of his drug addicted therapist (Kingsley). Meth plays a Rastafarian weed dealer whom the boy asks for advice. I really transformed,” the rapper said of the role. “I hired my own coach…the dialogue they had was so Hollywood Jamaican, it was ridiculous. The person I worked with went in and wrote it over.”

The Wu-Tang MC is set to appear in the upcoming spoof film Meet The Spartans from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the directors behind 2007’s Epic Movie. Additionally, Johnny Blaze will be reprising his role as Melvin “Cheese” Wagstaff on the acclaimed HBO series The Wire, which kicks off its fifth and final season this Sunday. “Cheese, he’s that nigga,” he told MTV News of his character. “Cheese is making his move in season five. He’s a survivor.” With all of this acting work, it’s a wonder that Tical still has time for his day job, but he also revealed to MTV that he is working on his next solo LP, Crystal Method. He says he has four songs already recorded, but is unsure when the project will hit stores. “I’m tired of niggas sleeping on the kid,” he said. “They must be on dope or dog food. I’m not putting no [release] date on it. I’m four songs deep, but I just started. That’s good for me.” Despite his vocal criticism of Def Jam following the poor sales of his last album, Meth says he is still signed to the label.

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  • DirtDogggy

    Meth is slept on a little, but still he fell off like everyone else, 2 good tracks on an album and wack beats don’t exactly get people amped up and that seems to be the blueprint for albums these days.

  • render

    “The Wackness tells the story of a marijuana addicted high-school student, played by Josh Peck, who falls in love with the drug addicted daughter (Olsen) of his drug addicted therapist (Kingsley). Meth plays a Rastafarian weed dealer whom the boy asks for advice.”

    damn…if that aint the best movie ever, I don’t know what is

    mef needs to get back in the booth…dude sounded reborn on 8 diagrams

  • adrenaline the truth

    he did go off on 8 diagrams, that is for sure. maybe he will bring some heat on crystal method… call me crazy but i loved 421


    I`m still watching HOW HIGH.



  • fireforreal

    Meth use to get you pumped to hear what he had to offer but when you put less in to writing rhymes like you should and choose wack beats who can you blaime? Fine be like everyone on earth and blaime the lable but why should they promote garbage that’s wrong top the fans,but rappers today don’t see it like that they lose there hunger bring out bullshit and want it to be promoted like it’s a classic.Bring back the hunger from 94-98

    • Stu Man

      they promoted american gangster and that was straight wack ass garbage, so wtf are you talking about?

  • latino heat

    “the 4 mic mc with 5 mic potential” he said it himself more than once.unfourtanatly i’ve given up on his half ass albums. he hasnt put out 1 decent album yet. and as much as i like meth, he’s past his prime. if he hasnt put out a classic by now he’s not going to. plus his albums always get pushed back for YEARS, and are never worth the wait. anyone remember how long tical 2000 and tical 0 got pushed back? his stage show is dope as fuck though, and he’s cool as fuck in person. he just can’t get that classic. sorry meth.

    • Moniker

      Ummm, what about Tical that was a definite classic right there. And he finally sounded hungrier on 8 diagrams. Him and out of all members U-GOD I thought stuck out the most.

  • kali 07


  • beatz23

    Meth is one of the most underrated rappers out there. He needs to go independent so he can have more room to be just Meth. Its those A&Rs that keep fucking up his albums. Remember he was the only other guy featured on Ready To Die…

  • ill G

    yea im still watchin “how high” lol… he did come nice on 8 Diagrams, cosign that

  • Live08

    Meth had the best verses on 8 Diagrams and Big Dough Rehab!! I hope he brings it to his own album with some better beats!!!

  • TheCo!!inB

    live 08 please knock it off…..

  • fireforreal

    Stu man you dumb bitch of course American gangster got promoted because the artist was the president of Rocafella and defjam.So even if you don’t like it of course it would get promoted because of the hype of the movie and look at badboy the ceo over there gets more promo then any of his artist so it’s up to meth to promote himself if the lable won’t do it.Meth still needs to bring out better music like he use to years ago that man was fire.

  • mfdoom

    man i hope he brings it hard this time 421 was good but not his best,not heard 8th diagram yet england anit stockin it in stores and i dont download.but ive heard he brings it on that so some1 needs to tel him to get in the studio wid rza,allah,mathmatics,funk doc,eric sermon and rip it up.

    We need that tical back bring the pain

  • latino heat

    sorry, moniker. tical was not a classic, it had a few classic songs but thats it. go back and listen to it now. it wasnt even that hot when it dropped. meth evensaid he thought it was the weakest of the original 5 wu solo albums. he’s always been dope for 16 bars or a few hot songs per album, but can’t put a full hot album out to save his life. i call it “jadakiss syndrome”.

  • Stu

    Method Man is dope. He is the best emcee in the WU.
    His last album was dope, but highly slept on.
    Good luck for the new album.

  • Albert

    ne1 who says method man fell off is stupid. method man is fucken insane. 421 was such a good cd, n if u cant c the talent in that, thats fucked up.i cant wait 4 his next cd.

  • Chris Jones 515

    Sheeit, im actually lookin forward to that album. Who sayin mef dun fell off? Nd shit, i like them beats he got fuck that wack beat shit. Bet Crystal Method got some heat.

  • Chris Jones 515

    Yea Stu iz right. 4:21 was slept on hardcore style, but the shit was stil bangin.

  • manchesterUK

    Sir Ben Kingsley and Method Man in a film together hahaha. Man that sounds crazy. Ben Kingsley is one posh english dude! Private schooling , oxford uni haha and Mr Meth is a class stage act. Nice mix should be a good laugh! BTW When Wu-Tang came to manchester in July 07, Meth rocked the stage!! He was crowd surfing, he carried the show!! Wu Tang Forever!

  • adrian smith

    fuck def jam how come meth red ll joe budden lp dont sell and all em lp are sick the new ceo better make def jam hot again its wack

  • gsnyebum005

    i agree Mef fell off on 421 but 8 diagrams he a whole new person got back his original beat n kickin ass once again

  • your demize

    Yo Mad love and respect to the OG God, but still in all Meth your almost 40 years old.
    This Hollywood train seems to be your only ticket for that stardom you let slip away because you couldn’t put the treez down. Now your gettin some ol bullsh*t role because Hollywood thinks that is all that you can do.
    Wake up already Def Jam is targetting a younger generation now. Change up your acting characteristics a little more, let’s see something different, or (ason)unique. Peace

  • Pothead

    Meth is dope, But no one will ever touch ODB! He was the OG in wu tang!