Ludacris Sued for Alleged Song Theft

Three producers from Chester, Pa have filed a lawsuit against Ludacris that claims the superstar MC swiped one their ideas for a song. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Anthony Turner, Damon Mayfield and Markus Vick—known as the Boogii Men Entertainment Group—filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Philly last week. The suit claims that the Boogii Men sent a beat CD called Boogii Men Beats Volume 1 to Luda’s Disturing Tha Peace label back in 2004 but were brushed off when they reached out to see if there was any interest in any of their tracks. The trio claims that when the rapper dropped his next album six months later, The Red Light District, they noticed similarities between one of their tracks and the song “Get Back.” It is unclear whether or not the men are asking for an injunction against sales of the CD, or the amount of any punitive or compensatory damages sought. Their attorney, James A. Wells of Haines & Associates, declined to comment on the case to the Inquirer.

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    1st….damn luda

  • http://none dollar chaser

    damn luda u a theif..bad!!

  • Jasteinike


  • rolly fingers

    luda is wacker then wack olny album i felt was tha 1st one ev thing else is suuuuper wack!!!!hate hate hate hate hate hate its tha all bout tha bay ya feel fuk wit sum real people yadddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaa r.i.p mac dre

    • Flymasta


      • classof2008

        when flymasta said luda is the best rapper alive thatz is so motherfuckin true no lie

    • shellshock

      I an the Bay!!!! From the CCC and all, but your wrong about Luda, the man is damn good at what he does. He must have been an A plus student in English. I don’t listen to too many rappers from the other side ,but I will bump DTP

  • Ali

    & why did they bring this up now? Red Light District has obviously been out 4 a while….that’s why i question tha whole thing……i guess that’s tha only way tha Vick family can make money now haha

    • og

      ho wcan you question it without hearing the tracks??? why wait wait this long you ask?? do you have any idea how much $$$ it takes to go after someone like luda legally??? it ptobably took them this long to get a lawyer to take the case with a low retainer fee…

  • Jericho

    that track was kinda weak anyway….

  • b-ease

    The 1st time this happened to him (with “Stand Up”) I didnt really pay it any mind. But twice makes Luda and his management seem a little suspect. If this happens again, we’ll know the truth…

  • trouble

    Im a producer, and I get nervous about stuff like this everytime i mail a demo with 200 beats on it to a company, and they will pick apart your beats, remake them and sell 1 million copies. and u got a dumb look on ya face lol. listenin to ur own shit with no compensation

  • Justice

    This is done all the time, nothing new under the sun.

    • Jason Murk

      Cosign. Everybody does this shit. That’s why it’s not a good idea to hand a nigga a demo tape. Even if everything is copywritten, don’t be surprised if they rob your shit and get away with it.

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  • Rednose pit bull

    Jasteinike!!! are you a real fucking idiot?? you wrote first when u were the 3rd post? plus someone else already said that,damn u first saying idiots are dumber then we all thought….more like first dick suckers

  • blkpwr

    Ali, you obviously dont know much about litigation or anything about the legal system. These things take time. Just because it took time to file the suit or report about the suit doesnt automatically make it untrue.

  • Stu

    Wouldnt suprise me in the slightest.

  • snowman

    Why are they doin it now? and not when the album actually dropped

  • bkrapstar

    im a producer 2 and these guy must be dumb to send a whole track lmao stupid guys and im not mad at luda cause its all buisness at the end of the day lol like 4real y be mad at luda like wen banks left his orginal copy of his 2nd album wit that girl and it got leaked who u mad banks or da girl its all buisness at the end whether u on point or your not and these guys where not

    by the way luda make good music 2 get high 2 like saterday oooooooh oooooooooh lol

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  • Juzzy

    Agree with Snowman

  • Duce Stamina

    Chester stand Up! I know them dudes personally and if what they say is true, Luda give them their paper.

  • dark kent

    y wait so long 2 file papers?

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and let me know what you think and add me if you like what you hear.

  • Shawty J

    If these guys are beefing with Luda over a beat, shouldn’t they be getting at the producers too. If Luda did jack that beat (though I doubt he did), why would he credit the track to another producer.

  • p-j

    luda still # 1

  • chitowndrone

    They didn’t wait, they filed in 2004, the nigga’s people jacked the beat, he’s executive producer, he’s responsible for clearing everything, he’s getting sued. If you dont know the industry or the legal process, shut the f@*k up! Idiots.

  • http://yahoomail lalsky

    yo luda soory meah i never xpect shit 4rm u dat why called lil put under pant

  • http://yahoomail friks

    dawg,neva knew u where a shit,u such a gold digga. Kanye should b thinking of doin a rmx