After Wu-Tang MC GZA (a.k.a. The Genius) lectured his audience at a recent London show about Soulja Boy, the clip ended up online (view the clip here). Now, in a new interview with Rhapsody, the teen rapper/producer responds to being called out:

On staging a rap duel between him and Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA/Genius, who dissed Soulja Boy on a YouTube video:
I wouldn’t even rap against the Genius. I’d put up someone who was born in ’66 to go against the Genius so it can be a tie. He’s got like 50 years on me. I wouldn’t even associate with the Genius. [In the video] he was looking like I stole his money or something. He’s in Alaska. He’s cold. I just heard 50 Cent talking about the Genius saying he had an Impala his age. Well, that’s the Genius for you. [Laughs.] He has no choice. He got famous for five little minutes, but he had to sacrifice a relationship with Soulja Boy. Now it’s gone. I ain’t gonna be like “F the GZA” ‘cause I ain’t never met that dude. But he says, “F Soulja Boy” ‘cause he needed a buzz. Now he’s back in Alaska.

On groups making post-“Crank Dat” songs, such as Pop It Off Boyz’ “Crank Dat Batman”:
I know POB. They cool. They getting their money. It’s all a movement. What I started, people want to continue. They can do that. I stopped cranking it in ’07.[In] ’08, we getting the brand new money. It’s no animosity. The Batmans, Spidermans and the Fantastic Four are cool. Maybe the GZA need to make “Crank Dat GZA.” [Laughs.]

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