LINK: DJ Drama Talks Dedication 3 With Rhapsody

In a new interview with Rhapsody, DJ Drama (or just Drama, as Soundscan calls him) reflects on what had to have been one of the craziest years in his life. The man known as Barack Odrama gives his take on everything from the infamous FBI raid to how T.I.’s arrest effected his album sales. Also, he goes in depth about his often strained relationship with Lil Wayne, who he says is now working with him on the third installment to their celebrated Dedication series:

Where do things stand with you and Wayne now? You said in an interview that you felt like he stabbed you in the back because of the comments he made right after your arrest.
We good. When he originally made those comments, I was kind of quiet. A lot of people were coming to me like, “Yo, what’s up?” Later in the year, I wanted to get it off my chest and let it be known and then leave it alone and move forward. I f*ck with Wayne. We may have had our differences on an issue, but n*gg*s move past that. At the same time those comments were made, Wayne was one of the fastest n*gg*s to get on my album. Any time I needed something from him, he’s right there. So [the issue between us] is hard to deal with, because behind closed doors, he’s right there. I have this other relationship and personal bond with him where he comes through for me. And I gotta deal with this sh*t, because everyone wants to ask questions. I saw the n*gg* right after that at All-Star weekend in Vegas. We handled it right there and kept it moving.

People felt like your artist, Willie The Kid, was going at him on Gangsta Grillz 16, sticking up for you.
It’s a competitive sport. There were also some comments Wayne made about “Willie Da Squid” [on Rap City]. Regardless if he’s talking about Gillie or Willie, when you say Willie, Will is gonna take it like you talking to him. If he was obviously talking about Gillie, he should have said “Gillie.” And that was on Rap City, so n*gg*s was coming to Will like, “Yo, is he talking to you?” So Will did what he felt was necessary. I like Wayne’s sh*t and I ain’t gonna go deep, but this sh*t ain’t no real beef. It’s rap music. That was ‘07, we in ‘08.

What’s going on with Gangsta Grillz for this year?
I got Fab, B.G., Gangsta Grillz 18, and the Clipse tape. Me and Jeezy working. We got Dedication 3 coming.

Dedication 3 is definitely coming this year?
Yeah, definitely. We started working on it. It’s gonna be phenomenal because I told Wayne if we do it, it really has to be something special because when we did Dedication and Dedication 2, there wasn’t a new Wayne mixtape every week. The thing about Dedications that was so great to me was the direction and the sound. It doesn’t just sound like a lot of rapping, they sound like albums. And that’s because of him and me. Me and Jeezy are also coming out this year.

CLICK HERE to read the full interview with Drama on Rhapsody.

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  • co
    • souljaboythetruth

      He need to get my nigga soulja boy on some shit. My nigga the truth. help thes lame ass dj’s sell some records dude. White people rule bitch, where the ones who buy the shit, you dam porch monkeys just download it. Thats why that dam nigger noise is dead. LOL crank dat coons!

      • cMurrda23

        u da most ignorant person ive ever heard..first of all soulja boy sucks..hes whack and doesnt rap about nething..hes more of an entertainer than a rapper..and second of drama and wayne = FIRE! drama wouldnt waste his time and money on lame ass soulja boy..oh and by the way..the civil war is

  • Beav

    finnaly sum exclusive wayne shit, bout fuckin time

    Deadacation Tres Gon Be Fiya!!

  • Calikush

    Willie The Squid sounds like a cartoon character, Gillie Da Kid LOOKS like a cartoon character. I thought it was a brilliant line and in no way did I take it as he was goin at Willie The Kid (why the fuck would he be named that anyway? Whats up wit these affiliate niggas bitin other artists names?) Willie needs to get his self esteem up, if he was more secure he wouldnt’ve even took it like that, but then again thats what happens when you try and come out wit the same name as a another artist and then work wit a nigga that he’s beefing with. You was askin for that confusion bruh. Change your name or step your self esteem game up is what it comes down to.

  • Trizzy

    I lost alot of respect for wayne over the past year. If you claim to be the best rapper stop kissing men and let your raps carry you. wayne garbage,birdman garbage,cash money garbage. wayne rat on drama now he talkin shit. He should just shut the fuck up and continue to be a faggot and drug addict. If any of you dumb ass dont no hip hop as niggas think he the best ever ya dumb as hell. I can name a list of artist that will kill wayne. lupe, ghost,nas, andre 3000,etc. How ya niggas respect any man who keep syrup in his body and a host of other drugs. Is this the man you want your kids to grow up and be like?

  • http://xxl trizzy

    lil wayne garbage

  • DoubleClutch

    Clipse’s We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3 will be better than Wayne’s Dedication 3 (& I f*ck with Weezy). YEA I SAID IT!!!!!! It the R-E-U-P-G-A-N-G.

    • one shot deal

      Co-Sign Doublelutch
      I loved we got it 4 cheap vol.2, I thought it was better than dedication 2. I like weezy as well, but the clipse are so much more talented than wayne. Lil wayne is overrated, hes good but the best rapper alive? You have to be retarded to think that. I hope the dedication 3 is good

    • trizzy

      weezy wack

  • http://none yeah

    So is drama white? If so, why is he saying nigga?

  • trizzy

    weezy is wack

  • fireforreal

    I also agree wayne is dope but I’m waitin more for the clipse mixtape.Wayne keeps gettin on everybody’s shit like he’s trying to win an award but when the fuck is his album droppin ? you can keep delaying it over and over but after a while less and less people will care because if it’s not a classic niggas will say fuck that cat.

  • Flymasta


  • leroy huston

    yo i agree with what homie said wayne is good but not the best rapper alive and also i’m lookin for sum more clipse and the re-gang they thing the clipse have over wayne is a classic it did not sell but classic none the less wayne put that album out let’s see if u are the best rapper alive one.

  • wake flowest
  • leroy huston

    yo i agree wayne is good but the best rapper alive not to me he has to put classic albums out like the clipse i know they did not sell but who is these days but i like clipse more then wayne but will just have to what and see on wayne if he put that album out and it’s fire then he takes a step up on the great mc ladder if it’s not then he can hang it up be laugh at hardbody we gon find soon enough one

  • latino heat

    can wayne just drop a fuckin album already? we get the point, u can drop hot mixtapes. clipse dropped 2 hot mixtapes, then came with a hot album. wayne’s dropped god knows how many mixtapes the last 2 years. it’s time for a album. it’s put up or shut up time for weezy. i’m not a wayne hater i’m just saying. look what happened with detox, dre pushed it back so many years there really aint no buzz for it. and wayne damn sure aint got dre’s catalog.

    • Cassius

      Point well taken

  • boltfromtheblue

    re-up re-up re-up We Got It For Cheap Vol 3 coming soon waynes a homo and rest haven for hoes, biting styles, shooting himself whats wrong with this dude? drug addict…….i mean

  • boltfromtheblue

    re-up re-up re-up We Got It For Cheap Vol 3 coming soon waynes a homo and rest haven for hoes, biting styles, shooting himself whats wrong with this dude? drug addict…….i mean

  • jollyrench

    Why does is matter to you that its an album, mixtapes and albums are the same thing; compilations of an artist. A great mixtape is no different to me than a great album.

    • trizzy

      if you think weezy the best your crazy

    • Arcey

      They’re not the same!!!

      But I do get your point: there’s so much bullshit out there, that at the end of the day the line between both is blurred.
      The mixtape is cool if you wanna get a quick fix of that artist’s music but FUCK a DJ shouting all over the songs plus nothing beats a well-mixed & mastered album

  • fuCk drama

    this nigga ridin ti’s dick i mean drama sucking ti’s dick bitch ass gay nigga

  • Bootlegmydick

    The “clap at em initiative” is in effect in the ghetto. Anyone seen bootlegging in public will be shot at. We use blanks the first time, after that its on you cousin.

    None in my hood would stand next to a bootlegger. Mofos can’t post up for more than ten minutes nowhere.



    not really excited about the dedication 3, but the mixtape with jeezy need to hurry up and DROP!!!

  • A&R Ronald

    I’m proud to here that but their is this kid in Florida That is the next lil wayne and I’m tryin to get him to drop a mixtape with drama.I been talking to drama people for the past week it mite happen.I’m an A&R and I represent his music everywhere.His name is Jeff Fresh 2 Def go to his page and listen to his music.his page is

  • CaesarDuke

    Chamillionaire is better than Lil wayne and definitely da clipse and he might even be da greatest rapper alive infact he is da greatest not da best rapper alive and that’s the truth

    • Maal

      niggas on drugs r something Cham best any thing that shit is crazy there like 40 rappers better then him jump off joe buddens,lupe,beans,Andre 3000 nas, jay,scarface not wanye and I am from new orleans he don’t rap story and he always jump on song with wack niggas when he jump on a track with good he doesn’t bring his A game.

  • Cassius

    Carter 3… or Dedication 3; which will drop first? That is the question

  • heidi

    he is bi racial ( black and white) I was wonderin that same thing

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  • heidi

    he is bi racial ( black and white) I was wonderin that same thing

    I am heidi – A S e x Addict. I am from U.S. I am hungry for a boyfriend. All can view my hot photos by searching “xhot” at – it is a free web space to meet black

  • jbird

    that’s good drama can be a man. he wasn’t denying the fact that he was mad and talking ish bout wayne, but it’s even better that the two could squash the bull and move on. keep making that good music the two of you. be real and civil.

  • yung money

    I dont know, weezys verse on 100 million was weak, so im gonna have ta wait and see if he can come bac with dat fire. And as far as im concerned willie the kid is whats really good, da kid spits dat fuckin ether fa real



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  • kstone231

    You can say wayne trash and that u aint lookin forward to the dedication 3, but be real. When the dedication 2 came out, EVERYONE was blastin that shit for months non-stop. Can’t wait for dedication 3. Can’t wait for Da Carta 3. Where the hell “I Can’t Feel My Face, The Album” go?

  • SLINGbladez

    DJ drama is just a corny ass wack muddafucca. I can’t stand all the bullshit going around in this modern day of HIP-HOP! Mixtapes ain’t real mixtapes anymore. I heard one of those gansta grillz mixtapes and its was damn near all skits. What the fuck kind of shit is that. As for the actual songs, all garbage, except maybe the Outkast song. I think I’m just going to stay quiet from now on because these dudes still gonna push bullshit ass music and you consumers are still going to fall for it and think it’s tight….Well, they can’t pull the wool over my eyes that’s for sure……