Lil Wayne’s The Leak EP Sells 2,401 Copies In First Week

With virtually no promotion and MP3-only digital distribution, Lil Wayne’s The Leak EP quietly sold 2,401 copies in its first week since being released on Christmas Day (December 25). While The Leak was originally intended to collect many of the outtakes from Tha Carter III’s studio sessions, along with four new songs, Wayne’s label, Universal, confirmed that the project would no longer be coming out in December. Still, on the final release date of 2007, a 5 song EP appeared on digital music retailers like Rhapsody and Amazon with no warning or explanation from Universal or Cash Money. The EP’s first week sales were not high enough to appear on the Billboard chart.

In other chart news, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool is still the Billboard 200′s highest selling hip-hop album after moving an additional 54,398 copies last week to come in at #14 (one spot up from his #15 debut), bringing his two week total to 198,477.

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  • sp3

    thats going platinum!

    • conscious

      this aint goin platinum,wezzy garbage

    • Vick

      dnt lie .. u listen to lil wayne

  • doodeedoo

    so was it a good idea or not?…


    Lupe’s numbers are impressive for someone doing his genre of hip hop he’s not on the commercial/gangsta/no sense having (souljaboy as example) type of music people like him rarely sell a lot look at common for example…that’s why they say his numbers are impressive.
    Yeah hip hop is dead! You wanna know who killed? It wasn’t the South, it wasn’t artist like 50 or Ja Rule who people claim aren’t gangsta enough for them. IT’S THE FANS THAT KILLED HIP-HOP!!! Nothing is ever good enough for you idiots. You’re always trying to point the finger at the artist but most of you are just too damn picky. Half of you bootleg the album and still bitch about it. Beggers can’t be choosers. Always wining about what you like or don’t like. It’s just music for crying out loud. If you don’t like a certain type of artist just don’t listen to it..plain and simple. If you claim to know so much about hip hop then why aren’t you out there getting money from it like everybody else. It’s plain and simple “STOP HATIN!!!!”

    • Mr.Wang

      Damn nigga be eazy!

      I will agree with most of that comment though. But Jay Stone need to just role some weed up or somthin’ ya know?

      Take a chill pill it ain’t dat serious.


    • $TALK


  • BIG O

    haha he put up k fed numbers.told yall he suck and dont no one want that shit


    lmao ur retawded sp3. this album aint gonna go platinum, good luck sellin another 998000 copies wit no hit single lol. i already had all 5 songs on this EP neways lol

  • Forty

    Nobody wants to listen to that sh*t! Lil Weezy Ana is garbage…His album will be garbage as well….Wayne, stick to doing collabo’s on other people tracks because that is about all your good for…….

  • nellz

    LOL…that is goin platinum…but I wanna know what 2000 people actually bought it…if its already online…y buy it??

  • Billy X. Sunday

    LMFAO, Jay Stone is crying like an old bitch.

    ‘The Leak’ is garbage because it ain’t got shit that these faggerts haven’t heard on a thousand different mixtapes.

    I hear that March 18th is Universal Music Group’s first quarter tax write off day.

  • b-ease

    Jay Stone, your post doesnt make any sense. No seriously, its pretty nonsensical. Particulary this:

    Always wining about what you like or don’t like. It’s just music for crying out loud. If you don’t like a certain type of artist just don’t listen to it..plain and simple. If you claim to know so much about hip hop then why aren’t you out there getting money from it like everybody else. It’s plain and simple “STOP HATIN!!!!”

    No one that read it could summarize what you are talking about.

  • Evildub13

    Ummm it only had 5 tracks on it and all of them were available free through mixtapes. Nobody is going to buy a CD with 5 old tracks…so basically all the people above me that say this is a reason why wanye is bad are pretty fuckin stupid.

  • Moniker

    Is this really a surprise? I mean everyone already has all of those songs. It just seems like by contract Wayne had to put out a filler cd like this. Carter 3 will go platinum no doubt about it. And, even if you don’t like Wayne it’d be awesome for hip-hop for him to go at least platinum. Cause lord knows no one is goin plat now adays.

  • MR> Skull Game !

    That’s a good look for Wayne, 2000 copies w/ next to no promotion, and it being on-line only. Consequence sold only 4000 copies his first week and he had bigger promotion, and he had actual CD’S in stores! Ir’s a good look 4 Lupe also. He has a real good album.

    • Maestro

      finally, somebody with some sense!

    • EReal

      Swollen Members have platinum albums, ever heard of them?

      This isnt a good look at all period.

  • C.Rob

    ummmm, everybody calm down, its an “EP” with 5 songs that everybody already got, with no promotion. Wayne still is and is gonna be that nicca.


    i ain`t ever a fan of lil wayne.fuck you BXS

  • jollyrench

    Sales don’t even matter, Weezy’s money doesn’t come from selling music to you, it comes from selling his throw away verses to all of these Southern rappers trying to come up(listen Nike Boots, only reason why the guy has exposure is because Wayne’s on it), his mixtapes are just advertisements to rappers for his verses.

    • akaTheRealist

      Wale’s from DC you fuck. We may be past the Dixon Line, but it’s pretty obvious Wale isn’t a Southern Rapper. Maybe THAT’S why he made a song called “Nike Boots?” THINK! I’ve never in my life seen a Southerner wear Nike Boots, except when they’re up north. Besides, they couldn’t even be attributed to the South anyway.
      P.S. Wale had exposure, before Wang dumped his shitty ass verse on a 6-month old song.

      • gesus aka mr.forbes

        yo its max b and freaky zeaky

  • fireforreal

    AS long as the carter 3 has been pushed back he’s starting to lose his buzz in the streets. Wayne is dope but he’s no legend so he should stop playin games by holding his album back because anticipation was so high that if his album ain’t pure fire watch how fast word get’s out and his second week numbers drop.He always get’s off on other people’s songs but has yet to bring out a reall,really good album.

  • Flymasta

    there’s a bootleg of these songs out why buy a cd with 5 songs anyway bad marketing

  • Koolkidkulture

    not bad.

    Boost Mobile Anthem 2.0
    Behind the scenes with Jeezy, JD and Mickey Avalon

  • liam

    who the fuck is gonna by an ep…nobody wait till tha carter 3 i guarantee it will go plat maybe two times plat

  • King B

    LMAO!!!! I told ya’ll this shit wouldn’t sell like that who would want to buy a fucking cd with 5 songs in a store??????? that’s fucking stupid lol

  • xjxbsbadvfh

    yalll mad studpid, thats just a mixtape its not a real album

    dumb fuckssssss

    its not meant to selll just to keep putting music out and keep him relevant till the carter 3 drops

  • SouF EasT D dot C Nigga

    that nigga Jay Stone on here juxt summed all tha shyt up ii had to say ya dig…thatz a real nigga…or caucasion or watever lolx…
    tha fanx bitchin && shyt and too picky about hip-hop when most of em complainin dont even buh tha real albums…

  • Trickdd


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  • RZ

    I dont know if u can really blamb sales on it being a EP, Eazy E’s EP It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa went 4 times platnum and it only had around 7-8 tracks on it, and hardly any promotion.

    • datdude

      his was in stores as well as online

  • Fettucini

    Let’s Not Be Stupid.

    Lil Wayne has 5 Solo Platinum Albums on an independent record label – cash money records.

    At this point, there are no signs whatsoever that Universal distributed or even AUTHORIZED the solicitation of this product.

    Don’t be surprised if Universal (and especially Cash Money Records) reprimands these non-retail carriers.

    Let’s Not Be Stupid: You unintelligent mongerers have let your true ignorance reign supreme.

    Kill Yourself When Tha Carter III’s 1st Week Sales Hit.

  • RemixJay

    Yay for Lupe!! He deserves it, his music makes much more sense than some of these other “rappers”.

  • BIG_L

    Yall some stupid mutha fukkas….Yall need to listen to what I’m about to say. Imagine that yall had millions and were pretty tight in the rap game and that you had 5 tracks that you know everyone already probably has and you want to put them out there with no promotion to see how much they would sell. And this was just over the internet so you don’t have to pay for cd production and all that shit. He didn’t expect to go platinum off this shit, that’s just extra money in his pocket with some shit that he knew everybody already had.

  • natinigga

    his also sold in stores n not jus online

  • EReal

    I swear Wayne has the biggest dickriders. Claimin 2K first week is a good look, lmao.

    Come on Bruh. We should start a thread of all these dickriders claimin Carter III is gonna go 2 3 4x Platinum. lol. Yeah right, yall gonna burn that shit.

    Carter III = 200K First Week Max.

    Lets put some money up.

  • EReal

    Oh and I say that because dude has managed to oversaturate himself without even dropping an album. The mainstream, meaning people who actually BUY albums, are gonna be tired on this dude before he ever drops an album. Someone like Dre can make you wait years for an album, Wayne, eh, not so much.

    The mainstream sound is shifting away from the south and more to the upper midwest and back east, the timeframe around when Jeezy and T.I. were droppin albums shoulda been when Wayne got his shit out there, instead he was getting high and making mixtapes. Carter should have dropped early this year if not last.

    • dan C

      So who’s bringing back the east? .

  • Mirked

    thank god it didnt sell

    weezy < industry

  • Kali 07

    Wayne did do his thing this year but i still think dude need to cool out a bit outta tha irritating flow lik some fuckin lil child holla for some shit. thas fucke up in itself. As for being the best nar i wouldnt class him at that but he can be a beast though. Aint no real man defendin kissin man so i aint even gotta talk bout tha. even if he spit alot a fuck wha dont make sense on the carter III or on any rap shit some ppl still gonna glorify the dude but i aint wit tha shit though cuz life is real n tha fuck shit only for the bitches

  • Trickdd


  • deandre surrell the greatest

    i aint gotta rap…but i know one thang…xxl gotta payme a quarter million jus to sit down and do a interview….straight up….

    if u would like to meet me and sit down and do buisness….it’ll cost u a hunned….and i might not sho up…..hip-hop need to grow up,it really makes me thro up.

  • Theznutz

    Lil Wayne iz a comercial artist period.

    f/ sales, f/ promo’s, just rapper against rapper, or in this case rapper against studio rapper. In a battle Method Man would use lil Weezy Ana to pick his toes.

  • Dubs

    yall be hatin on wayne man we all know hes the best hes the only one keepin this game alive

  • boneshaker

    f**k all you haters lil wayne is the best in the game he keeps his lyrics tight and always comes out with something fresh.

  • boneshaker

    f**k all you haters lil waynes is the best rapper in the game he keeps his lyrics tight and he always comes out with something fresh.

  • AK

    Heck, I’m surprised 2401 people knew that it existed. I’ve been following this shit ’cause I’m waiting for the goddamn Carter III to drop already, and I had no idea this existed.

    His official “The Leak” EP was more underground than the actual leaks. Whoa.

  • Drunken Master

    Which is why it is at #3 of Digital albums in it’s second week. He just sold air to the people. All of these songs are available already. That’s a hard thing to do, no matter who you are. Don’t don’t care if Pac was came back to life and re-released All Eyes On Me, I still wouldn’t buy it over again if I already have it.

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