Fat Joe recently sat down with Billboard.com and revealed some details about his upcoming LP, The Elephant in the Room, his eighth solo LP since his debut in 1993. According to Joe, he’s referring to himself and his legacy as a gangster rapper. “Elephant in the Room is a gangster rap album—rap being the room and the elephant being me. Fat Joe's been doing it for 15 years and he still doesn't get his just due,” he explains. The project will include production from heavyweights and longtime Joe collaborators such as Scott Storch, DJ Premier, Swizz Beatz and Cool & Dre. Joe has also tapped Plies, Pooh Bear and DJ Khaled for guest appearances. Notable tracks include the anti-snitching tune “Kill All Rats” and the recently leaked “300 Brolic.” Preemo contributed some of his trademark scratches to "Thank God For That White," and "Preacher on a Sunday Morning" is described simply as “bass-heavy.” One track sure to raise eyebrows is the song “Fugitive,” on which Joe raps “Nigga, bitch, hoe/some chicks is bitches, some chicks is hoes…Now who gonna tell me I can't say nigga?”