Busta Rhymes Pleads Guilty, Sentenced to Probation

Busta Rhymes cut a deal with prosecutors in New York earlier today (January 23) that will keep him out of prison on two assault charges. According to the Associated Press, the rapper agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor assault charges and was sentenced to 10 days community service and three years probation. If he violates the probation, he will face up to one year behind bars. The charges stem from two separate incidents in which a former employee and a New York man said the rapper assaulted them. Busta was also facing a DUI charge for an arrest on May 3, 2007. According to TMZ.com, he was ordered to pay a $750 fine and enroll in a drunk driving program. In relation to another separate count of driving with a suspended license, Busta will lose his driver’s license for a period of six months. In July, Busta rejected a plea deal offered by the district attorney that would have landed him in prison for one year.

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  • ddubbzz

    Good job busta, shit…I thought he was toast when he didnt except the deal

  • mayne

    Wow…Busta Bust ya head wide open!!! and get away wit it!!!

  • Cali Is Active

    F probation.. Busta your legal team did a good job thats less than a slap on the wrist!

  • Rednose pit bull

    hes a black man,and hes rich,just got probation!! now most you idiots alwayssay they get locked up because they are rich,or black..now weres your theroy??Ive done less then that and been locked up
    to busta,Good job homie,I always like ssing people beat there case!!


  • Bust Yo Head

    Good Work Bus, now get yo ass back in da studio and give us a classic.

  • Tito Santana

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  • british b

    Just stay away from colly budz n u’ll be alright busta hehe

  • EReal

    Plea Copper *SMH*

    scared to do time huh busta? pussy.

    • Chris Thinks You’re Stupid!!!!!

      Who the fuck wants to go to jail?! DUMB NIGGA!!!!!!!!!! It’s not about being a pussy. It’s called USING YOUR HEAD, S.T.U.P.I.D!

      • EReal

        Or you just dont do stupid shit if you dont wanna goto jail,

        EReal thinks you’re a fuckin pussy.

        Prolly a snitch.

        now, get the fuck off my dick.

        • Chris Thinks You’re Stupid!!!!!

          HEY DUMB-ASS:
          Who did he snitch on to get off? NOBODY!! You’re a pussy, PROBABLY a snitch but DEFINATELY A HATIN’ ASS BITCH!!!!!

        • EReal

          I was talkin about your soft ass bein a snitch, you dickiridin faggot. Its called reading comprehension.

          Now again, off my dick.

    • The Empress

      You’re a fuckin’ idiot, E Real!!! There is nothing fly nor outstanding about doing time. The penal system is a form of modern day slavery designed for niggas like you to make computers chips and our fucking license plates! It is not a “rites of passage” to manhood that some of you niggas have been led to believe. Busta has a family that loves and depends on him; and he’s far more of a man having done what he had to do to stay out of the system and take care of his family, rather than waste time in there with dumb fucks like you!

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  • dark vanilla

    EREAL, u wouldn’t last 5 minutes in jail before someone rapped ur white ass.

    • Chris Thinks You’re Stupid!!!!!


  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check me out and add me if you like what you hear thanks.



  • master cheef

    sho nuff on da getdown

  • Fireforreal

    I like Busta but why does he have to be following the same trend as these young rappers ? assaulting people,getting caught with an unregistered weapon or drugs in the car.Busta is dope but he’s too old for that shit.That don’t make him thoro or real.He was never like that and once he got on aftermath he got arrested like 5 times.He needs to get back to dressin all weird like before and focus on his music.Remember What Common said on the Why ? remix why you wait til your 30 to try to be hard? That could apply to a nigga like Busta,Busta.Grow up nigga.

  • j3

    Thats hilarious. They must’ve heard the dillagence mixtape and decided he’s got a couple of good bars left to spit before he needs jail time=(a career boost)

  • http://www.hip-hopkings.com Stu

    I like Busta, but he does do some stupid shit.

  • uptownshon

    keep ya head up

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