After the world of baseball was rocked by revelations that top athletes had been using performance-enhancing steroids, a new article in the Albany Times Union claims that various musicians may have also been the recipients of steroids and human growth hormones. The New York paper received documents from Congress' ongoing steroid investigation that indicate that hip-hop stars like 50 Cent, Timbaland and Wyclef—along with other high profile celebrities like Mary J. Blige and Tyler Perry—may have been among tens of thousands of people who may have received the controversial substances.

The documents claim that the stars, who sometimes used fictitious names, were shipped prescribed human growth hormone or steroids at hotels, studios, homes, a Manhattan fitness club and the office of a Long Island chiropractor named Michael Diamond. The paper claims that the lure of such hormonal drugs is their supposed anti-aging effects, which have never been proven. Law enforcement officials say that they have no evidence that the customers of such drugs have broken any laws, and that they will be targeting the clinics, doctors and pharmacists who prescribed them instead.