Yung Joc Misses Arraignment on Weapons Charge, Bond Doubled

Atlanta rapper Yung Joc failed to appear at an arraignment hearing in Cleveland this morning and has had his bond raised to $100,000. According to the Associated Press, Joc was a no-show at the Cuyahoga County courthouse, where he was expected to answer to charges of carrying a concealed weapon. Joc was arrested on Monday (December 24) at Ohio’s Hopkins International Airport when security personnel discovered a semiautomatic weapon in his carry on luggage as the rapper tried to board a Delta Airlines flight. Stanley Jackson Jr., Joc’s attorney, told the court that his client was busy with family and personal obligations. Cuyahoga County assistant prosecutor Gayle Williams is expected to ask the court to issue an arrest warrant for the rapper. Municipal Judge Michael John Ryan advised Jackson that his client must appear in court and doubled the “Coffee Shop” star’s bond from the previous amount of $50,000.

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  • taddaddy

    i pity the fool

    • pp

      somebody had to put it in his bag cause Joc anit like that.

  • rheemson

    asshole we need less rappers more good f.i.s.h


    Another brother willing to let his carrer as well his life be in jeopordy over some B.S.! We have to do better than this. We need to think before we act! 1NE!

  • Loony T

    he better meet them in the court…. or it aint “goin down”

  • Craptacular

    One day Mixtape sale 25% off everything

  • Jeopardy

    This nigga is just daring a judge for a lengthy lock-up…

  • Dee

    what is going on?

  • KiLLa Q

    dumb nigga..

    he wanna go 2 jail fo a minute..

  • ill G

    hahahah what a fool

  • micokng

    come on joc everyone knows better to pac at a airport ……

  • brebre

    a dumb nigga like this make the whole black people suffer. can you blame the authorities pickin on us? get locked up for life, yung joke.

  • Mr KCMO

    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. What a retard. Who in their right mind tries to carry on a gun anymore, even the crazy Jihadists know better.



  • Andrew

    I hope he gets life, what a fucking idiot.

  • fireforreal

    Straight up Dumb ass nigga. That’s it he’s just a stupid nigga he should also be locked up for making garbage music and calling it hip hop.

  • yourFATazzMAMA

    Then he misses his court date? God Damn he’s so S.O.S.

    S.O.S. = Stuck on Stupid

  • niggafrommemphis

    The only reason I’m postin this comment is to say I’m not commenting on this bullshit no mo whether it’s the south east west or whereever.I’m startin to believe that niggas ain’t that stupid and bad publicity is better than none.So to the ho ass niggas in the east who love to talk shit,man up and admit your shit need some upgrading.After all,Joc might as well be on bad boy,bad boy south doesn’t mean anything as far as the south is concerned,that includes my niggas 8ball and Mjg,but I seriously doubt they toting thangs in planes.

  • K_Lang

    Yo, first off, who the hell u think u are missing court and sending ur lawyer?! Second this IS a publicity stunt, cuz i aint never heard no one say that yung joc is hard. He wanna be Jeezy. Now he toting guns and getttin warrants, u is gangsta now n*gga. You a cerified hard nigga. This is all about a felony. To be a certified gangsta rapper u need a felony.

  • Rednose pit bull

    will people quit thinking that every time a dumb rapper getts popped for stupid shit that its a publicity stunt..what he did ws fucking dumb because hes a fucking idiot,publicity stunts are made to make u look good or hard,not make u look stupid as fuck..he did this because hes stupid,noone would make them selves look that stupid on purpose,hes just really that fucking stupid..he probley took a gun on an airplane before and our stupid security did not notice so the fucking idiot though he can do it plublicity stunt,just stupidity

  • Rednose pit bull

    if it was a felny for publicity,then hed have done something to look good or hard,not something this stupid..hes just a fucking idiot,and anyone why thinks he did that just for publicity,then ur a fucking idiot too..HES JUST A FUCKING IDIOT

  • Jerod

    I think every time an artist gets arrested, it’s very meticulously planned out and executed for publicity and public image. “Mayne I gots ta keeps it real up in hurr mayne ya kna mean? Ya kna i be gangsta when I gets muhself arrested on purpose ya kna mean? fa real lil’ niggas.”

    Skipping an arraignment is just plain stupid though.


    K- lang you fool this is no stunt, and you don’t know the real world. A fully loaded firearm, in an airport is a very serious charge, besides the local courts , and the FEDs will pick it up.If you can’t beat that case run! F the judge and the DA they were going to wash your black ass joc anyways so enjoy all that you can before they catch up with you.

    Oh and thanks for the certified compliment, I got two of those hot ones.

  • jc-usda

    is these niggas 4real who the fuck takes a gun thru airline secruity in 2007. these rappers who do shit like this never sold no real coke or popped off @ shit in they the mid 80′s there were real rappers that were true stick up kids and kicked it wit hoimes 4real that moved mad units.i have been grimey since 91 and these niggas ain’t REAL

  • Rockcity

    What the fuck do regions have to do with the story????????????? Bad Publicity is better than none?????? With thoughts like that, the south will stay losing, Naw but 4real north south, east, west, a Dumb ass is a dumb ass. Joc should be locked up ne way for killing hip hop, I guess the more money u make the more blind u become to reality.

    • GoFiGuRe!!

      @Rockcity: I totally agree with a dumb ass is a dumbass no matter where you from and Joc should be locked up for killing hip hop…HAHAH that shit is too funny..

  • kiss

    his rap always make moved~~ He was found to appear on a millionaire$celebrity dating club “”where Chairle sheen found some dates with hot girls.
    i am not sure whether it ios true

  • Flymasta




  • Stu

    Dude missed this on purpose, no one can tell me different.

    How stupid though, trying to get a gun through the airport!!

  • Rednose pit bull

    i really really wish people like jerod would learn to read and write.scroll up and look how he spells,i understand thats how wer all talk,but theres no need to spell words wrong and make ur self sound like a fucking idiot because how u spell..

    “Mayne I gots ta keeps it real up in hurr mayne ya kna mean? Ya kna i be gangsta when I gets muhself arrested on purpose ya kna mean? fa real lil’ niggas.”

    hahaha mayne is spelled man,hurr? hahah HERE!!
    just because we talk like that,dont mean you have to spell like that..i talk with the same slang,but u dont see me trying to type in slang jst too look cool,anyone that does that is fake..the crazyiest killers over here on our south side (chicago) all talk like this,but you never see them spelling like that because its stupid as fuck and make us all look like a bunch of non reading non writeing non spelling idiots! think bout it,it is stupid…..hahahahah idiot

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