Yung Joc Issues Statement Denying Wrongdoing, Looks to Clear His Name

Yung Joc, who was arrested earlier this week when a weapon was discovered in his carry on luggage at Cleveland’s Hopkins International Airport, has issued a statement denying any wrongdoing on his part. Joc, was taken into custody and charged with carrying a concealed weapon after authorities discovered a semi-automatic pistol and armor piercing ammunition when he attempted to board a flight on Monday. He insists that he did not know the gun was in his luggage and has vowed to clear his name. “I have the utmost respect for the laws of this country and would never deliberately commit an act that would jeopardize my freedom, my family, or my career,” the rapper said in the statement. “I’ve worked very hard to achieve my goals, and it’s unfortunate that this current situation has garnered more attention than the many donations I’ve made and the charitable work I’ve done with various organizations.” He went on to proclaim his love for the United States and expressed his faith in the judicial system. Joc was reprimanded by Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Michael Ryan on Wednesday (December 26) after he showed up several hours late to his arraignment hearing. Joc is due back in Cuyahoga County court on January 25.

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  • mirked

    this nigga think he’s britney spears showing up late to court, but he needs to remember thats he’s black not white

    • Mr.Wang

      Ya damn right nigga I fuckin’ co-sign.

      Niggas need to stop carryin’ around guns any damn way.

      Ya’ll rap niggas is not fuckin’ Tony Montana ya retards.

      White man settin’ ya’ll up for destruction ya’ll bitches.

  • Bigg Threat

    a cuz that nigga joc direspecting that south wit da publicity stunt we gon trade that nigga to the north for fat joe

    • K_Lang

      Yo, I say first of all Fat Joe is East Coast and yall can have that nigga cuz he garbage right now, second we dont want no m*thaf*kin yung joc yall can keep that nigga too.

  • Flymasta



  • EReal

    He went on to proclaim his love for the United States and expressed his faith in the judicial system.
    We’ll see about that when they lock his ass up.



  • ill G

    im tellin u its all a mistake… lets hope theres a permit for it, and lets hope its his bodyguard that owns it and was just accidentally in the bag that he was carrying…it can happen! lol

  • beezie fo sheezie

    Bigg Threat says:

    a cuz that nigga joc direspecting that south wit da publicity stunt we gon trade that nigga to the north for fat joe


  • Rednose pit bull

    im gonna say it one more time,this had nothing to do with publicity u stupid fuck..quit blameing it on pubicity,the fact is he just stupid! if it was publlicity,then he wouldnt be trying to clear his name andhe wouldnt have done something to look dumb,he would have done something to look good,think about it idiot..yall blame everything on hip hop police,publicity,and of course the white man..when the fact of the matter is its none of the above,if u dont do nothhing stupid,u no need to worry bout police or the white man..and publicity,shit niggas is just stupid and do stupid things and get popped,they dontdo this shit to get caught on purpose they do it thinking they are slick and get caught because theyare fucking idiots

    • Tre Trilla

      Hey, didnt I already tell you about getting on here acting all gangsta, huh,didnt I ??? U just dont listen do u boy… U the clown that said so what about KanyeWest mom dying….

      I got something for you boy…

  • barbarian at the gate

    The whole thing smells of a publicity stunt & what the fuck was this knucklehead thinking showing up hours late to his arraignment?

    Stupid to tempt fate even further, especially when the system gets stuck having to decide how hard to put the zap on your hip-hop head.

    Reading statements written by his lawyer won’t cover bullshit behavior.

  • nioggafrommemphis

    WHo really gives a fuck if you have given to charity?When you slip,you slip,point blank.Dope dealers,killers and crooked politicians always do shit to make they selves look good and shit.The difference between your ass and theirs’ is that they don’t miss court dates.What the fuck were you doin?I don’t want to know

  • Stu

    I can’t believe someone is that stupid.
    I agree, publicity stunt.

  • Emmanuel

    You pussy niggaz should shut ya motherfuckin mouth iight Yung Joc got respect and his lyrics is Clean as hell.You fake faggots just being jealous of Ma Nigga Joc.I know he is innocent and he will make it up to the county.This guy is 4real so u Pussy niggaz should shut ya motherfuckin mouth cuz y’all talk too motherfuckin much and i wish Joc should do the “Cut Throat” Shit in yo asses.
    Youg Game.

  • jaegutta313

    What blk man says he has respect 4 the law? Joc just lost his ghetto pass

  • Rednose pit bull

    didnt i already tell you u aint shit but a little fronting bitch? tre trilla,ahhaah u are a joke,im not acting hard,i have never threatened anyone on here because im no internet wanna be thug like you..i dont make public threats,only fake idiots do!! your the one that thinks ur tough when really ur a little bitch behind a computer! grow the fuck up u wanna be bitch…
    and again,anyone who things someone would do something this stupid for publicity is dumb! not even the dumbest fuck alivewould even thionk that was publicity. do u guys know what the fuck publicity is???? oveously not,publicity is to look GOOD, or HARD,to give ur self street credit to the people who listen to u,not make urself lok stupid,doing that wont help sell records,if anything it made people not want to har his shit…and to top it off hes trying to fight and deny the case? thats not publicity..and tre,take a word of dvice,shut the fuck up before all ur bullshit talk gets u in trouble some day.. FUCKING LAME

  • Rednose pit bull

    if ur really this big bad gangster and really out there shooting people,then why were u crying like a little raped bitch when i talked about kanyes mom? i know what i saidwas bogus,but if u a real killer,why would u care about someone u dont know?? name one real killer in the street that gives a fuck about a stranger?? that tells me and everyone reading this that you are a stright up fake ass shit talking wanna be say what u want,i just called u out and that prooves ur a full of shit punk ass bitch!!!nigga i live on the south side of chi,i live by killers,not one of them gives a fuck about anyones life,let alone some rich rappers moms life… FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and anone reading this thats real or really lives in the hood knows im right! anyone real can smell the wanna be on this pussy ass dude,your not fooling anyone bitch

  • Rednose pit bull

    one last thin TRE… im on 59th and western..thats all ill say,i wont make threats or act hard,but if u are real,and really live in chi,come through…we can settle it like mn,that is if u really are one hahahahahah but im sure ur just an internet gangster so im sure i wont see u bending the block…but like i said,thats were i live,any time you want to come by,come by just ask for alex,there aint one nigga on this block that dont know me…im here anytime playa

    • Caliko

      there aint one nigga on this block that dont know me…im here anytime playa

      Yeah u that faggot ass bitch that alwayz stay on the computer typing up some ol bull, r fuckin serious? Alex Trabet would probably whip ya ass..bitch

    • Tre Trilla

      I smell pussy.. I know where u are, how bout we holla over breakfast at the 79th St bus terminal across from Sharks. Man I cant wait, 7-4 til the World Blow.. Ima go in Ford City mall to find something to wear for the occassion,Im thinking all Black…!

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  • Ray

    nigga better chill out he aint paid like puff, he’ll get “shyned out”. you only better cases unless u got serious cake

  • Tre Trilla

    Ray what u saying Folks??????

  • kavork

    he sure talks alot of shit on record to respect the law

  • Rodjilius

    honestly why is he gettin so much publicity over that is it because its like his first offense or, first big offense whatever