Shooting Victim Sues Remy Ma, Universal Records

The woman who says Remy Ma shot her in the abdomen in front of a Manhattan pizzeria last July, filed suit against the rapper and Universal Records on Friday (December 21). According to Reuters, Makeda Barnes-Joseph’s suit, filed today in Manhattan federal court, claims that Remy “wilfully, wantonly and maliciously” shot and injured her, causing “severe physical harm and mental anguish.” The suit also names Universal Records and Sure Shot Recordings, two of the rapper’s record labels, claiming that they encouraged her to engage in violence as part of her image. Barnes-Joseph is seeking $10 million in damages. Just yesterday, the judge in Remy’s criminal trial denied her request to travel outside of the country for a European tour. Her attorney argued that his client desperately needed the $35-40,000 that the trip would have earned her.

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  • yourFATazzMAMA

    who eva says first can suck my big cock

  • big nick digga

    Sure Shot Recordings……..

    the name says it all.

  • yourFATazzMAMA

    see, if u gonna shoot someone, u gotta finish da job, cuz dis sh!t will happen.

    Whut a sad society we live in now deez days

    Hip-Hop 1980?/2008?
    forgot when did it started

    • ill G

      um… i wanna say 1978-2008 lol

  • Beav

    damn yo im tellin remy real. this bitch got shot in fuckin july, and wants to file suit almost 6 months later? stupid cunt wants to get rich quik dats all

  • ill G

    daaaaaaaamn she gone need more than that tour to pay that chick off lol

  • joey doe

    rem is my bitch..but i dint know if her gangsta, gyn toting ass is gonna beat this crazy ass wrap that only has the finger pointing at her…unless shes got someone in the backround ready to pump a million in hard cold cash into a top notch johnny cochran ass lawyer…then the castle hill/ trinity project crack slinging/ best female emcee will beat this montage against her..innocent till proven guilty huh Rem?

  • M.C


    50′s that

    Your mofoz need to have a blog on that sht

  • Cali is Active

    Foremost Joey Doe, you idiot Remy is a transformer more like a decipicon. And if she was so hot then why was she tripping off 3 racks? I guess crack sales must be slow for her. Rem aint real she shot her own friend no loyality

  • carlos

    every one need’s to grow up

  • Peru

    Damn nigga!!! $10 million for getting shot, shit who has a gun…I know this is gonna get settled out of court and with all honesty who are we to say the bitch that got shot dosen’t deserve a couple million, but damn $10 million!!! Shit I need to go to clubs with ignorant ass rappers that have guns and pray I’m so fortunate to get shot in the ass buy one with a major record deal so I can sue their label…I really wanna know what happens and how much the woman gets

  • c.lox

    u see kim doesnt have to end her carear…she’s doin it all by herself—real talk !!!!

  • Stu

    I don’t blame her, if someone shot me, they would damn pay for it!!

  • JAE GUTTA 313


  • Rednose pit bull

    hahahah..remy got herself in more shit then she can afford!should have killed the bitch if she didnt want this to happen…i dont see why shes not in jail if its true though…id sue the bitch too though,whatever u gotta do to make some money,i dont give a fuck if u gotta work,hustle,rob,or in this case sue to get do what u gotta do..if i got shot by a rapper,fuck it id sue to just to put ome cheese in my pocket..i aint mad at her

  • miami_vice

    it’s over. wish her the best though. Pray !

  • Bk4life

    Hahaah datz what remy get dat bronx hoe see talkin all dat smooth shit and thinkin shit is sweet..but KIM would wax her azz real fuckin talk yo remy betta…watch da broom stick cuz the bitch gon be gon 4 a long time…

    Hip-Hopz Finest

    In da Words Of Biggie
    I rely on bed-stuy
    To shut em down
    When I die

  • Alcoholic Boogieman

    All u sissies laughin about somebody in legal trouble is some han’s down hoes(hoe ass niggaz)

  • Alcoholic Boogieman

    yall the type of muthafuckas that look out the window in everybody buisiness waitin to tell.

  • Flymasta

    It’s sad that remy has to go thru this but u know the saying

    “stupid niggas do stupid nigga things”

  • co
  • truth

    ok first of all people need to stop hating on remy,she definitely spits on all her tracks and she is highly underated. second, nobody knows what really happened that night but the people who were there and according to a article i read rem said she aint even shoot the bitch it sounds to me like the girl is jealous and broke so she trying to get rich quick PERIOD.



  • miguel

    remy had the potential to be the best female emcee since lyte. however, she is getting sued for 10 mill that she does not have.

    it is horrible that you guys think this is funny. it’s stupid not funny

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  • Remy “SASQUATCH” Man

    This SASQUATCH looking bitch obviously cant even afford 2G’s, what the fuck makes u think she got $10M…Karma’s a muthafucka aint it REMY MAN…. JESUS CHRIST has struck down on u !!!

  • Fu*k Gremlyn Pa

    See what happens when all these rappers try to PROVE THEIR GANGSTA? They fuck themselves over in the end! REMY DESERVES EVERYONE 1 BIT OF KARMA SHE GETS!

  • Big Pun

    Remy should have been @ home spending time with her SON! Not running around tryna be a 30year old gangsta..Fucking stupid dumb whore… Good for her.. I feel sorry for her child tho.. I hope she gets thrown the books !!!!

  • Lucky

    i dont know what to say but that i love lesbians. i dont care if remy ma is one or not i mean its cool. i would love to see remy and trina maybe the girls from crime mob diamond and princess are pretty hot too.

    i wont mess around any more. the truth is that most of the worlds most beautiful women are african american or latin.

  • yonkers

    what a pussy she should lose all of her street cred you dont sue some one when you get blasted you shoot em back