A father in the Roseville section of Sacramento, Ca. was shocked to discover explicit music from the Diplomats on a Disney Channel Hits CD that was supposed to contain music from Hannah Montana and High School Musical. According to CBS 13, Jeremy Danielson purchased the CD for his daughter at a local Toys R Us store, but received quite a surprise when his family opened it up on Christmas morning. “It was definitely not Hannah Montana, it was like graphic lyrics, like gangsta rap,” Danielson told a reporter. “Real explicit lyrics, sexual content, just stuff you don’t want your little kids to hear.” In a video report posted on the CBS website, the song “I Love You” from the first Diplomats group album, Diplomatic Immunity, can clearly be heard playing in the background. “We are a Christian family and we don't bring media like that into our house,” Danielson said. The father of three contacted the Toys R Us store where the CD was purchased, but a representative explained that they are merely the distributor and are not responsible for the product. A call made to Disney by CBS was yet to be returned.