Sacramento Father Shocked to Discover Dipset Music on Disney CD

A father in the Roseville section of Sacramento, Ca. was shocked to discover explicit music from the Diplomats on a Disney Channel Hits CD that was supposed to contain music from Hannah Montana and High School Musical. According to CBS 13, Jeremy Danielson purchased the CD for his daughter at a local Toys R Us store, but received quite a surprise when his family opened it up on Christmas morning. “It was definitely not Hannah Montana, it was like graphic lyrics, like gangsta rap,” Danielson told a reporter. “Real explicit lyrics, sexual content, just stuff you don’t want your little kids to hear.” In a video report posted on the CBS website, the song “I Love You” from the first Diplomats group album, Diplomatic Immunity, can clearly be heard playing in the background. “We are a Christian family and we don’t bring media like that into our house,” Danielson said. The father of three contacted the Toys R Us store where the CD was purchased, but a representative explained that they are merely the distributor and are not responsible for the product. A call made to Disney by CBS was yet to be returned.

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  • EReal


  • cmoney85

    That is funny how it shook that household and yet anything past humor i don’t care to know about this guys family big deal


      dat nigga frontin, he aint get dat shit from toys r us, he got it from da bootlegger standin in front of toys r us!!!…lol…they prolly was bout 2 eat morning breakfast and dat dipset shit came on and scared da fuck out they asses!!!

      • DGX

        why dont you try to speak english?

  • Rednose pit bull

    i understand if he dont want his kids hearing this type of music,but dont cry about it like a baby and cause a big scene,just take it away and dontbuy it again,crying about it is just plain stupid


    Whites are scare of gangsta rap

    • ta mere la put

      hahaha you’re so dumb^^ the biggest gangstas where white ;) al capone …..

    • Matthew Fells

      wow whites get up set about gangster rap, but dont that metal rock shit cause schools to get shot up ??????

  • http://xxl

    wow, big fucking deal

  • Danny

    LMAO! Disney is subliminally sponsoring Dipset!!

  • jacko

    im white bitch im not afaid of gangsta rap!
    i dont no ne1 that is

    • ill G

      oh wow well that explains the stupid ass comments you be makin..fuckin saltine cracker lmao

    • ill G

      oh wow well that explains the stupid ass comments you be makin..fuckin saltine cracker lmao

      • Dickrider Hater

        Damn, well how do we explain the only time you make a comment is when you’re dickriding someone else’s comment Ali G?

        Racism = Ignorance

        Balls on ya forehead.

  • BIG O

    ifeel be mad to find dip set on any cd ecspecially a kids one

  • jacko

    thats only cause there shit u wudnt want it on a cd!like u wudnt want lupe on it!

  • nixs

    That story is hilarious, but I wonder what listening to Dipset has to do with being a Christian family? I wish I had been there!!!

    • Yung Xcellent

      I agree shawty I know pastors that listen to hip hop I feel its another way to try and degrade the culture but none the less hip hop is still one of the top grossing markets world wide so never mind the naysayers.

  • texasleen

    i wouldnt want my music associated with disney anyways they are racist walt disney was a fuckin racist fuck disney i bet the dumbass dad is going to try and sue saying his kids never heard language like that just because ur christian doesnt make you any better

  • co
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  • big e

    dipset byrdgang bitch’s

  • green eyes


  • Steve_Largent

    Maybe he got mad cuz it was the Mixtape version

    “I worship the late prophet/The great Mohammed Omar Atta/For his courage behind the wheel of the plane/Reminds me of when I was dealing caine”.


  • ddubbzz

    yo…straight up…thats the funniest thing i read all day

  • nessnice
  • game over

    LOL @ idiots saying he shouldn’t complain. if you bought a cd with a dipset cover and a hannah montana cd was in the case, you’d be calling the store to complain too, you morons.

  • one shot deal

    LMAO!!!!! I wish I could just see the looks on their faces. Theres no point in trying to shield your kids from it, they are going to hear swears and everything sometime. I watched rated r movies when I was like 6 years old lol

    • ill G

      and look how fucked up u turned out

      • Dickrider Hater

        Did someone order a dickrider?

  • Darkman

    Yow! That shit is funny,most christians r worst than normal people

  • latino heat

    this is funny as hell. if u were smart u all would complain about this too. u know how much this dude is about to get cashed out by disney. shit u would be stupid not to complain about it. i’d take that cd straight to operah. u know she aint having that shit.

    • Dan99

      You people are funny, trying to get any dollar you can, almost like scavengers, nowadays we have all types of liabilities laws that are so stupid, just so the company dosn’t get sued. It’s like what ever happen to common sense.

      • Fire

        Co-sign to the fullest! Somebody gets it.

  • princerudynasim


  • SAC KING 916

    im from fuckin roseville blood ha this shit is rediculous haha

  • render

    psssh…dudes prolly just another hatin ass jay-z stan

  • Gok

    Its probably cause dipset fans by Disney CDs.

    • noid

      true story.they probably like the different colors and shit.


    Sht i’ll get mad too…Sht any cd that has a dipset nigga on it–is nothing that kids or ppl that like music should listen to..

    ALl they talk about is harlem, hoes, stupid metaphors and balinnnnn”” which i still doesn’t quiet understand what that means..LMAO

    that’s what that family prolly thinking –i feel em”.. I wouldn’t want my kids listening to that nigga Hell Rell { shaba ranks son} LOL

  • DocZeus

    That’s what you get for trying to buy Hannah Montana…



  • texasleen

    lmao @ i watched rated r movies when i was 6 that shit is corny

  • Lotto

    LOL Dip Set bitch, what up Cam !!!

  • houston’s finest

    fuck def jam, DISNEY IS REALLY MAJOR!!!!! dipset all day baby!!!! and because they are a “christian” family doesn’t mean shit, i’ma christian too and i listen to “gangsta” rap. i just don’t live that life they rap about.

  • youngchilders

    id be upset to find dipset on my cd 2 or my kids i dont want my kids listing 2 some lame shit…i want em 2 listen 2 that real shit like bone thug and wayne and all them

  • Jack

    he didn’t get that at toy’s are us thats some bootleg shit.

  • Troublesome

    I live in roseville, thats too funny! LMFAO

  • yourFATazzMAMA

    you guys r stupid as fuck, He’s not degrading or dissin hip-hop, i even bet u dat he don’t care if dipset is in it. He’s only mad cause he bought the CD for his kid, and find out dat it has Explict Lyrics in it. Do u want ur kids to listen to Dipset, G-unit, Mac Dre, or whuteva, and to start to disrespect ur azz, at an early age? THERE’S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KIDS AND ADULTS…

    I’m not hatin, i’m juss statin the truth…

  • SeanSwedenRepresent

    hahahha funny shit, when he says: explicit lyrics and sexual content it sounds so illegal, but all music i listen to is like that and i never think about it, but i can´t help it Hip Hop has been the shit since i was born in Brazil 1991, DipSet DipSet!!!!

  • Mal

    The man in this story is my brother in law. The CD says “Disney Channel Hits” but obviously isn’t. He called the news because he wanted other families to know about it. I don’t care who you are, its not really appropriate for 5 year old kids to listen to music like this.

  • problamz

    The funny thing about this whole things is, Yes the customer might get caked by Disney not to take it any further that it has too, but Disney might get caked off cause they might push 100K extra units this week alone, cause of the story, Y’all know contreversy sells, no matter white or black.

  • King

    LOL – I bet one of those Disney people sat on the Hannah Montana CD’s and snapped it and were like “Oh Fuck!”

    Then they went looking for any CD, finally finding the Diplomats one and saying “Ahh shit, this will do.”


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  • JCity

    Look!!!!!!! Has anyone even heard juelz on the CD??????? If they have is it really explicit matereial??????? Some people over react when they hear something that they are not used to and stereo type it for what they THINK they are hearing because of slang used. I highly doubt that Juelz Santana is on a Disney CD with wrong intentions…..there is a time and a place for everything and I think(just my opinion)that there has to be a misunderstanding/interpretation on what he thinks he heard…….if not, I want to hear it for myself. I tried to google it and a couple of things popped up like exclusively for Toys R Us and when I looked at some of the track listing, I didn’t see Juelz Santanas’ name anywhere on it?????????????HHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM……….enlighten me please.

  • the ghost of hip-hop history

    dipset sucks but this is funny as hell if it was lupe and his positive message they would be happy disney did this on purpose now hip-hop looks awful

  • moresickaMC

    It was silly of Disney to put it on there…real talk


    the father is a closet racist and that xxl mag article has racist understatements.

  • micguevara

    Ok why am i even posting,but here goes,This story makes no sense?was it a dipset cd in a disney case?or was it the disney cd,a mix cd which just had a diplomats song on it?the article says it was the song “i love you” which starts off with no sexual talk or much violence,unless he kept the cd in and listened to the whole song.maybe the guy heard santan say he worships mohammed ali,which is why he found it so apaling?this guy is a ass hole and so aint his brother in law

    • Mal

      The CD came in a Disney Channel hits case, it says “Disney Channel Hits” on the cd label. The label that was purchased at Toys R Us… but the music on the CD isn’t Hannah Montana or any other ‘disney channel hits,’ its rap.,. the whole cd. Its inappropriate for 5 year olds. He found it ‘appalling’ because they are trying to raise their kids in an environment where they don’t hear things like this. Of course kids are going to hear it one day, but honestly would you want your 5 year old hearing things like that?

      • Mack wit a big ole Cack

        My 5 year old will tell you you’re bitchmade. Straight up.

        I make him ride his bike over to the D-Man’s house with his Bob the Builder backpack to cop my bricks. One day he come back and my big homie was there and the bricks were on the table and he said “WTF, your lil man is right there!” and I turned to baby boy and said “What do you see?” and he says “I dont see nothin” Thats a good son right there dawg.

        Fuck your pussy ass 5 year old faggot child, he gonna get his lunch money took for sure. Ole bed pissin mommas boy pussy!

  • Nfamous

    maybe if it was another rapper he wouldn’t have been as mad. dipset lame asses tryin to be hard but sponsored by disney. fuckin wankstas!!

  • JC


  • Flymasta



  • biggiesmallsxl

    fuck dipset that shits gayer than little hannah montanna.

    i’ll bet that faggot ass looney toon lot29 bitch would want to be on a disney cd.

    Juelz is prolly slippin dipset cd’s in disney cases so he can get signed there.

    fuckin faggot ass dipset. disney is harder than that gay ass shit!

    “Disney” When it’s Reppin’ time!

  • biggiesmallsxl

    fuckin’ faggot ass Lot29 Juelz Santana is prolly tryin to get signed by disney.

    mickey mouse has more street cred than gay fuckin dipset.

  • Trickdd


  • CA is ACTIVE

    cracker ville rose ville…

    next time don’t be cheap buy an nintendo WII

  • Lucky

    oh no a white girl got the wrong cd what ever will we

    come on old man you just dont like rap or hiphop. he probly from the klan. i bet if he got the wrong cd instead of hip hop deathmetal all that devil workingshipping shit he would not said nothing cuz most of them bands are white and paint them selfs ever more white.

    just drop the act and say u dont like other races you old fool.

  • lucky is ignorant

    lucky is mad ignorant ^^^

  • lucky is ignorant

    lucky is mad ignorant^^^

  • Stu

    Sure he werent shocked how wack they were????

    Get a life dude!! We adults, we swear!

  • niggafrommemphis

    Rather the dude is a racist(christan?)or not,parents are responsible to the things that are exposed to their chidren and this is another example.Even I sometimes don’t like listening to all that cussin’ and shit cuz they have limited vocabs.I don’t bump UGK,Tooshort.or geto boys around little kids and their is nothin wrong with anyone exposing their kids to positive shit.

  • thuglombian23 em dudes alwaiz sain when sum1 comfronts em “yo B dis aint no beef im just trying 2 get sum money”

  • AlSween

    this is common sense. you don’t play explicit stuff for minors. has nothing to do with anybody not liking hip hop.

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  • JP productions

    FUCK dipset

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  • jacko

    surpised u even no who the hell ali g is u borat lookin bitch,go back and suck on ur mums piss stinkin saggy pussy lips cause thats all ur good 4 bitch.

  • LOL




  • Jcity

    I’m (lol)sorry(LOL)……..but i just checked out the clip and like it or not……it’s funny……You must remember that all things are made by us and we do make mistakes…..there is no telling what happened durring the packing and shipping process……these are called ACCIDENTS!!!!!! Get over it and pray a little harder….trust me Jesus forgives and has a sence of humor too.



  • ProDG

    Dude just overreacted, Dipset rappers are so soft that theyre practically on the same level as Disney. I’d be more worried if the little girl acctidentally got a G Unit CD


    HAHAHAHA!!! all that though? he over reacted & Dipset for life boy! Let the kid pick up some Plies & his dirty stuff, THEN i`d REALLY be on some other type stuff with Toys R Us.
    “i Love You” is the song…

  • Kara Miles

    Wow I’m literally the only comment to your awesome article.