Compton, CA rap veteran Quik (formerly known as DJ Quik) has revealed to that his long-awaited album with The Fixxers, a collaborative effort with rapper/producer AMG, was recently made available for sale on the internet without his permission. The 12-track album Midnight Life, which was rumored to be released through Interscope and Quik's imprint Dirty West, became available for purchase yesterday (Dec 10) on the MySpace page of a label called the Secret Music Group.

While the Secret Music Group appears to be affiliated with Quik, AMG and The Fixxers via advertisments on all of their profile pages, Quik explained that this is not the case. He claims that the album that is currently available to purchase is an unfinished version that was stolen by a former business partner, who then hacked into his Myspace page to make it appear as if the subsequent release was legitimate. "As of December 10th, my pass code got stolen by somebody that doesn't like me," Quik explains. "His name is Hudson Baxter, he's a nobody from St. Louis who's trying to be Suge Knight, a tough guy, he's trying to beat up everybody in Los Angeles...He stole my shit, and he's posting stuff and he's trying to advertise it." Quik stresses that is out of his control, and he will be creating a new profile soon. He will now be stepping away from The Fixxers project to focus on working with Snoop Dogg on his new album Ego Trippin'

Stay tuned to hear Quik discussing the album leak and his work on the Snoop album in an upcoming video.