Prodigy of Mobb Deep is preparing for the release his third solo LP, H.N.I.C. Pt. 2, on Voxonic Music in March of 2008. The QB native, who will begin serving a 3 ½ year sentence on weapons charges on January 9, recently launched the website in support of the project and has reportedly shot videos for each of the tracks in anticipation of his absence. "Throughout my life, I have always lived through adversity,” Prodigy said in a statement. “I'm a survivor. You don't understand the mental power that I have. While I'm locked up, I'm going to be writing lyrics, working on the script for my second feature film, Dope, and finish writing an autobiography of my life which will be finished by the time I'm released. My mind is going to be focused and I'll have time to think and map out my entire plan.” P’s partner Havoc and longtime Mobb collaborator The Alchemist are handling the bulk of the production on the project, which will also feature tracks from a number of up and coming producers. Additionally, Voxonic will be using their proprietary technology to translate the album into 1,400 different languages, enabling fans across the world to hear the entire LP in their own native dialects. "I'll be the first hip hop artist to release a record that's converted into foreign languages using the Voxonic voice conversion technology,” P said of the venture. “The technology they use is a great opportunity for me to keep supplying my fans around the world with music to hold them down while I'm away.”