Like the boy who cries wolf, many rappers have threatened to retire, only to emerge with new music after a brief break. Still, there's always the chance that one stubborn MC will actually make good on his threats and hang up the mic for good. When asked about rumors that he wanted to retire after his next album, Chicago MC Lupe Fiasco had this to say:

"I’m kind of 85% sure. I love music, I love performing, I love my fans, but I don’t like recorded music. I don’t like record labels and I don’t like the industry. It’s such an unfair deal; it wears and tears on you. It’s not that I’m scared of work, but that work starts to eat away at you and you need to start to make the decision about how you’re going to proceed. At a certain point, you’re going to have to kind of concede to the darker side of doing business to really succeed or you’re going to have to make that song you really don’t feel that you should be making to achieve a certain level of success. It’s like growing up and really looking at the purpose of life and meaning of life and realizing that this is really minuscule in comparison to everything else. Recorded music is the worst, the absolute worst next to probably slavery. In a lot of respects, it can amount to just that."

Given his frustrations, we wanted to find out how the fans would feel if Lupe decided to call it quits after the follow-up to The Cool drops. Well, according to the results of our poll, 68% of you responded "No! Hip-hop needs him!" They like you Lupe. They really like you! Check out the full results below and don't forget to vote in our weekly polls on the homepage.

Should Lupe Fiasco retire after his next album, as he's been threatening to do?

1. No! Hip-hop needs him! 68%

2. Who is Lupe Fiasco again? 14%

3. He's had a good run, why not. 9%

4. He should retire right now. 8%