By now, you've all probably heard both Ghostface's Big Doe Rehab and Wu-Tang's reunion album 8 Diagrams. But with all the controversy surrounding their too close for comfort release dates, the question remains: which album is better? Was Raekwon right to call RZA a "hip-hop hippie" for the production on 8 Diagrams? Was Ghost right to get upset about Wu's release date stepping on his own? Well, we decided to ask you, the readers, to decide which album was better. You might be surprised to learn that, according to you, Ghostface is better on his own than with his 8 Wu-Tang brethren. That's right, Big Doe Rehab won with 58% of the votes. Check out the results below, and don't forget to vote in all of our polls on the home page:

Which new Clan-related album is better?

Ghostface Big Doe Rehab 58% of all votes

Wu-Tang 8 Diagrams 42% of all votes