Weslyn "Mama Wes" Monroe, the mother of Pimp C, opened up to KFDM News in Port Arthur, TX on Tuesday (December 4) about her sons death. "Pray for his family," Monroe told the station. "He has three gorgeous children. They'll need all the support they can get. I will, too." Monroe explained that Pimp was in Los Angeles working with Memphis based group Three 6 Mafia and taking business meetings at the time of his death. She stressed that the proud MC remained in the small city, even after his fame and prosperity would have allowed him to relocate. “He loved P.A.,” she noted. “And now, you know, we’re all gonna need the support of P.A.” Pimp’s mom also spoke on how her son’s passing will affect the entertainment industry, to which he dedicated his life. "It's going to be a terrible loss to the industry," she said. "He was very intense when it came to his music. If it wasn't absolutely perfect, he wouldn't deal with it. He was a musical genius, and you know, geniuses are always a little strange."