LINK: Beanie Sigel Speaks On Jadakiss & “Roc Boys” Remix

In a new interview with LAist, Beanie Sigel reveals the lineup for Jay-Z’s “Roc Boys (Remix)”, along with his thoughts on Jadakiss’ addition to Roc-A-Fella:

What do you think of the addition of Jadakiss?
It’s great for hip hop. It’s a great look. This is going bring back that energy hip hop is lacking right now. We’ll definitely be working together in the future. In fact, we just did the Roc Boys remix together. Yeah, that remix is me, Jada and Jay. There will definitely be more to come from me and Jada.

He also discusses The Solution leaking almost 3 weeks before its release date:

How did you hear about the leak?
I was out on a promo run down in North Carolina. Someone emailed me and told me, “Yo, your album leaked, it’s on the Internet.” I was thinking that might be the little thing we put out there but my man was like “No, its your whole album.” I was like “Wow!”

Is that frustrating?
Definitely. You in this game to make money and to sell as many albums as you can and go on tour and support that album. When the album finally is in stores you know that line isn’t going to be as long when everyone already had the album three weeks ago.

CLICK HERE to read the full interview with Beans.

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  • meech

    jada, jay and beans for the remix?….should be crazy!… everyones album seems to leak these days…comes wit the territory i guess

  • E

    sounds like it’s gonna B tha $h1t!

  • Mr.Wang

    The Roc doin’ big things. Keep on Beanie keep on.

  • Flipparz


  • Rae Tha Great

    The Remix shouldve been the whole ROC, Uncle Murder, Gunnaz, Tru Life, Bleek, Free, Ye, Peedi, Jada, & Beans thats a Remix. Peace

    • jburg

      That would be a little watered down. Some the niggas you mentioned ain’t even that good.Remixes don’t always gotta have twenty people on it and be ten minutes long! Keep it simple. Less is more.

  • k lang

    Jada is one of the most slept on rappers, i know this is gonna be good look for him. Im lookin forward to some beanie and jada tracks, if j and nas did it then why cant they?

  • Harp

    my nigga beans tryin to get fly now

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  • Adoe

    I agree. I’d rather have a couple of guests riding the beats solidly than the whole crew spittin a couple of throw away lines each.

  • Pingback: Jay-Z » Blog Archive » LINK: Beanie Sigel Speaks On Jadakiss & “Roc Boys” Remix

  • Pingback: Jay-z » LINK: Beanie Sigel Speaks On Jadakiss & “Roc Boys” Remix

  • Tha Roc Is Bacc

    Yea that sounds like a coo remix…but I really wanted to hear that kanye was on tha remix..I know he goin through some stuff..but that would b a great remix…I mean he wasn’t even in tha video..I guess cus of tours..?..idk

    • K_Lang

      Yo, everytime Ye get on a remix, he f*ck it up. Name one song that he did a verse on that was a remix that was at least alright.

  • Fireforreal

    Rae the great your buggin that would make the remix wack because everyone would try to cram in,what like 8 bars ? and Beans and jada can hold it down but Uncle murder and neef suck monkey nuts come on dude stop smokin that shit.

  • Gully

    Good look on the remix and what u smokin man Uncle murder is 1 of a few who lives up to what he spits not like these fake imposters like weezy sucks baby nuts
    East new york.

  • Nino

    Broke ass nigga Beanie sigel


    yea i swiped the leak but i support my Roc boys so it doesn’t count. niggas need to just buy lps. i say boycott all digital downloads. it won’t stop the internet leaks but it will slow it down and create more sales

  • mega_tron_201

    yo that remix should be hottttttttt…..
    ^5 Beans, so far one of or the best album I heard this year..imo =D

  • Juicy

    Y’all need to lay back with all that bootleggin’ and support true hip-hop artists. Beanie Sigel is one of the realist in the game but everyone’s bootleggin his shit! Where as everybody in the ‘burbs went out and bought that Soulja Boy. So because people bootleggin’ commercial, snap and pop rap is taking over because we don’t support the real shit by buying it. We just bootleg everything.

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  • amy

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  • Auguste

    I am not a very good fan of hip hop music, but I could say this remix is okay after I listen to it a few times.