Judge Dismisses Notorious B.I.G. Wrongful Death Suit, Trial Postponed

The family of slain MC The Notorious B.I.G. were dealt a blow in their ongoing legal battle with the city of Los Angeles on Tuesday (December 18). According to LA’s Fox 11, a judge today dismissed a secondary wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family in April. U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper ruled that the family had not filed a claim within the required timeframe. She then granted a request made by the city and imprisoned former cop Rafael Perez to dismiss the case. Perez, a corrupt former cop, has been accused of conspiring with his former partner David Mack to murder the rapper. In 2005 Judge Cooper declared a mistrial in the trial that arose from the original suit filed by Biggie’s family. Fox 11 also reports that the parties involved in the still pending primary suit agreed last week to enter into mediation. As a result, the trial, scheduled for February, will be postponed indefinitely.

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  • http://myspace.com/ninjabeav Beav

    dats fucked up…


    i quit trying to figure out who killed my favorite rapper of all time, ill just leave it up to god… R.I.P. BIGGIE.

  • Gatorade

    Who cares? BIG isn’t relevant anymore, and was never that good anyway.

    Puffy made B.I.G – everyone knows that, and without Puff, B.I.G would have been another overweight low-level drug dealer, probably in jail or sweeping the streets.

    You guys all seem to forget B.I.G was lying in his rhymes most of the time. He wasn’t really getting busy in the streets or living large. He was just talking about someone else’s life – I suspect most of his rhymes were ghost written by Junior Mafia.

    Suge probably killed B.I.G, but that was years ago.

    Forgive and forget. Suge is the man anyway. If it wasn’t for Suge and Deathrow, rap would still be underground right now.

    The thing liked the most about Suge is that he never bent over for the white man, unlike B.I.G, Pac, Puff etc, he always kept it real.

    • ill g

      thats your opinion… but personally i think ur full of shit.. “he always kept it real” wtf is that? suge kept it real by not makin music appealing to masses? by not branching off into clothing, cologne, restaurant, and vodka industries, suge “kept it real?” if i thought the way u do, i’d take a flying leap off a really tall bridge. kill yoself

    • DMT

      Who cares? Forget the music, somebody was murdered you asshole, his mother cares.

    • LMAO at stupid shitheads

      rap went mainstream with Run DMC and LL Cool J. learn the history before you make ignorant ass comments like that one

    • Brooklynite

      Hey yo, Gatorade…step off the train son for real. Biggie was harder than 2Pac. Matter of fact Biggie put 2Pac in the game, stupid. Respect the architects. ‘If it wasnt for suge…’ Dog you should be smacked for your blatant disrespect. Biggie Smalls is dat dude, the greatest innovator of the rap game. He practically gave Jay-Z the blueprint to follow. So get up on your history, stupid. And watch how you disrespect biggie, matter of fact come to brooklyn and say that same sh*t.

      • game over


        you need to learn your history. pac was out for three years before big dropped his debut and had been in films grossing over 50 million back in 91 (juice). biggie put pac in the game? LOL. pac used to let big OPEN UP for him. big was pac’s little homie. get your facts right.

  • dagclydeblack

    Conspiricies are always hard to uncover but that doesn’t they won’t be.there is an old sating that goes,”what’s done in the dark shall come to light.”

  • gkid12345

    this is a result of corrupt cops, judges and judicial system.

  • Young Deuce aka Princinnati

    This unfortunately might not ever ger solved. R.I.P. CHristopher Wallace.

  • co
  • krb


  • dagclydeblack

    Conspiricies are ALWAYS hard to uncover but that doesn’t mean that they won’t.There is a familiar saying,”what’s done in the dark shall come to light”.RIP BIG!!!

  • Mr KCMO

    Yeah you had to know that this is one case that will never be solved in the sense that the courts don’t give a fuck about rappers, blacks, and poor people.

  • EReal

    You know why it’ll never be solved? BECAUSE IT WAS A CORRUPT COP!!!!!!!!!!! NEWSFLASH!!!!!!

    You know what kind of fucking backlash shitstorm would come raining down if people actually confirmed that it was two corrupt L.A.P.D. officers that killied Notorius BIG? It would be fucking rediculous.

    That and that alone guaran-damn-tees it will never be solved. Quote that.

    1 hunned.

  • micguevara

    Gatorade,that is one of the dumbest post i ever got to read on the internet. Puff made BIg?it’s more the other way around,BIG’s rhymes over many r&b bad boy tracks of the mid 90′s is what did the most for bad boy to date. Puff has yet to have a MC with half the fan base of BIG.

    Ofcourse most of the stories were not his own,noone in his genre was really doing what they were syaing,includeing pac and so on,from eazy-e to ice cube to onyx to whoever.
    Even suge himself has a fake persona,thats why last year he tried to sue Harry-o for extortion.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com DMT

    Who cares? His mother cares! Somebody was murdered in cold blood and all you can talk about is how you didn’t like his music and that he didn’t keep it real! People like you scare the hell out of normal people like myself.

  • iamhiphop84

    yo to those who talking that who cares bullshit u should care u dumb mother fuckers biggie was one of the two greatest rappers to ever live i bet if they was talking about pacs case u niggas would be like i feel that shit but u know what ever one needs haters u digg so keep on hating its big for life u mother fuckers with out big there would have not been a bad boy label real talk puff started out danceing then he turned gansta soon as biggie and jouinor mafia came around so show some fucking respect u dick heads. god rest his some u digg the notorious B.I.G

  • bee

    This is just another setback in a situation where the police dept. doesn’t want to expose how many people are connected with the the cover up of a murder that the police dept. and quite possibly the city of LA government know about because it could unravel what is really going on within the city of LA and how corrupt it really is. Big’s fam. needs to keep on fighting this wether through the judicial system or make that movie that they are talking about and also include this situation in the movie as well. They should also write another book about this as well and maybe they could get Puff to co-sign on it, then again he’ll probally try to make money off it instead of really being a concern friend and doing what is right.

  • beatz23

    they say they want to “Stop The Violence.”???
    How are they ever going to stop it if they don’t do their fucking jobs? Put the racist bullshit away for one second. A man got murdered in cold blood and you’re going to dimiss it over some fucking technicality??? thats fucked up..

  • mike

    Gatorade can’t be serious. Rest in Peace Biggie…

  • Lotto

    Big you still the man. RIP Pac too.

    I wish yall was still here, these rappers today suck balls. (Soulja Boy,etc.)

  • Kasman

    R.I.P Pac and B.I.G
    How i wish sumone put an End to the beef b\w
    the 2Rappers b4 it’s bcom sumthin else.
    I luv and miss the 2rapper

    still kasman

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  • Latino Heat

    gatorade u are by far the most ignorant peice of shit ive ever heard of on the year and a half ive been reading this site. big is irrelevant? how old are u dumbass? big is going to be timeless in this game. just like pac. stupid fake ass fans of commercial hip hop will always think somebody that hasnt had a album out in two years is irrelavant. u need to do your histry cuz. because u sound REAL fuckin stupid right now. suge is responsable for rap going main stream? like the other dude said LL and run dmc were going multi platinum and getting on mtv back when suge was a fuckin nobody, just like he is now. talk about fuckin irrelavant, xxl needs to put that fact peice of shit on the milk carton. better yet they shouldnt cause we dont want him back. fuck gatorade and suge. b.i.g. forever.