BLOG: Saigon Decides Not To Retire

After posting a blog on his MySpace last month (click here to read the full blog) about quitting the rap game, New York rapper Saigon has reconsidered his decision in a new blog called “It Feels Good….,” which was posted this morning (December 19). “After all the messages from ya’ll, the phone calls from the ‘real’ industry people, and just the thinking I did…I decided 2 things,” Saigon says in the post. “I decided that right now, quitting is not an option for me, and number 2, that if I’m going to continue to make music and do this rap thing…Im playing by MY OWN RULES….If you’re not with me, youre against me….We have a plight to help save lives and enlighten people that we have some serious adjustments to make.”

Saigon also revealed that his long-delayed album, The Greatest Story Never Told, will be released “very soon,” and that he will be releasing a new lead single to support it instead of the the current video “Come On Baby.” He expects the new single to be released by Christmas Day.

CLICK HERE to go to Saigon’s MySpace, or read the full blog post below:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It Feels Good….

Whats up everybody??? First of all, I must say I was and still am amazed by the responses I get from the whole thing about me quitting the rap game. I have recieved literally thousands of messages, many phone calls from very influential people, and much support from just everyday people I may bump into on the street…The love is overwhelming I must say. I got over 500 comments on MySpace alone which was very encouraging considering its many more than I got for indulging in some ignorance with certain ignoramus’ ..I got a very appreciated phone call from my brother Lupe Fiasco that really made me look at things from other angles…..Shout out to that brother and congratulations on that CRAZY album… Support that. I also got a very deep call from Datwon Thomas (Editor in Chief) from King Magazine…Thanks man, I got you Homie…Much love to EVERYBODY who expressed their concern whether good or bad…And thank you to everyone who left a comment on here, I was reading them joints like, ‘Damn….Wow…..Whoa’

I still feel the same way I did a month ago when I expressed how I felt about the state of Hip Hop..I still feel it needs a major makeover ..I expressed this to my team and what they said was ‘If not you Saigon, then who’? Then I started to think about all the schools I went to to talk to the kids about Gang Prevention and Prison Reform. I thought about one of my closest friends mother, who is a teacher at one of the worst schools in Camden N.J. and how she rewards them by bringing me up there to talk to the kids. I thought about the 12 year old girl who told me how my song ‘Pain in my Life’ stopped her from being promiscuous. I thought about my song ‘The Color Purple’ and talking to Fab 5 Freddy about how we could start a whole movement with this song to save some of the lives of black and brown children..I thought about the kids at In Arms Reach and the example I would be ultimately setting by just quitting at something they know I love doing and have worked so hard at..I thought about alot of things…After all the messages from yall, the phone calls from the ‘real’ industry people, and just the thinking I did…I decided 2 things, I decided that right now quitting is not an option for me, and number 2, that if Im going to continue to make music and do this rap thing…Im playing by MY OWN RULES….If youre not with me, youre against me….We have a plight to help save lives and enlighten people that we have some serious adjustments to make..So if youre a D.J. or a journalist who does something that is going to try and hurt what were trying to do, eg. not supporting my records or trying to slay me in the media, you are against me and what I stand for…If youll play a song that celebrates black and brown (other races too but mainly us) people killing each other, selling drugs to each other, or making it rain 1$ bills on some poorly eduacated young misled girl, but wont play the meaningful positive music….Youre against what we stand for and probably dont deserve that powerful position.With that being said, If I have to ever go back to prison, It shouldnt be over me hurting someone over what set they claim, or over a drug war, or cause somebody dissed me or some stupid shit like that, NO..It should be over the handling of the ones who continuously push this poison onto our children…This way I will feel personally justified everyday..And please dont take it as me making threats, I dont make threats…Im sorta like a suicide bomber for black children, If I have to give my life to save the lives of our children then geuss what? I will….Yall can go out gangbanging, or over a chic, but Im going out like THAT..

With all this being said,.My album WILL be released VERY soon.. Me and Just Blaze put alot of work into this thing, its finally done and we’re more than happy with it…I feel there hasnt been an album this relevant since……..Ever. This album is sure to shock alot of people…Hahaha I have literally 12 features on the album…All LEGENDARY artist…All of them, but I am the ONLY one rapping on my album..Oh, and Jay Z of course. Go figure.I wont give up much more about the album, YET…Oh I will say that I have a song produced by Kanye West and Just Blaze TOGETHER, that is a first, I think..hahaha..Regardless its crazy…Oh, I love Come on Baby even though the label didnt really support it, but I have decided that being Im coming back to do this and its a New Year, I needed a NEW first single (only I can do that)…So I will have a NEW first single out probably by Christmas Day…Whoever doesnt support this will again be going against what we (Abandoned Nation) stand for and it wouldnt be a good thing…..I Promise. Oh, and being Im back in this shit I could promote my new Street Album, the Moral of The Story..The shit is fantastic, you NEEEED that in ya life…Stand out cuts are, The God aka What A Life, In A Mess,Saigon Meets Just Blaze and tooo many more…These are on my page so you can sample the greatness…I mean, Who (besides maybe Nas) can paint a perfect picture like me…NOBODY….Get that Moral of the Story now and the Greatest Story coming Reeeeal soon…….Oh, I wanna thank Just (Futuristic Man ) Blaze for showing me what a blog was..I remember 3 months ago everyone saying ‘ Damn Saigon is the Blog Bandit’ Now everyone and their mother has a damn blog…..hahahahaha thats too funny.. Im back better than ever, back looking like me….

‘It feels good to be home’.. Touch the Sky -Kanye West


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  • yaboy

    waitin on the album…

  • Mac Sleepy

    I knew that ni66a was just talkin shyt 2 get attention… ni66az say anything, and ya’ll believe it…lol

    • http://xxl.mag the brown

      O.K. You’re right, ni66as “say anything”. But I like what Saigon has to say; now if he can actually back up what he says with something substantial and not be talkin’ backwards or hypocritical then yeah he’s a man on a mission and after my own heart(no homo)-whatever that means. Hip hop has been just ignorant and self destructing over the past few years now it’s starting to become a bit more creative (thanks Kanye and others of that sort), but to get some of that P.E., BDP, Poor Righteous Teachers, Native Tongue, Ice-T type of charisma back in our brains, but on a whole other level, would be a breath of fresh air.

    • the brown

      Oh Yeah, that pose is gay as hell. Every body needs to learn to keep they damn shirt on. And that ice grill isn’t very threatening looking. Keep it movin’ though, Sai.

  • ferhat

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that´s the news right there!

  • dashineth

    this guys gettin dat nas syndrome….u know hes thinkin..dey need me so imma come to da party..but u left and da parties good widout u now u cum bac thru dA DOOR and u wanna turn on da lights and turn off da music wid ur announcement dat ur bac…GET UR head out of ur arse and piss off..myspace thug..oh yeh dat pic looks so gay….honey

    • Screwmatic

      Fo’real dat i think dat niggas Saigon was fuckin’ dreamin’ thinkin’, he on some Nas or Jay-Z level. Talkin’ about I RETIRED, nigga real nigga wouldn’t even come back after whut u said. Siagon is muthafuckin’ broke-ass nigga, man.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live


    Drop your album and SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

    • Screwmatic

      Siagon can’t drop an album, cus he ain’t shit. Mu’fuckas dosn’t really feel son.


    You know, it’s people like y’all being flat out hateful and negative, is the reason why I’m pretty sure he wanted to quit in the first place. First of all, everything is not apublicity stunt. I’m tired of hearing that from you pseudo-hip hop fans. Why is it so hard for y’all to fathom that these rappers are HUMAN first, and go through things like all the rest of us. The nigga was going to quit, because ya’ll always trying to asassinate his character every minute. Y’all always trash him, every time something happens or he stumbles. I would quit too. He was going to quit, because he was fed up with the bulsshit, shady, snake ass industry. He was going to quit, because y’all are the freaking gossip Hip Hop tabloids. I totally understand that fustration. Fuck the world’s bullshit opinions and ridicule. What y’all think ain’t important. I don’t agree with everything he says or does, because we’re all human. No matter how street you are. But I don’t tear him down every second. I’d rather go back to being nobody, than put with this kind of shit. Oh, and if nobody cares about him, then why are y’all the first to run up in here whenever there’s a story on him, and be the first to drop your “opinions’ on shit. That’s because you do care. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even bother to read anything about him.


      you are such a damn hypocrite duke.

      you were hating on LA The Darkman in another feature and here you are telling us not to hate?

      get consistent fool.

  • marculeos

    you talkin all dat deep and ur first singles called come on baby…wow..if ur not with me your against MR SAIGONS DA NEW PRESIDENT maybe he can be Obamas runnin mate…or if dat don’t work…take dat picture and make a run at eye candy of da year 08…honey..
    but seriously its good to have u here declaring ur word and action for da struggle…just don,t be watchin those against u leave dem focus on those that need ur help and u will touch da

  • Rodjilius

    i didnt really think he’d stay gone for long anyways but he needs to hurry up wit the album or people are gonna start giving up on him then again i think some already have

  • Screwmatic

    Dat nigga Saigon just talk shit, man.
    Whut da fuck is wrong wit son, man?
    Whut, he thought we gonna cry, when he said he retired from da rap game? Nigga fuck u, u can move front, back or side to side.
    Niggas like don’t give a fuck about u, son.
    I know he just said dat to get some attention.
    Cus nobody was really feelin’ his shit.
    Wack-ass nigga Saigon.

    • $H@KIM @LL@H

      Nigga Saigon is ill, I’m glad he’s back he spit real shit unlike these fake ass niggaz I hear these dayz and if u don’t like Saigon then why is ur dumbass in this here readin this shit? u ignorant lil nigga!

  • rrr

    man i hope it comes out sooon!

  • King B

    I can’t wait for the album to drop, Moral Of The Story is fucking hot

  • Wally343

    He’s only gonna sell like 10,000 copies first week and get dropped, I guarantee Saigon won’t be around for long- he hasn’t got what it takes to survive in this rap game.

  • Dullah

    XXL how many RECORDS has he sold??? Nice promotion stunt tho.

  • abandoned nation rep

    stop frontin on one of the greatest out right now this man will be a legend after his album drops i can promise u that i already heard this shit and it will blow other niggas albums away this cat is the fuckin truth





  • Loony T

    how the hell u come out of a retirement when u havent started working yet. He aint dropped no albums, nothing but mixtapes. Thats the equivalent of filling out applications. Until u get the job, u cant retire!

  • E

    Big surprise…
    Well good to see you might release that album.

  • Fireforreal

    I feel you Sai on the industry needing a makeover,but until you bring out an album,album it’s like that absentee dad who keeps telling his kids he’s coming to see them this weekend and never does,than next weekend the same story.The moral of the story is hot but fuck that I hope 3,4,5 hell even 12 monthes from now just like 12 monthes ago your still not saying the album is coming soon.

  • Ali

    hell yea that’s great news….it woulda been tha biggest waste of talent of all time if he quit…good news

  • niggafrommemphis

    First of all,nobody know you down this way.I wouldn’t know who you were if I wasn’t watchin “Rap City” last summer.That picture of you makin the muscle look like some Village Boy shit,tell xxl to shred that shit up.And mayne,I like you for sprangin on Prodigy and everything but I didn’t think it was news when you retired.After all,we down south just got the shock of our lives when the Pimp passed now what we suppose to do:thank God your back in the game?I’ma let you answer that one.

  • nellz

    Lol…this nigga…is he still mad at budden for the hit n run line?…anway back 2 the cool

  • Vicious Seiger

    Page 1 of 50 Cent and Eminem’s Manual
    “How to get hot when no one cares about you”


    - Start A Beef
    - Make A Sex Tape
    - Got To Jail
    - Diss a soft ass singer
    - Make a Million Mixtapes
    - Make a Song with a R&B or Rap chick
    - Threaten to retire
    - Claim your city
    - Get Diesel
    - Start a crew
    - Start more Beef with somebody more famous
    - Act like you’re dropping science
    - Say Rap saved your life
    - Say you’re so rich from slinging packs you don’t need to rap
    - and if all else fails just lie about something that makes you sound dangerous

    [Please let this be the last Saigon post for at least a month this dude is getting real old, real quick.]

  • DirtDogggy

    WhoGAFF ?


  • Teddy

    saigons mood swings r like a womans talks so much shit just drop ur fuckin album shut the fuck up gay ass picture too fat faced fuck

  • Daz G

    Co Sign JAYSTONE

    people jus love to hate, bet half these aint even herd a saigon song, for me he is one of few keepin hiphop alive

    Saigon, Joell Ortiz gonna own 08′

  • ragrago

    did’nt he say he was inspired by da postins on dis site when he said he was goin to retire reading all da postins above you all mite make him reconsider his decision…I feel wot dude says but boy u actin like a little drama queen….quote..’and all da little kids from daycare who ain’t got no role models need me’…’if u ain’t wid me ur against me’ now he soundin like a mini me GEORGE BUSH…Nex he’ll be runnin wid OBAMA…and if dat don’t work dairs always eye cANDY 08…HONEY….come on baby…

  • T-Boye

    I’m support Saigon’s movement. Even though I don’t agree with his methods; he always has something positive to say, to the youth. Now, as for the haters; the comments you make about this guy. Will only make his movement, even stronger than before

  • Flymasta

    WTF is wrong with this guy he puts out one single and decides to retire and then comes out of retirement I respect the flow but he’s a waste of Just Blaze’s time

  • sed’

    Fake It Until You Make It



  • What’s Wrong With Us

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit, anytime a brothat doing something positive ya’ll bound to try to kick him down. Hip Hop Sucks right now. Kids are getting the wrong ideas these days. So don’t be upset and cry when you of your own people gets shot down or when your baby sister gets strung out on crack, u thank the rappers that promote it. If you do some research you will find that there 5x’s more cds’s on drugs and killin than there is movies. I’m 29(and thank God I made it past 18)and more and more I see teenagers poppin these pills, drinking and smoking it up, not even knowing what they are doing to thier bodies until it’s too late and guess what, they’re getting it from the music, there not getting it from TV cause they’re not home to watch it. They’re in the streets. They want to be just like these so called gangster rappers and they don’t want to go to school. They live in this fantasy world until some real shit happens and it might be too late by then. I probably lost a few of you on this but my point on this whole thing is don’t knock a brotha down cause he’s doing something positive. I feel his frustration. Music is suppose to be influential not deadly.


    • nellz

      niggas was gettin shot, and hooked on drugs before rap. dont gimme that shit. that violent ass war in Iraq must be bcuz bush heard a crazy lil wayne verse. yea..and the neighborhood crackhead stay bumpin that jeezy…oh..and fightin niggas in the club is not positive…goin 2 jail for shootin some1 in the leg…cuz u was scared to fight him isnt positive. Saying on the radio that u gonna slap the shit outta some1 isnt positive. In my eyes he’s a hypocrite…until he proves me wrong

      “I feel there hasnt been an album this relevant since……..Ever.”
      just like ti vs tip was supposed 2 be the best album in 10 years?? LOL

      • micguevara

        Nellz you must admit what Saigon has done with his Abandoned nation organazation is positive,dont let all the little industry beef fool you.
        A nother thing you might want to know is,saying a album is relevant to the times,is nothing close to saying its the best album in 10 years

  • justig

    saigon it looks as if u played urself …u probably r real and hood authentic i do not doubt dat but u really need to get strait wid dis blog and talkin shhh…just walk it don’t draw attention to urself its not nessacery…do da music help da kids but all da b.s outside of dat is crap its like u r becomin dem artists u hate…

  • micguevara

    i knew this was going to happen,i was hopeing this was going to happen.After i first heard him “quit”(yes all you idiots he never “retired” like jay z,or whatever else you idiots are saying)i knew he would be comeing back,but then i got my copy of “moral of the story” and i knew he had to come back,that shit is hot.i know the albums ready its just gonna take a lil more politiking,i hate to say it,but i’d love to see him be dropped by universal so he can get witha team that gives him more of a chance.



  • RanRice

    Publicity stunt, I ain’t gonna get no album from a nigga that keep quittin & comin back.

  • C-Dub-D

    No surprise there. Rappers don’t retire!

  • micguevara

    A couple points i’d like to point out,
    1st toy uo idiots who sya “drop your album already” ,do you really think he has any say on when the album comes out?
    2nd to all you men who say Sai’s pose looks gay or whatnot,could it be that you look at the pic and get a slight tingleing feeling in yer peepee and maybe thats why you think its gay,maybe you are gay?

    • niggafrommemphis@micguevara

      No muthafucka,but if it got your gay ass dick hard more power to you.

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  • biggie

    this fool is confused

  • deandre surrell

    retire….wtf…..he aint did shit.
    he aint even started…whats da resume on dis nigga?

  • deandre surrell

    retire….wtf…..he aint did shit.
    he aint even started…whats da resume on dis nigga?

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