50 Cent made history on Monday (December 17) when he became the first high-profile artist to ever perform in the politically volatile Southeastern European province of Kosovo. According to Reuters, Fif drew some 25,000 attendees to the soccer stadium in the would-be capital city of Pristina. While celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Mariah Carey have been to the area before, they visited as part of humanitarian missions or came to entertain NATO troops posted in the region. Kosovo has been run by the United Nations Interim Administration Mission since 1999 when the provinces war with Serbia came to an end. Many fans feared that 50 would back out of the show because of increased tensions as Kosovo prepares to declare its independence from Serbia. "I haven't missed a show date in my career," the rapper told Reuters. "I know exactly what happens when the guns come out. Maybe that's why they (identify) with me." Despite the presence of riot police stationed around the arena, the concert went forward without any major disturbances. "It was super. Tonight we saw 50 and we hope that the next thing we'll see is independence," teenager Edona Ahmeti said after the show.