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  • L@@K @ ME!!!

    “Look at the sales. Look at “Ay Bay Bay.” That was the biggest song in the fucking country and he did 20-fucking-thousand units.” – Irv

    Huh?…Is you illiterate MF’er?

    “Ay Bay Bay” lost because he got “Superman’d” by Souljah Boy who stole his thunder amoung the teenage LCD crowd.

    America has gone “Cranck That” crazy – which was a real movement (check Youtube) versus that fake-ass thug wanna be “Rachette” trash Hurricane Flop’s producer tried to concock and slam down our throughts via radio.

    It’s 2007-08, the “Dope Boy”/”HoodFresh” (C)rappers are OVER!!!!

    In other words, he got out “Jigged” by a bigger Jig!

    He who “Coons” the best, gets the GOLD!

  • loopG

    yo l@@@k @ me damn dog your a bitch trae in texas is the muthafucking man fuck hurricane is tight but get off dick. trae the mutha fucking truth bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!! come to texas!!!!!!!

    • Daniale

      I think that, Trae is the shit. He SPEAKS the TRUTH and don’t RAP about dumb shit. Its FUCKED up how “loopG” is downing this nigga. Damn my nigga, lets see yo bitch ass go out there and make it. Trae is fucking highly respected in the streets of H-Town so bitch ass nigga instead of TRYING TO TAKE DOWN HOUSTON’S RAPPERS YOU NEED TO GET WITH IT.

  • AK74

    Trae speaks the truth and i hope he stays consistent and doesnt get tied into that mainstream shit


    Trae is that dude, i’m still bumping the Trae The Truth Mixtape he got a joint with Styles P and Jadakiss thats fire!!!