T.I. has withdrawn his request to a federal judge to host Thanksgiving dinner while under home confinement. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Tip’s attorneys dropped the motion they had filed just two days prior after prosecutors accused the rapper of seeking special consideration. "The defendant is asking this Court for the very kind of special treatment to which this Court made clear the defendant was not entitled," prosecutors wrote in their objection to the request. The feds also noted that the list of 95 potential visitors submitted by the rapper would generate too much work on their part. Any visitors must be pre-approved and pass an extensive criminal background check. “In light of the Government's opposition said motion is withdrawn," the rapper’s legal team conceded in their filing on Thursday. The government pointed out that the Grand Hustle CEO is already enjoying certain freedoms not afforded to most defendants under house arrest. "The defendant is allowed the freedom to roam the grounds of his home and is even allowed to enjoy the outdoors on his boat dock, which is attached to his lakefront property," they remarked in their objection.